Friday, October 8, 2010


We are going to Louisville on Saturday to see our daughter play Footy (Australian Rules Football It’s the end of the season for her and all the teams are playing in a tournament.

The first game is on Saturday at 9:00 am. It takes three hours to drive there. And since we have a football game to go to tonight (it’s high school and the youngest graduated in 2003, but we still go), that means we will be leaving home around 5:00 am (must leave room for getting lost – we’re good at that – and eating breakfast).

Oh – and have I mentioned my husband HATES mornings? So, I guess I’m driving (sigh!).

The second game is at noon. If her team loses both games, that’s it. If they win at least one, they play again on Sunday. I’m hoping they win at least one. She loves playing and I love seeing her have fun.

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