Friday, June 19, 2015

Sometimes Deals Aren’t So Great

The hubby and I subscribe to a Marriott Visa. Every year that we paid the fee, we got a free hotel room at a Class 5 or lower hotel. At the time the fee was significantly less than the cost of a Class 5 hotel, so we continued to renew.

We enjoyed free stays in Pittsburgh (one trip to see a free hockey game and one trip for a Steelers pre-season game) and a free stay in Cleveland (to see an Indians game). These were nice hotels in the city so we only had to pay (or not) for one parking lot and then walk to the stadiums (and around the city). So, we started looking to see where we would like to go this year (remember me asking for suggestions?). There is a pre-season Steelers game that looked promising, so I checked to see if there were rooms at the hotel we like to stay at.

Well… apparently Marriott re-classed their hotels. The hotel we’ve stayed at in Pittsburgh used to be a Class 5. It’s now a Class 6. In fact, there aren’t any Class 5 or lower hotels in Pittsburgh (or any other large city near us), unless we wanted to stay near the airport (which we don’t).

That Marriott Visa doesn’t look like such a good deal anymore, so after we use our free stay (wherever that may be), we’ll be canceling the card.

Kind of pissed me off, though. I really enjoyed staying in Pittsburgh. We liked to walk over to Peppi’s for their wonderful subs (my husband likes the Rothlisburger sub). It was the perfect weekend getaway. I’m going to miss those Pittsburgh weekend trips because I’m certainly not going to pay over $200/night for a hotel room. I do have my limits.

Still have a weekend trip to plan, though, and we have a trip to Racine, WI coming up. Seems my daughter has a footy tournament of some sort going on there on July 11th. I’ve never been to Racine. Should be fun. The 2 Marriott hotels in town are Class 4 or lower, so we could use our free room. We’ll see.

So… Have you ever been to Racine? I see they’re famous for their Kringles (I’m thinking of you, B.E. Sanderson!). I’ll definitely have to try one of those. I only know about the city because of the movie, “A League of Their Own.” I wonder if the stadium where the women’s baseball team played is still there. That would be neat to see.

Have a great weekend!



B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, I was thinking of the Kringles when I read that and before I scrolled down. You know, I've actually never been to Racine. I used to do business with a company there and they sent me a Kringle every year at Christmas from O&H Danish Bakery. Yum.

That stinks about your card benefits. Stupid Pittsburgh hotels. Have a fun trip to WI. It's a really pretty state.

JeffO said...

Never been to Racine, but I like the name. Enjoy your weekend!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Beth - Been to the Wisconsin Dells. Twice. That's about all I remember of Wisconsin (well, that and cheese). Haha! I hope the weather is nice when we go up there. Tired of all this rain!

Jeff - I like the name, too.

Michael Seese said...

Which Marriott in CLE? Is there one right downtown?

I hope you enjoyed the Indians game.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - I believe we stayed at the Rennisance, which is next to the shopping center where Hard Rock is. Ritzy place! I also discovered a The Tilted Kilt during this trip. The Indians won the game in the 9th. Exciting game. By the way, I'm commenting on my phone, so not sure how this will post!