Monday, May 9, 2016

Movies and Footy and Baseball and Hockey

It’s been since Christmas that I’ve been at the movie theatre. That’s a long time for me nowadays. I used to go a lot more often, but prices do nothing but creep up and I really don’t like the hassle getting tickets at our local theatre, since they assign seats.

Although I guess I have to admit it’s nice knowing our seats are available regardless of what time we arrive—but that’s the ONLY good thing about it.

Sure, I could buy the tickets on line, but then I have to pay a fee. I’m NOT paying a fee for the local movie theatre. Nope. No way.

Anyway… for Mother’s Day I wanted to see “Captain America: Civil War.” I drove to the theatre last week and bought tickets (they don’t charge a fee that way). Was it worth all the fuss? You betcha. I really enjoyed the movie (I especially loved Stan Lee’s part!!) and if you like the franchise (is that the right word?), you’ll enjoy this one, too.

This weekend I also finally watched “The Martian” (we have that on DVD). What an awesome flick. I probably would have loved to have watched that on the big screen, though. I bet it was impressive. Still, it wasn’t too shabby on our 40” HD TV.

On Saturday, Hubby and I went to Columbus to see my daughter play footy. Okay, we stayed to watch the guys play, too. Even though we got rained on at times, it was such a pleasant experience to watch this year. That’s because the Jillaroos have gotten BETTER! They beat Toronto easily (as did the guys) and my daughter actually scored a point (she usually plays defense). This was also the first time they had to contribute some of their players to the other team to even it up (it’s usually the other way around).

Overall it was a very nice weekend even with the rain and chilly weather on Sunday. Tonight Hubby and I are going to our first Dragons game for the season. It might rain on us there, too, and the team isn’t playing so well this year, but I plan on having fun anyway because I’ll be with my Hubby and I’ll be watching baseball. I do enjoy watching baseball. Heck, I used to love to play.

Okay, I played softball, but it’s close.

Tomorrow the Penguins play game 6 against the Capitals. Don’t know what happened to the Pens on Saturday, but they totally sucked. Maybe they just wanted to win the series at home. Who knows? I just hope they do. I don’t want a game 7. Too much stress. I don’t need that.

So… Do you prefer your movies at the theatre or at home on your television? If you go to the theatre, do you buy popcorn and candy and drinks? I haven’t done that in decades. Not that I don’t like popcorn—I love it, actually—it’s just too expensive and I don’t need to eat during the movie. I don’t even eat popcorn during the movie at home. I try to limit my snacks. It’s not like I need the calories!

Have a great Monday.



Stephanie Faris said...

Your movie theater assigns seats? I've never even heard of that! I worked at a movie theater as a teen...that just seems like a huge amount of unnecessary work to have to worry about people finding their seats in the dark...and if someone takes someone else's seat, the usher then has to go in and tell them to move? Ugh! I used to go to the movies all the time, but now we just stay home most of the time and rent something through the "On Demand" service.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Stephanie - When Rave Cinemas (Cinemark) took over our theatre, they remodeled it. Removed tons of seating so they could install "Luxury Loungers." So now the theatres hold less people, but have these leather recliners. I'm not a fan; if I put my feet up I'm liable to sleep! Heck, I can't even SEE the rest of the audience at the theatre anymore. And while sometimes that can be a good thing, I can get THAT experience at home. You know?

Maria Zannini said...

I much prefer to watch movies at home.

We're making an exception for Civil War though. I hope it'll be worth seeing on the big screen.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - It's always worth seeing Chris Evans on the big screen! :)

Jennette Marie Powell said...

A movie has to be pretty darn special to get me into a theater these days (like Star Wars special). I hate lines, expensive food, not being able to pause to take a break IYKWIM, kids behind you kicking your seat (or talking all through the show), and the worst, being stuck behind tall people. Oh, and movie theaters are also a prime place to get bedbugs. No thanks. Not to mention the cost! We sneaked our own drinks and a bag of Twizzlers into Star Wars - figured it was expensive enough just for the tickets!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - You wouldn't have a problem with tall people in front of you at the Rave. You can't even see the row in front of you, it's that low. The rows are tons wider, you couldn't reach the back of the seat in front of you if you tried. Well, you could if you got OUT of your seat! :) All the seats are leather now. Don't know how well they'd hold bed bugs, but YUCK!!! I never heard of that before.

JeffO said...

I enjoy the experience of being in the theater with the big screen and the (hopefully) great sound, but it feels like it's always a crapshoot whether you're going to get obnoxious people, overcrowding, or sound from the theater next door bleeding through the walls.

Glad you liked the movie. My kids are functionally grown up, yet the last film we saw in theaters was STILL Zootopia! (much better than I expected, I must say)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - We've seen plenty of animated films AFTER the kids were in college. They're fun! :)