Monday, February 22, 2016

Taxes Update – Yeah, I’m Not Done Yet

Well, the taxes are moving along slowly. On Friday I was able to get Form 1065 (and accompanying K-1s) filled out with the help of my hubby’s co-worker. It wasn’t near as bad as I thought. Next year I’ll make sure to get the right software!

I hope to finish the federal taxes today. Unless I wait for that K-1 from Cedar Point. We have stock with them, and that’s how they report the dividends since they’re really partnership distributions. It’s not like it’s a lot of money. In fact, I don’t think it affected our refund at all last year. Still, I probably should wait. Right?

I suppose if I needed the refund right away (which I’m glad we’re getting—we’ve had to pay many years in a row), I would file now and hope for the best. But since I don’t (and boy, am I glad we’ve finally reached that part in our lives—never thought I’d see the day!), and since the refund is going into our “pay the house off” fund, then I could probably stand to wait a few more days/weeks.

Of course, I still have the state and city taxes to file. State is a pain (oh wait, they’re all a pain). I usually print out what H&R Block figures out and then file on line on their site to save $20. But I think I might just give in and pay it this year and let H&R Block file it for me. I have to think my time is worth 20 bucks, I guess.

But city? I refuse to file on line for that. I did that last year and then I had to go and mail it all in anyway. What a pain! (Like I said, they’re all a pain.) This year I’ll just fill in their form on line, print it out, and mail it all in. It’s not like I get anything back anyway.

So far Big Red is doing okay. I finally got all my software loaded on Friday night and my files transferred. It’s nice to have it back, but still, I have to get used to the smaller print again. And Windows 10.

Dell did contact me and asked me how I felt they were doing. I told them I thought it was pretty bad how long I had to wait for a problem I had contacted them about twice before. I also asked them if I still had to leave my laptop unplugged overnight (since one of their technicians said me leaving it plugged in when it was off was causing the overload). To my surprise, they replied and apologized. Said they would put my case in archive, but would reopen it if I ran into more problems. They also said the plugging in the laptop had nothing to do with the hard drive. So, I’m leaving it plugged in again and we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully NOTHING!!!!

So… don’t you love it when I talk taxes and computers? That’s what happens when that’s all I’ve done for the past week, I guess (well, I was editing, too, which is definitely boring). Anything interesting happen in your part of the world? Please share!

Happy Monday!



JeffO said...

My own taxes are still undone, and we have to do financial aid forms. Blech. We were scheduled to do another snowshoe hike this weekend. Once again, it turned into just a plain old hike, but it was a beautiful day!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Ahhh... financial aid forms. I remember those! I feel your pain. And yes, it was a beautiful weekend. So nice to go outside without needing the big heavy coat!

Maria Zannini said...

We haven't done taxes yet, but I have to wait for Greg to be in the mood.

Me, I just want it over with. I don't like things hanging over my head.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I met with our tax accountant Saturday. With five businesses, just collecting the paperwork is enough of a pain - so thankful we have him! But there's a good reason to get your taxes done early, even if you have to pay: fraudsters use others' SSNs to file taxes, making a big headache for the real owners of those numbers when they go to file taxes. The sooner you file, the less chance of this happening. Either way, good luck!

I can't believe the Dell tech told you not to leave your laptop plugged in when it's off - that's the best time to recharge it. I'm very skeptical of their techs' competence, at least at that level. Here's hoping Big Red continues to function well!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - If I waited to be in the mood, I'd never get the taxes done! Haha! I hate things hanging over my head, too. But I'm thinking I should wait for that other K-1. I hate filing amended returns even more!

Jennette - I try to keep all my paperwork together throughout the year and hubby does the same for his business. Sure makes it easier at year end. I've heard about fraudsters. We're very careful about our SSNs. So far it's been working (**fingers crossed**).

B.E. Sanderson said...

I sucked it up and did the taxes a couple weeks ago because I told Hubs I would. They're not complicated enough to have to pay someone else yet. Fingers crossed for your 'puter. I hate when they get squonky. It's almost time to retire this old girl, but I'm not ready for the expense yet, so here's hoping she keeps chugging along.

Nothing exciting here. Editing. Procrastinating about editing. Watching TV.

Stacy McKitrick said...

B.E. - "Editing. Procrastinating about editing. Watching TV." Hey, are you looking in my window? Haha! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

I hope you got to go watch a good movie after all of this, drama.