Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comfort and Writing

I’m finding something out about me during our vacation. If I’m not comfortable, writing is difficult.

I hate sitting on the bed to work or read. I can’t do it. When I’m on a bed, I want to lie down, not sit up.

I’ve tried using the chair, but there’s no place for my mouse (and I’m apparently a mouse oriented person – I can’t use that stupid square box on my computer properly, it’s just too sensitive). And I, being the nice person that I am, give the desk to my husband. But then, he’s usually checking in on work, hoping there isn’t an emergency he has to fix.

The last vacation we took, we were in a timeshare and there was a kitchen & table. I had no problems in there. We could both sit at the table and use our laptops (yes, we had a kitchen, but who cooks during vacation? – oh wait – that would be our friend!).

Maybe I’m looking for excuses. It’s highly possible.

Regardless of my comfort, I am TRYING to get my 500 words done a day. If I weren’t stuck on my story, it probably wouldn’t matter. The words would flow. But I’m at a point where I have to think. And sitting uncomfortably and thinking don’t go along.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the dam will break today. Then tonight I will write like a demon. I can only hope!


KAK said...

Oof. Being physically uncomfortable is the ultimate distraction. You can't possibly be expected to focus. I'm freakin' Goldilocks with assorted "writing stations" I have to accommodate my random physical oddity-of-the-day.

Good luck with the 500.

AlphaChick said...

Hi Stacy,

Just found your lovely blog. I, too, am a writer-at-heart who somehow ended up as an accountant.

I'm with you on the goals - I'm aiming at 5,000 words a week between now and November to get my book finished (I've done endless pre-work but barely started the actual writing part).

And I'm SO with you on the discomfort - we are moving house soon, but til then I often right sitting on the floor! Numb backside....

Best of luck with it, I'll be sticking around to see how you're getting on!

James Garcia Jr said...

Hang in there! I know what you mean about being comfortable. My issue is attempting to write for two blogs, an on-line magazine that I just started working for as well as my own writing, all while sitting on a pc that is in our living room. Between the television and the two loud teenaged boys, it 'ain't easy! So, I've got headphones wrapped around my head and classical music filling the space in between.
Good luck.