Thursday, May 20, 2010

Word Count Thingamagingy

If you notice, my word count for THE UNCOMMON ONE: THE REALITY has not changed since I put it up there (and it’s not really the EXACT count, but close enough). Unfortunately, it will remain that way for a while longer.

The reason: I’m not working on it. It’s not that I don’t want to work on it – I do. I put that word count up there to motivate me to finish editing Book 1 (THE UNCOMMON ONE: THE MYTH ). And it’s working.

I’ve been editing every night. The end is near! And if my word count (which is still too high) isn’t down by the time I’m done, then I know where I can cut nearly 1000 words (I love the scene, but it doesn’t really MOVE the story forward, so if I don’t cut enough by the time I reach the end, I will remove it – boo hoo).

Deleting words is hard. Some of them are good, some not so good. Either way, I wrote them and I hate to see them go. But if I want my story to be “tight” and under 110,000 words, then I have to cut, cut cut!

I read a blog where someone stated if you write 1000 words a day, you can get three books done in a year (with 65 days to spare, even). Like I commented on her site - I don’t have a problem writing 1000 words a day, I have a problem EDITING them. But I did like that idea, though.

Since Book 2 is pretty much mapped out (I actually plotted-gasp!), then I can start mapping out Book 3 (while writing Book 2). Since I kind of know what I’m doing now (wasn’t that way when I began Book 1), I think maybe my process will speed up a lot more.  Maybe I can get three books done in one year. I can only hope!


DL Hammons said...

Sounds like a well-thought out plan to me. Good luck with the editing!! :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks! I need all the luck I can get. Only 50 pages to go...