Friday, June 3, 2011

Nashville – Part III (Touring)

When you visit a city, do you look to take a tour? See all the city has to offer (or show off)?

We took two tours of Nashville - one on a bus and one on the Segway. If we had known we were going to do the Segway, we wouldn't have bothered taking the bus. And that might have been a bad thing, since we did see some things from the bus tour we wouldn't have seen from just the Segway tour.

The bus tour only skimmed over some of the sites and stopped once for pictures. But it was interesting to drive down a street that looks like a regular neighborhood, but in fact is one recording studio after another. I never knew so many resided in Nashville.

Segways are a more personal way to tour the city. It's like walking, but faster. However, if you don't like standing on your feet for more than a couple of hours at a time, then the Segway isn't for you.

We are considered "experienced" because we've taken two other Segway tours (Nassau and Chicago), and the group was small (just the four of us), so we got to see more than a normal tour would (since normally time is spent on learning how to use the machine). We saw some of the same sights as the bus, but more up close and personal. But for the most part, the two tours were completely different. We traveled along the river, got to go over the pedestrian bridge (or at least to the top), and could easily stop and take photos.

We noticed one thing about the Nashville area: It's clean. I guess that's to be expected for the state capital. Then again, maybe not. Overall, our visit there was nice (aside from the bugs, that is). I'm glad we had a chance to visit.

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