Sunday, April 4, 2010

Go Penguins!

Yesterday we drove to Pittsburgh to see the Penguins play. It’s their last season in the Igloo (Mellon Arena), and we just had to visit one last time (that's me with my daughter in the picture).

When we planned the trip (back in the fall), we knew we had to go on a Saturday, and the game had to be during the day, or else we would have to find a place to stay (since our dear friend moved from the area to Columbus, to be closer to us).

After checking tickets for every Saturday we were available, we finally found a game that wasn’t already sold out (their second to last home game). So for our second (and last) game at the Igloo, we were set to see the Penguins play the Atlanta Thrashers.

Our plans also included a visit to Peppi’s. They are the home of the Roethlisburger – in honor of Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a sub with hamburger, hot sausage, and egg, to name some of the ingredients, that my husband fell in love with (it didn’t hurt that it was named after his favorite player, either).

So, without our friend to guide us (we’d never driven into the city on our own; we’ve always been chauffeured), we managed to drive there and find a place to park without getting lost (which in itself is really a major feat for us, and we own a Garmin).

The game was great (Penguins won in over time: 4-3), and so was the meal. No, I didn’t have a Roethlisburger (not a fan of hot sausage - and egg & hamburger? No thank you); I stuck with the cheesesteak & mushrooms. YUM!

Our daughter is hinting (heavily) to get tickets next season so we can see them play in the new stadium (which is right next door to the Igloo).  Knowing us, it'll probably happen.  Right now I'll just watch them on TV (at least once the playoffs start - can't get them very often otherwise).  Go Penguins!!

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