Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stormy Weather

We went to the Dragons game last night (they are the Single A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds). During the day I was bombarded with heat warnings and thunderstorm warnings. Then the thunderstorm warning was cancelled. Yay!

But boy! Was it ever HOT!!! I think I melted out there (the heat index was over 100). The wind was practically non-existent and fanning myself with my program didn't do much good. What a miserable night. But hey, it was the 5th inning and the Dragons were winning.

Then they started the 6th inning. Clouds rolled in. Dark, ominous clouds. Wait? Was that lightning? Uh oh!

The Silver Hawks went up by one run (rats!). We kept waiting for the officials to stop play, but noooo. We decided not to wait and left.

The wind kicked up then (which really felt good by this time) and dust started flying (from the vacant lot across the street). You know, gravel doesn't taste so good.

We made it to the car just as the sky decided to open up. The driver (our friend) pointed out the swirling clouds in the sky. I voiced my opinion that I didn't want any swirling clouds! It looked downright scary outside – and we had to drive into the storm to get home.

I'm surprised our friend could see where he was going. Lightning boomed overhead (it was that close) and the rain came down in buckets. Thank God there wasn't hail.

He made it to our house (almost missed our street) and then my husband had to get out into that rain so he could open the garage (this is what happens when you don't have your house key and rely on the key pad for the garage door). Even in the short amount of time I ran out into the open garage, I got good and wet.

Thinking I had some time to check my e-mails and maybe send out some queries, I found that we didn't have internet, or phone, or cable. Yes, we have one of those package deals. I think the phone is working now (I called it and got the answering machine). I sure hope the internet is working. I really want to start querying!

Oh, and by the way, the Dragons lost by that one run. Pookie!


James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Stacy. How terrible? I watch baseball from my television or computer until my beloved CUBS discontinue sucking!! Lol! My wife is sad by this, too, because she likes to go to baseball games. *sigh* I guess I'll have to take her to see the Giants' AAA team, the Fresno Grizzlies.They are only 25 minutes away.
Glad to hear you guys were alright.
I hope you get back on-line soon.


Stacy McKitrick said...

Hi Jimmy!
We got the internet (and phone, and tv) back sometime during the day. Yay!

The Dragons are doing well the 2nd half of the season (2 or 3 games out in first). And by some strange whacky rule, the game was called complete after 5-1/2 innings (which I didn't think was fair at all), so we didn't really miss any of the game (we just missed getting wet!). I love going to the minor league games. They are so much more fun (and you get up close and personal).

Thanks for stopping by!