Friday, March 5, 2010

Time, Wherefore Art Thou Time?

I think I’m going crazy. Or as I told my husband to call me: Loopy.

What was I thinking? Oh yeah: to LEARN.

What I failed to realize was that learning takes TIME.

I’m a member of SIX Yahoo! groups/loops and ONE non-Yahoo! group/loop. Granted, two of the loops are classes and will end when the class does (April & May).

When you mix that with a full-time job, and editing/revising, and paying SOME attention to my dear husband, it leaves little time for sleep. I force myself to go to bed at 11:00pm. 5:50am comes much too early in the morning!

But I love the critique class I’m taking. It’s making me take a good hard look at what I’ve written. The other class won’t occur until I go to the RT Convention in April.

Yeah – I actually signed up for a convention and I’m scared to death! But the loop is fun and interesting and I’m learning something there, too.

I never thought I’d utter the words, seeing how I hated college, but learning is fun! It’s fun when it’s something you WANT to learn. Somehow, accounting never did that for me – it just came easy (and I am always looking for the easy way).

So, now I’m doing something I love and it isn’t anywhere near easy! Maybe that was my problem all along. Of course, when I went to college, it was the hopes of learning a skill that paid better than being a clerk-typist (and it did). I don’t see writing ever doing that. I see writing as being a nice retirement job. I just want to retire NOW.

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