Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something to Make you Laugh (I Hope)

Just when I wonder what I should blog about (since I try to get at least one or two a week - yeah, I'm bad), I get an e-mail from I'm beginning to like those e-mails (even though they are advertisements). They give me some good blog fodder! And who doesn’t love a good laugh (even with the joke is bad)?

Now, it may not be as cold here as some other places, but it's cold enough for me!


It`s so cold, I`m shivering like a mobster in a tax office.
It`s so cold that the local flasher was caught describing himself to women.
It`s so cold that your shadow freezes to the sidewalk.
It`s so cold that you have to open the fridge to heat the house.
It`s so cold the lawyers have their hands in their own pockets.
It`s so cold people are looking forward to getting a fever.
It`s so cold our words froze in mid-air and we had to put them in a frying pan to thaw them out just so we could hear we we were talking about.
It`s so cold that the rock rattling around in your shoe turns out to be your toe.
It`s so cold that when I put on my coat to take out the garbage, it didn`t want to go.
It`s so cold that the snowman begs you to take him in at night.

Hope you enjoyed them. They gave me a chuckle, anyway!