Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Okay Snow - You can STOP

Another 5-6 inches fell since yesterday.  I'm so sick of shoveling.  The piles are getting too high.

This is my mailbox, from behind (it is accessible from the front).  You can barely make out the red flag and the wooden pole.  I have to shovel the road in front of the box if I want my mail delivered.

This is the other side of our driveway.  Yes, that's our truck at the end.  It would have had more snow on it, but we finally cleared it off on Saturday, since we needed to use it.  I guess I should be happy we are ONLY getting 5-6 inches at a time.  But it's enough, let me tell you!

Today is my Dad's birthday and I was a good daughter and called (but I was apparently a bad daughter because I didn't send a card!).  He just had to rub it in that it's 74 degrees in Santa Barbara.  No fair!

At least my editing is going well (well, it's progressing, anyway).  I got more feedback on another contest (of course they looked at an older version than what I have now, but a newer version from the first contest I entered), and again, I have fixed some of the problems they saw with it.  So, I'm still hopeful.  Now back to work on it!

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