Monday, September 5, 2016

Some Crappy Pictures from DragonCon

I have not been a very good picture-taker at Dragon Con this time around. Most likely because I haven't been in prime picture-taking areas. I'm actually avoiding those this year (they are a hassle to get around in).

But I did get some pictures. Most of them are blurry (zooming in a darkened room doesn't create sharp images for some reason), so please forgive me. I don't carry around a high-speed camera.

Here you go. Click on them to enlarge (and make MORE blurry -- haha!).

At the Firefly panel, this guy was sitting across from my husband. It took me a while to figure out who he was supposed to be. If you've ever seen Serenity, you might know (Wash). If you haven't, then it won't matter. Still, it had to have been difficult to sit with that thing "through" him.

The Firefly panel consisted of Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin (the other guy was the moderator). Later on, my daughter got her picture taken with Alan Tudyk at one of the parties. Hmmm... Maybe I should be hanging with her more often!

Here are James Leary, James Marsters, and Eliza Dushku from the Buffy/Angel panel. Leary was only in a few episodes. He played Clem, the sagging skin demon--totally unrecognizable without the makeup! Marsters was, of course, Spike and Eliza was Faith. Did you ever watch the shows?

A better shot of James Marsters and Eliza.

This is Summer Glau from the Flash/Arrow panel. I can't remember the name of the character she played on Arrow, but I remember she was River Tam on Firefly (gee... it would have been nice if she were on the Firefly panel, too!).

Teddy Sears (Zoom--Flash) and Summer from the Flash/Arrow panel. Would have been nice if he took off his hat. Never really did get a good look at his face!

Carlos Valdes (Cisco--Flash), Violet Beane (Jessie Quick--Flash), Teddy, and Summer. I think we were all really there to see Carlos. He's so great on the show! Pretty good in person, too.
The room for the Deep Space 9 panel was not lit very well, so these pictures are even worse than the others! That's Aron Eisenberg (Nog) on the left and Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir) on the right. Garrett Wang (Harry Kim from Voyager) was the moderator and he's in the middle.

Was able to get in line early for some good seats on the Gotham Panel. That's David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin), Sean Pertwee (Alfred), and Drew Powell (Butch).

Chris Chalk (Lucius Fox), David, Robin, Sean, and Drew.

Another panel I got in line early for: Q&A with Torchwood Guests. This is Naoko Mori (Tosh) and it was her first Dragon Con. I think she was just as excited as we were!

Best shot I could get of Gareth David Lloyd (Ianto).

Moderator, Naoko, James Marsters (Captain John Hart), and Gareth.

Hubby and I went to the Star Trek Miss Universe Pageant. This young lady ended up being the winner. It was very hard for me to get any good shots of the contestants. They moved around too much.

Great shot of the woman playing Deanna Troi (she stood still). At first I thought it was really her!

Janice Rand doubles. I did like that character on the original series, even though she was only in 6 episodes.

The Star Trek Miss Universe Pageant was really funny, though (especially the talent portion). Unfortunately it ran long, so they had to cut the interview portion. Maybe next year they'll book the room for more than an hour. But they had real judges: Gil Gerard, Aron Eisenberg, Miss Georgia, and last year's Miss Star Trek Universe.

Well, that's my pictures for now. Today I hope to get good seats to see William Shatner and then after that, Brett Dalton from S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm not crazy about his character, Ward, but heard he's a hoot, so now I'm curious.

Kind of sad it's the last day, but kind of glad, too. I miss my bed. And the quiet.

Have a great holiday. You do have the day off today, don't you?



JeffO said...

Funny, my first thought on your first picture was "Who is that supposed to be?" but as soon as you mentioned Firefly, I thought, "Oh, it's Wash." It was the shirt. I didn't even notice the pole. He had to pick the most gut-punching way (literally!) to represent the character!

Thanks for the pics, enjoy the rest of the con!

Maria Zannini said...

I'm a leaf on the wind!

It looks like you had fun. Very cool.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I guess I just haven't seen the series enough times (only once) to get the reference. Daughter had to provide that information for me. :P

Maria - Lots of fun. Kind of sad it's over now. All that's left is the drive home. :(

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Glad you had fun at Dragon Con! I was happy to get an extra day off work. :)