Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Writing Time

Wow! I actually have two nights in a row of actually getting some editing done. I think when I’m done with this round, I’ll take some advice I read on another blog today. Put the book away for about a month. Write something else.

Sure, I’ll be pitching the darn thing at the end of the month, and hopefully sending a query and synopsis based upon that pitch, but I think I’ll be putting the book away for a month when I’m done with this last round of editing. I mean, what are the odds that I’ll snag an agent on my first try? Of course, stranger things have happened…

But kidding aside, I want to write something else. I have two ideas floating in my brain right now. I’ll just have to see which one holds my interest more. I need to write something that can stand on its own. Not a sequel (even though I’m 20,000 words into that). If I can’t get THE UNCOMMON ONE published, what’s the use in the sequel? Of course, I’ll eventually write it because it wants to be written. Can’t ignore that!

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