Friday, October 11, 2013

Road Trip! and More Bugs

Tomorrow we start our vacation! Three nights in Branson, MO, three nights in San Antonio, TX, and three nights in Austin, TX. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

The United States Australian Football League is holding their National Tournaments in Austin Oct 19-20. Our daughter will be playing in this tournament. Since we’re not keen on flying (plus it’s expensive), we decided to visit a city we’ve never been to (Branson) and a city we haven’t been to since 1982 (San Antonio). Our daughter will fly into San Antonio a day early so she can sight-see with us. We’ll take her to Austin and then back home. Yeah, the drive home will be semi-brutal (right now we’re planning on making it in one day), but there will be three of us driving, so maybe it won’t be that bad. If we decide to stop, then we might (MIGHT) stop in Memphis and see Graceland. We’ve never been there, either.

I’m looking forward to the change in scenery. I love road trips. And on our drive to Branson, I told my husband we were stopping in St. Louis and picking up some St. Louis Rams t-shirts. Can you believe I don’t own any? Crazy! I love my Rams.

I will have internet connection in our hotels, but that will be at night and early morning, since I’m hoping we’re out doing fun stuff during the day. I won’t promise I’ll continue my blogs during my trip, because, let’s face it, I have trouble doing that. Let’s say I’ll try and post a picture or two! Key word: TRY.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think the bugs are out in full force this year. Luckily, I haven’t seen many stink bugs (like that picture I posted a couple of weeks ago), although two have found their way in between the back door and the screen (I will have to go outside and open that screen if I want them to leave, I think), and those moths haven’t hatched yet (if they ever do), but the worst right now are the boxelder bugs.
Boxelder Bug - Ugh!
The front of our house faces south and that’s where they have migrated to (sunny and warm). So far I’ve been lucky and they’re staying outside, but it’s forced me to enter and exit the house through the garage now! If I even open the front door, they’ll get in (that’s how many there are). We’ve tried spraying them with Raid, but I think they just laugh in our face and fly away. Certainly hasn’t reduced the numbers any. It’s so bad, it’s making me wish for winter, and that’s BAD! If you’ve had these pests and managed to get rid of them, please share your secret.

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October 11:

Do you like taking road trips? What’s the farthest you’re willing to drive?

Happy Friday!!




B.E. Sanderson said...

Be prepared for the hills in this area, Stacy. I haven't made it over to Branson yet, but when we first moved here, I wasn't prepared to see these hills. They're huge. But the views are also amazing. Enjoy your stay and have fun.

I'm all road-tripped out for now. The 700 miles moving here in April kind of took care of that. =o)

Stay safe on your trip.

JeffO said...

My brother had a major infestation of boxelder bugs a few years ago. The good thing is they're harmless to you.

Enjoy your trip!

Stacy McKitrick said...

B.E. - I don't think I'll ever be road-tripped out. We've traveled coast to coast (Alaska to New Jersey) and we still haven't hit every state yet. I think that's one of my husband's goals!

Jeff - I know those bugs are harmless, but they fly and bug the crap out of me. And now I hear they ALSO stink if you squish them, so now I can't even do that.

Jen B said...

Oh I thought Stink bugs were the worst, but those Boxelder bugs look pretty bad too! Any type of bug in a big group makes me very unhappy. I would be using the other door too. I am completely irrational with bugs. It doesn't matter that I am bigger than them or that they are harmless to me, I just do not like having them around. Especially ones that can fly too. Yikes!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jen - Glad I'm not alone! My husband thinks I'm nuts. Says they're only bugs. I say, EXACTLY! Haha!