Friday, March 27, 2015

More Diary Fun

I’m stuck with a blog post, so I started looking through my old diaries and found this little tidbit that made me laugh.

April 11, 1972 (Tuesday)

…I’m reading “Flowers for Algernon” for English and “Airport” for me…Today (just 5 minutes ago) Karen hit me with the couch pillow just because I wouldn’t let her use the one I was sitting on. So I through the toy porcupine at her and then she hit me on the head. I’m getting a headache. I don’t see how I can live with her at all. I hate her! And that’s the truth! Bye!

FYI: Karen is my sister, who is 16 months younger than me (gee, you couldn’t tell now, could you?). I was 14 when I wrote this and I didn't fix the spelling error of the original entry, so what you see is what I wrote.

See, even back then I was reporting what I was reading. It’s cool that I remember reading those books, too. I really, REALLY liked Flowers for Algernon, even though the ending kind of depressed me.

I should be giving my hubby Blind Temptation this weekend. So close to being published!! I don’t plan on doing any pre-orders. When it’s ready, I’m putting it up for sale. Why wait any longer?

So… Doing anything fun this weekend? The high on Saturday is supposed to be in the 30s. Ugh! I think I’ll just stay inside.

Have a good day!



JeffO said...

No one fights like siblings!

Good on you for closing in on publication--very exciting. For this weekend, my daughter and I are going to an accepted students' day at one of the colleges she applied to. It's supposed to be in the 20s with some possible snow, so bleah to that, but it will be fun. How's your cold?

Maria Zannini said...

I swear if you ever want to write contemporary YA, you could use your teenage diary as a base.

Spring has arrived in Texas and tomorrow is going to be especially nice.

#1 It'll be in the 70s
#2 It's my birthday. :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - My cold is still lingering (nagging cough sort of thing), but for the most part I'm okay (plan on returning to the gym on Monday). Thanks for asking!! :)

Maria - Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Sounds like you'll have wonderful weather for your day. I have a feeling we're gonna skip all over the spring weather and go from winter into summer. I hope not, but I won't be surprised.