Friday, December 14, 2012

Traveling Can Be Funny

Yep, the husband took another business trip to Kentucky (along with a co-worker, who used to be my co-worker and is our friend), and I again followed him down here. When a different friend pointed out I was actually SAVING money (by not using my own electricity and water), well, how could I NOT go?

Granted, I had some things to accomplish before I would take the trip. Namely – finish decorating the Christmas tree, sending out the Christmas cards, and get my parents' presents mailed (since they live in California and I'm not visiting during the holidays). Well, I accomplished that and more – got ALL my Christmas shopping done. Yay!

(**pats self on back**)

Okay, so how is that all funny? Well, it's not. But this is:

We had to stop for gas on the way down, so the husband did that and filled up. When we headed back to the freeway, something was clunking against the car. My husband looked in all the mirrors (basically wondering if he ran over someone – he said, later, he pictured the guy holding on for dear life). I told him the gas cap was hitting the side of the car (no I didn't see it; the cap was on his side). He groaned. Our friend and I laughed (and laughed and laughed).

He hates it when I'm right. So now I'm wondering if he'd rather he ran over someone. Hmmm…

Ah, but it doesn't stop there. Last week our friend complained about her room. Said the crack in the door was so wide, you could see through it (in this, my husband jokingly said anyone peeking in would probably get sick), so she got another room, where she never did get any hot water (in this, she jokingly blamed my husband for stealing it all). When it came time to make reservations for this trip, my husband told her he thought long and hard, but was getting a room at the same place (pretty much saying – tough toenails).

She got him back, though, when they were getting ready to leave for the manufacturing plant and the car was all covered in frost (yeah, it was that cold down here). My husband said it wasn't a problem, his friend went out there and cleaned the windows. She told him she thought long and hard, but decided to stay indoors (they crack me up).

Still, there's more. When checking in, she made sure to get a room on a different floor (no more unseated doors or cold water), but when she went to blow dry her hair, it only spit out a little bit of air. I asked her was it set on LOW. She said she didn't realize it had settings until after using it for 40 minutes when she accidentally hit the switch and the air came out faster. Yeah, I cracked up. She did, too. Good thing, or I wouldn't be sharing this with you all.

Yep, you can have fun on business trips, even when you aren't there for the business!

As for my writing project, got lots accomplished. I'm taking this awesome, free class through the RWA University, and it's given me some great pointers, which I've already put to good use. I can't wait until I'm finished and give this story back to my daughter to read. I hope she notices all the improvements (I certainly am anyway!).

Oh, I do have a mini-poll, if you don't mind answering. Book 1 is originally titled "The Uncommon One." I'm thinking of changing the title to "Bite Me, I'm Yours." If you want to know what the story is about, you can always read the query (on the tab, above). Anyway, do you think that title sounds better? That maybe it's more sellable? It's really starting to grow on me, but I'd hate to get attached and find out it sucks.

Thanks so much. I'll be checking back later tonight (I won't have internet until I get home). Have a super-duper Friday!



Maria Zannini said...

I like the title better than the original. If you plan to sell to a smaller publisher, you probably don't have to worry, but very often a big traditional publisher will change the title if it doesn't fit their marketing.

Still you have nothing to lose to put the name you like first.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

The only thing about the original title is it doesn't really tell you anything about the story. The new title screams vampire romance, but the play on words also tells me that it's light, humorous fare. If your book is, then it's perfect; otherwise the new title is still better but keep looking. HTH!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I understand a publisher can change titles, it's why it never bothered me before. But it's beginning to look like I'll self publish and I wanted something...better. Thanks for your vote!

Jennette - Yeah, I don't write dark, and it's definitely a vampire romance. This was my first book and I was on my second revision before I could even think of a title. Maybe I'm getting better at it now? Thanks for your vote!

Michael Seese said...

You say "romance." If it's also light-hearted / comedic, then definitely "Bite Me, I'm Yours." It's MUCH catchier.

Also, to build upon your latest comment on my blog, Wednesday night I walked on the treadmill and wrote "in my head." The next day I cranked out 800 words in an hour.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - Yeah, that new title is really starting to catch with me better. Thanks for your vote. And congrats on the treadmill writing!

The Happy Whisk said...

I don't know much about this subject, but Bite Me, I'm Yours I remember, and the first title I cannot remember. And I just read it. That though, is more to do with the fact that I haven't slept.

But the bite me one, is fun.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - Hope you get some rest. And thanks for your vote. I've already decided to change it. Wasn't a real hard choice, because I never really was fond of the first title! :)