Friday, July 1, 2016

Adding Another Vendor (I Hope)

Happy July!

I love July. It’s my birthday month.

I’m getting ready to upload Blind Temptation and A Vampire Wedding to All Romance Ebooks (ARe). My other three books are listed there (through Kensington) and I thought it was time to put my self-pubbed books there. For all I know, most of my readers buy from them, so it would be foolish not to have them listed. My books also show up in Google Books, but they don’t take indies anymore (that I know of), not that I would put my books there. They mess with prices and screw things up with other vendors that it’s just not worth the hassle.

Of course, as I went to upload the books to ARe yesterday, I ran into some technical difficulty. Not surprising, since I’m technically challenged. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out today.

The Goodreads Giveaway for Bite Me, I’m Yours is still on, so if you know someone who would be interested, let them know. The link is in the sidebar.

So… Got any plans for the long weekend? Seeing any fireworks? I’d love to see a fireworks show, but the one in our city is the same night that we’ll be going to a Dragons Game (which is Saturday). I was hoping Dayton would have theirs after the game, but no. They’re having them the NEXT day. I’m not driving down there just for fireworks. So I guess I won’t see any this year. Bummer!



JeffO said...

With any luck (well, it's not luck so much as it's just getting down to business) I'll be able to make good headway into The Next One. We're not big celebrators these days, so we'll likely stay home and comfort the dog when fireworks freak her out. Good luck with your technical problem, and enjoy the weekend!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Yeah, we're not much into celebrating, either. But I do like to watch the fireworks (just don't want to fight the crowds).

Maria Zannini said...

I've never been overly fond of fireworks. When I was young we'd have to fight the crowds, and now it just seems like a lot of noise. Then there's my nervous 115 pound dog.

We bought drugs for him this time. I hope it helps.

Hope you have a wonderful Fourth!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - Here's to a quiet fourth? :)