Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Favorite Cars I Never Bought (But Wanted To)

Before I go into my list, I just have to tell you something first – but it is car related.

My husband's boss decided my hubby needed to be in Kentucky on Tuesday. And he is to stay there until Thursday. That leaves me with his convertible for THREE days!

With events like that, I could almost guarantee it will rain. Sort of like when my son was in the Boy Scouts. If they planned a weekend camping trip, it would rain (or snow). Never failed. I mean – NEVER! I was surprised their camping gear didn't get moldy.

Anyway, when we got a glimpse of the weather forecast on Sunday, they predicted rain on Tuesday. I figured as much.

Then on Monday it rained. Forecast changed. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all notated as "NICE" days. And nice days are 80 degree temps with low humidity. Man, that's more than nice. That's awesome!

And Tuesday didn't fail – 85 and sunny!

Can I get a "Hot diggity dog!!!"?

I do love his convertible when the top is down!

Now, on with my list.

These cars are ones I was fixated with. Gushed over them. Dreamt of owning. But, of course, I never did (for one reason or another). Still, I hold a fondness for them (and apparently remember some of them a lot different than the pictures I could scrape off the internet).

Pontiac Firebird. Back in the early to mid 70's, probably before I had a license even, I fell in love with this car. And the reason? A game show. I can't remember the name of the show, but I remember that the object was to get a key and then hope that key started the car you chose. If you guessed wrong, you got to come back on the next show and try again. The more days you won, the number of cars was reduced by one – unless, of course, you chose correctly. I always chose the Firebird. And the one they had was always blue!

Triumph TR7. I sat in one of these in the mid to late 70's. I can't remember if I was already in the Army looking for a car, or if I was a senior in high school dreaming of my first car. I just remember going to the dealership with my father and sitting in one. And being so disappointed when I realized I couldn't afford it. But I really wanted one because my mother's first car was a Triumph. TR2 or TR3. Lucky girl!

Toyota Celica. In 2003 I was car shopping. This one was at the top of my list. I loved the way it looked. But it was small. And we had a family. It wasn't practical. Then I test drove it. I loved the way it drove, but I wasn't sure I would be comfortable for any length of time sitting behind the wheel. It could have just been that seat, but it was enough to kick some sense into me. I still like that car, though.

Ford Mustang. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Mustangs. I really loved them when they first came out. Then they went through this ugly transformation in the 80s (and I mean, really ugly). Then in 2005, the new retro Mustang came out. If I hadn't had just bought a car, I might have owned that one. I was one obsessed puppy!

Yeah, you'll notice there's a big gap between car drooling. That's because I was married with a young family. I thought responsibly. Now that the kids are grown, I can go back to drooling at cars.

So, what cars did I buy? Maybe I'll save that list for another Wednesday!

Are there cars you wish you'd bought? Please share!


The Happy Whisk said...

Nice collection of cars. There aren't any that I wished I'd bought, but we are saving for a new/used one now.


Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - No dream car you're saving up for? No fun car?

LD Masterson said...

I've never been that into lusting after a certain car but I will admit I love my little Saab convertable. (Yay summer!)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Linda - Cars fascinate me. Don't know why. It's not like I WORK on them!! I just like to drive them.

The Happy Whisk said...

Just a save, low on gas car that can get me to the bookshop and back.

Kristi said...

Where's a photo of your husband's convertible?!? (I was expecting to see your hair blowing in the wind and a HUGE smile plastered to your face.) *grin*

There was a period of time in college where I was addicted to Mitsubishi Eclipse's. Loved them. Thought they were amazing. Dated a guy who drove one and swore I'd have one, one day. That day never came. By the time I was ready, I was over it. So unfair.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Kristi - Guess I'll have to get my hubby to take my picture today when I get home (provided he gets home before me - just because he says he's leaving early doesn't always mean he does!). Doubt my hair will be flying, but I'll smile for the camera!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I bought the car I wanted - twice! My daughter's now driving the '99 Firebird, and I still luuuuuv my Camaro after three years! Glad we've had nice weather so you can enjoy the convertible!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Weather has been super. I really can't believe my luck.

And I did buy one of the cars I "lusted" after. It was really an impractical buy, but I just didn't care anymore. I got what I wanted (and I still love it).