Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vacation Pictures

Here are some pictures from our vacation. The one on the bottom is me in front of Paris Las Vegas (Eiffel Tower). The one on the top is at the Grand Canyon. I'm still new at this and I can't seem to get them lined up correctly. Maybe I'll get good at this one day!
Vacation was great though. Our last full day in Las Vegas was spent walking on the strip. We tried to "lose" five dollars each at each of the casinos. We pretty much succeeded, too. I did win at one of them, enough to buy lunch, so that was nice. We stuck to the penny slots, trying to make our five bucks last. Sometimes it didn't last long. One thing - those casinos are huge. We were in Caesars Palace and found the Cheesecake Factory. Later (on our trip back), we decided we wanted dessert there, and thought we'd be able to find it again. We got lost and had to get directions (had to have that cheesecake, you know?).
Now our vacation is over and it's back to everyday work (ugh).


Kristi said...

Hi Stacy!

This is totally "off topic" of your vacation post but just wanted to say a big hello!

I, too, am in cost accounting and also love to write so I just HAD to say...I hope one day to be in your shoes!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Off topic is okay with me - I'm not picky!

I hope cost accounting treats you better than it did me. Maybe it was the company I worked for, but whatever - I'm glad to be out of it.

Thanks for visiting!