Monday, February 3, 2014

The End is in Sight

Nothing like going to bed and then realizing how your story will end. And not just the ending. All the other parts that will get to the end.

To say I got ANY sleep at all on Friday night would be a lie.

To say I woke up and wrote like a fiend on Saturday would also be a lie.

To say that frustrated me to no end would be the truth.

I did, however, get up at one in the morning and write out the summary of all the events to occur. You know, just in case all that tossing and turning and playing those scenes in my head didn’t solidify the story for me. I also thought if I wrote it down, I’d stop thinking about it so I could get some sleep.

Yeah, that didn’t happen, either.

It is a wonderful feeling, though. To know how the book will end. Especially when earlier that day I didn’t have a clue. Not. One. Clue.

I believe my creative juices like to toy with me, though. It seems on those mornings I wake up with a revelation I can’t write like I want. That’s because I’ll have plans I can’t (or won’t) cancel. It never seems to fail.

Which is why I didn’t write on Saturday. I had plans to meet up with friends in Cincinnati I didn’t want to cancel. Then the family got together to celebrate my son’s birthday. It’s not like I get to do things with them all the time as it is. I’ve gotta have a life other than writing!

So, now that I’m armed with the ending of my book, my goal is to finish it by Friday. Except…This week I’m also hosting the Sizzle and Sass page on Facebook. See what I mean about my creative juices toying with me???

By the way, I hope you’ll stop by the page and say hello! Here’s the link:!/pages/Sizzle-and-Sass/213212842173895

I have more good news to share! While MY SUNNY VAMPIRE is still awaiting a release date, LOVE'S A BEACH, the anthology I’m included in, is now up for sale! Yay! Book cover and buy links are located in the sidebar.

So…did you watch that boring Super Bowl game until the end? I didn’t. But I had a good time at Buffalo Wild Wings’ VIP Party. Even won a “bar” picture for Samuel Adams that says: For the Love of Beer. Don’t know where I’ll put that.




Jennette Marie Powell said...

It seems creative revelations like yours always happen when I can't do anything about them! Mine usually happen at work. Gratz on nearing the end - and on the two short stories in Love's a Beach!

Maria Zannini said...

The important thing is that you know your ending. The rest will fall into place.

Glad you got to visit with friends and family. That's important too.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Appears your creative juices like to toy with you, too! Maybe they are all in coohoots with one another. Heehee.

Maria - Yes, about my ending. I just hope it rocks as well on the page as it does in my head!

Aubrie said...

Congrats on figuring out your ending! Yay! For me, I know the beginning and the end- it's the middle that gets me.

I don't know what's worse- not knowing the end or not knowing the middle.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Aubrie - I usually just flub through the middle. It gets fixed in editing! And normally I know the ending, but for some reason not with this story! :)

JeffO said...

It's so frustrating having something to write, but no time to write it. Just keep running it through your head, and it will stick!

The Happy Whisk said...

Sorry you were frustrated but hey, all part of the game.

We had a very nice snowed-in day, no superbowl for us though. But I did have a fun weekend in the kitchen.

Michael Seese said...

I hear you. I've had TIMES when I wrote until midnight, then said, "OK, time for bed." And while brushing my teeth, came up with another 3 - 4 sentences. So I have to trudge back upstairs, and write them down. Then I'm gargling, and I think, "Not again!" So back up...

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - You need to have a pen and pad of paper in the bathroom it seems! I've got them scattered all over the place.

LD Masterson said...

I know I must sound like a broken record on this but get yourself a little digital recorder and keep it handy at all times. Even half asleep you can record ideas, key words, etc. to keep so gems from escaping until you can write them down.