Monday, May 23, 2011

Thawing Out

I didn't do too badly, writing-wise. Got almost 2000 words written. Maybe I would have gotten more if I didn't have to defrost the freezer.

You see, my husband took some ice cream out of the freezer on Thursday night. On Friday night, my daughter went to fetch some mini ice cream cones (it was Buffy night and we always have dessert while we watch the series) and said I might want to consider defrosting my freezer because it was full of ice.


I have a frost-free freezer!

Needless to say, my husband apparently did not shut the freezer door all the way on Thursday. Everything in the freezer was thawed! (Which was apparent when we went to eat the ice cream cones and had very very very soft ice cream – kind of warm, too)

Saturday I trashed everything (except the girl scout cookies and the ice cream cones – although the ice cream cones are strangely shaped now, they're still edible), brought down the portable heater from our bathroom, and set to defrost. Made a nice watery mess, but the heater worked great (quick, too).

What fun – NOT! Man, I hated dumping all that food (especially the steaks and ribs that were Christmas presents). We took a trip to a dumpster on Saturday night so the thawed food wouldn't stink up the garage.

Sunday I went to the store and re-stocked. Not as much, but I had to have my pizzas and lean cuisines!

When you have to get up every few minutes to pick up ice chunks and mop up the water (towels can only hold so much, you know?), it makes it hard to get in the groove of writing. But write I did, and I'm pleased with what I have so far.

I always shock myself when I start a new WIP, because I always wonder if I can do it again. Apparently I can! Even with the distractions.

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Maria Zannini said...

What a mess! I'm sorry. Maybe hubby should've been the one on mop detail since he left the door open.

I agree with you on feeling shocked when I start a new wip. I always think I can't, and then the next thing I know, there it is.