Friday, April 12, 2013

New Project News - Book 6!

Someone asked on one of my loops if anyone worked on two projects at the same time. You know, edit one project while writing the first draft of another. I checked my Excel spreadsheet (because I keep track of all my writing there) and discovered I had - back when I had the day job. I wrote “Alien Desires” at work and edited “Ghostly Liaison” when I got home. But since I lost the day job?

Nope, didn’t do it.

But there was a reason. My editing project was completed and waiting for feedback by then, so I was free to just write the first draft of “Alien Desires.” I finished that first draft back in October and have been editing stuff ever since. So why wasn’t I doing two projects now?

Hmmm… Could it be because no shiny new idea had poked me in the brain? Probably!

So I asked my husband what he thought my next project should be: vampires, ghosts, or aliens? “My Sunny Vampire” will be published by Lyrical Press. I’m hoping they’ll be interested in “Bite Me, I’m Yours” (once it’s ready to show them--and no, I refuse to work on two editing projects at the same time; the editing side of my brain can only do so much). He asked me what I would do with “Bite Me” if Lyrical Press didn’t want it. Well, I’d probably self-publish it. So he suggested I write another vampire story.

This from a man who has read ALL my work EXCEPT my vampire stories!

But I agreed with him. Plus, I was knee deep in my vampire world already. Question was: which couple would I pick?

This is where taking NOTES come in super handy! All this time I thought Sam and Janie would be the next book I wrote. But they weren’t screaming to be written--I had no story, just a couple and a tiny situation. Not enough. My Russian vamp needs a book or two to lead into it, so he wasn’t working out, either. Then I opened the notes on Ben and Victoria. I had forgotten all about them.

I had motivation. I had conflict. I had a story! And it fit! WhooHoo! I even got the first 700 words written yesterday (after, I repeat, after I added 500 words to “Alien Desires”--my editing goal for each day). I’d forgotten what a rush writing NEW stuff can be. Man, I really missed it.

“Blind Temptation” (Book 6) is born. Does that title do anything for you? It may change, but it seems to fit for now.

Tonight I expect to either be freezing at the Dayton Dragons game or be a chicken and stay at home, where it’s warm. Do I hear clucking?




Maria Zannini said...

If you can swing it, it's always good to have the next book in the same genre (or sub-genre) because if readers like one book, they'll hunt your back list to see if you have anything else. It won't matter if it's traditionally published or indie.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - All my books are (fairly light) paranormal romances. Heck, even one of my vampires showed up in my ghost book (unbeknownst to the reader unless they read the book he came from), so I don't feel like I have a problem genre-wise. However, I'm hoping to nab an agent with my ghost or alien book (yeah, I still have that dream), so I wasn't sure if I should continue writing those. Of course, my plans could all change if I become the next Stephenie Meyer! HA HA!!!

(And I mean that as popularity-wise, not vampire-wise!)

Jennette Marie Powell said...

"Cluck cluck..." LOL

I've never been able to work on multiple projects at once. Have fun with your new one!

Anne Gallagher said...

Before I took my "writing" break, I always had one or two books in the coffer to work on as well as short stories. I find I need the variety to keep me going.

LD Masterson said...

The closest I can get to working on multiple projects is working on a new one while I've got one out with my beta's or waiting for query responses. Can't work two at a time.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Yeah, I'm hearing that clucking!!

Anne - I haven't really taken a writing break yet. Hope I never get that urge, too! Now wanting a break from editing, that's different.

Linda - I used to be like that, too, until the editing got to be too much. Writing really does free my mind! Plus, it's fun!!!

Michael Seese said...

1,200 is a good day, any day.

Stacy McKitrick said...

I agree, Michael!!