Friday, January 17, 2014

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Tomorrow I will be featured on Romancing the Genres as a debut author. Too bad my book isn’t out yet, though; the timing would have been perfect. Anyway, here is the link to their blog (in case you wish to visit *hint, hint*):

Wednesday I mailed out a copy of My Sunny Vampire to my very first Goodreads Giveaway winner: Emma! Let’s all give her a hand (*clap, clap*). I’ve entered a lot of those giveaways and never won anything and I had over 900 people enter to win my book. When MSV is available as an e-book, I’ll probably do another giveaway on Goodreads. I gained THREE followers from that month-long contest and it only cost me a book. Now isn’t that something? I think so.

I’m taking a free tax class with the RWA University this week and realized something (or maybe it just became fortified): I’m so glad I’m not a teacher. I don’t know how teachers do it. I always thought of myself as a patient person, but maybe I’m not. Or my husband’s attitude has rubbed off on me, which is kind of funny when you consider that HE’S A TEACHER! Hmmm… Maybe that’s why he has that attitude.

And before you go all “you were an accountant and you have to take a freebie tax class?” on me, let me tell you… I was a cost accountant. Way different than a tax accountant. Besides, you can never learn too much about taxes, especially the kind that will get you a better return. I hate filing our taxes and if I wasn’t so cheap, I’d hire someone else to do it. But you know what? The part I hate the most is the part I’d still have to do if I hired someone else to do it. Well, that, and actually trying to decipher the tax codes (I think that’s why I need glasses!).

When I decided to make writing my business, that’s when I finally broke down and bought tax software (yes, I’m THAT cheap!!). At least it’s now considered a business deduction, because I would have never bought it otherwise.

Last night I finally watched “French Kiss.” I had never seen it before, which is kind of amazing since I like Meg Ryan. It was an okay movie, but probably not one I’ll watch again. I just didn’t get the chemistry between her and Kevin Kline. Or maybe it was the character Kevin Kline was playing. Whatever--they just didn’t have that spark. It’s the spark that will make me watch a movie over and over (you know, like Lucy and Jack have in “While You Were Sleeping.”)

Snow fog!!
I took this picture on January 10th. It had snowed the day before and then a warm front came through and caused all this fog. I thought it was pretty. I also hoped it was the last of the snow, but winter isn’t finished yet (it’s just getting started, right?). More snow fell yesterday and more snow is forecasted and of course I have a chapter meeting in Columbus tomorrow. I don’t go to those meetings very often (uhh, I’ve been to one, but only because they usually conflict with my Cincinnati chapter meetings), and I’m hoping the weather doesn’t keep me away. Oh what am I saying…It won’t. Not THAT much is expected to fall. Then again, the forecasters have been known to be wrong before.

So, what will make you want to watch a movie over and over?
Have a good weekend--and try to keep warm!




Maria Zannini said...

The tax code changes yearly. There's always something they've added or modified.

We do our taxes now but back when we raised emu and rhea, we hired a tax accountant. She got us a ton of deductions we didn't know we had coming--plus her fee was deductible too.

I miss using her but our business deductions are much simpler now and TurboTax walks you through each step.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I suppose if our taxes started getting really complicated (like if my husband ALSO went into his own business), I'd have to hire a tax accountant. Otherwise, I'd blow my head off (or my head would just explode). :) I HATE taxes! At least the H&R Block software I have does make it a bit easier; certainly a lot quicker.

The Happy Whisk said...

Holy cow, 900 is amazing. Well done, you. There are many movies we watch over again, they're just good, and it's fun to do that. Right now we're rewatching the series Black Books.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - 900 shocked me, too. Of course, who knows how many of those just clicked on it to click on it, or who clicked on it hoping to get a free book to sell. Heck, the winner could be one of those. Hopefully not! :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Taxes are coming sooner than I'd like too *sigh*

The movies that make me watch them again and again are usually about the characters and the chemistry too. :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jemi - The only thing I enjoy about my taxes now is knowing I can take a business deduction for something I LOVE to do! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Diana McCollum said...

Wow, 900 was great! I like to watch certain movies over and over. "Sleepless in Seattle", (Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks). "Practical Magic" (also loved the book). "Terminator" (the first one). Just to name a few. Happy New Year!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Diana - 900 tells me that maybe, MAYBE, I have a nice cover! It'd be sweet if they all went out and bought the book (once it's available), but I know better! Thanks for stopping by!

Michael Seese said...

Bizarre humor. "Eating Raoul" is my favorite movie of all time. Followed closely by "Real Genius."

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - I think you have the same tastes as my son. Not sure if he's ever seen those movies (I haven't), but he likes weird comedies.