Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Reads

Have you ever anticipated the next book in the series sooooo much, that you re-read the series just to get ready for it? I did that with Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, but mainly because it had been YEARS between books. And I re-read the Twilight series four times, but not in anticipation of the next book. They were all out when I started on the first. I just wanted to read them over and over. Well, I’ve done it again, even though it hasn’t even been four months since I read Book 1 and Book 2. I love the series THAT MUCH.

So… Since I kind of cheated earlier on, counting short stories as books on Goodreads (and here), I am not counting the re-reading of those two books. That should make it all even, don’t you think?

Anyway, here’s what I read during the week:

May 29: Re-read “Playing the Game” by M.Q. Barber, Book 1 of the Neighborly Affection series, an erotic romance. The blurb and my “review” from when I first read it can be found HERE.

Jun 1: Re-read “Crossing the Line” by M.Q. Barber, Book 2 of the Neighborly Affection series, an erotic romance. The blurb and my “review” from when I first read it can be found HERE.

I enjoyed reading BOTH of these more the second time around. And there were parts of Book 2 that had me in tears the first time around and still hit me hard the second time around. Now, how good is that?

Jun 2: “Healing the Wounds” by M.Q. Barber, Book 3 of the Neighborly Affection series, an erotic romance. There are no safe words. There is only surrender. When Alice leapt into sexual games with her neighbors Henry and Jay, she didn’t plan to fall in love. She sure didn’t expect she’d be the switch between Henry’s commanding mastery and Jay’s submissive playfulness. But now she’s moving in with them, and she’d better figure it all out – fast. Trouble is, she’s never been a live-in girlfriend. The day after a traumatic first night at a BDSM club might not be the best time to start. Struggling to find her place within the lifestyle, Alice seeks equality in a relationship built on surrender. Learning to lean on Henry challenges the foundation of her self-worth. He’ll have to lean on her in return for their triad to find stability. But can her stoic dominant lover accept her as a confidante as well as a submissive? And will their love be enough to silence Jay’s emotional ghosts? ONE DAY! I read this book in one day! Man, I can't believe it's over, either (well, for now, I’ve been told there will be more—yay!). I loved it. An emotional ride for sure as well as some hot, hot, sex. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. When this series finally ends up in print (and it should), I will be buying them. And I will re-read them—again. They are KEEPERS and being on my e-reader just won’t do.

I finally watched the movie “Veronica Mars.” It never showed up around here in the theatre, but I received the DVD for Mother’s Day. I enjoyed it. It was nice seeing everyone again. And I mean, EVERYONE. I think every character from that series had a part in that movie in one form or another. I think the only character missing was Duncan Kane (anyone remember him?).

So… What books/series have you re-read? Was it just as good as the first time, or did you discover you enjoyed them more?

Happy reading!




The Happy Whisk said...

I might rewatch BBC's Sherlock, now that the 3rd season is on NetFlix.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - What about books? Do you re-read any of those? And cookbooks don't count! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

I was gonna say cookery and bake books but knew you'd say they didn't count. lolololololol.

Sometimes yes, but these days I'm not reading all that much fiction.

But food books, oh yeah ...

Stacy McKitrick said...

Hahahahahahahahaha!! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Glad you laughed too, because I was laughing at my desk, typing the comment.

Blogging is so fun.

JeffO said...

I've re-read the first four Dark Tower books several times, but not the last three. I absolutely love 'Wizard and Glass,' I think that's my favorite of them all.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I guess I've only re-read the first four books, too. The last three came out quick enough I didn't have to read to refresh. But "Drawing of the Three" was my favorite of the bunch.

Jen B said...

I didn't read the Harry Potter series until they were all out, but re-read them over the past year for fun. I really liked it the second time through and it forced me to remember how the scenes in the books happened, as my memories all seemed to be scenes from the movies...

I was going to re-read the Dresden Files this year, as the newest one came out last week, but I have too many books on the "to read" list,s o I didn't get to it.

One on the "to read" list is the Dark Tower. I have about 3 more books before I get to it - I'm excited about it! I've heard such good things. :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jen - I've never read Harry Potter (not interested) and I've read two Harry Dresden books (which I do like), but getting them out of the library is a pain. Have fun reading the Dark Tower books!