Friday, February 24, 2017

Something Cool, Outdoor Hockey, and First in Series Sales

A friend showed me how I can add a “store” on my Facebook page, featuring my books (of course). The store is actually Amazon (for now). I think I’ll be able to add books so that it will also direct you to B&N. Won’t know that until I try it. But for now I’ve got the Kindle links on my Facebook page.

If they get seen, it might be a miracle, but hey, I’m ready! They’re there. And I was able to make my covers look kind of cool, too. Here's what one of them looked like:


I wanted the whole cover to show and Facebook’s photo allotment only allows 1024 x 1024 pixels, which meant it would chop off part of the cover. So I went to Canva and played around until I found templates that worked (which was a chore in itself, let me tell you). For fun (or maybe desperation—I wasn’t sure what was going to work), I used one of my moon shots for the background. Wow! I thought it turned out pretty cool. So I pretty much swapped out the covers for each picture so they all looked the same.
If you're on Facebook, you can check them out on my page here: Just click on Shop over on the left hand side.

Tomorrow, Daughter and I will be headed to Pittsburgh to go see the Coors Light Stadium Series (Hockey!!) at Heinz Field where the Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the Philadelphia Flyers. Hoping for decent weather (like, no rain) and a big win! But just in case the weather decides to become wet, I’m taking my rain pants and boots (along with my jacket, of course!). I doubt I get too warm wearing them. Temps are supposed to start dropping once the sun sets.

Hmmm… I wonder if my jersey will fit OVER my jacket. And yes, I have a jersey. #87 Crosby, what else?
Looking for a deal in some romance reads? My author friend Kristi Rose has posted free or 99 cents first in series sales going on this weekend (or through the month). Yeah, my book is listed, and there are bunches of others. So if you like romance, this is something to go and check out.

Yesterday, Hubby and I met with the doctor who will conduct (?) the chemotherapy. We got some surprising news. Hubby won’t lose his hair. He’d been kind of prepping himself for that, so it was a nice surprise. All the other crap (nausea, fatigue, loss of taste) was expected and not something he’s looking forward to, but it’s only 8 weeks. 8 weeks is nothing. And then he’ll get better. We just want it over with (and for the cancer to never return).

So… Got any fun plans this weekend? Or has the weather kept you housebound? Have you ever played around with Canva? I’ve used it to make the headers on my newsletter and Facebook page. You might want to look into it if you do happen to be housebound this weekend. It’s not perfect, but so far it’s been free for me, so I can’t complain.

Happy Friday!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No hair loss? That's great! Although it's not as devastating on a guy as it is on a woman.
You are going to have an awesome time at the game. Of course you have Sid's number. (I have Mario's.)
Glad you had display your books on Facebook. Sorry, not on Facebook, so can't really check it out.
Have an awesome Saturday!

JeffO said...

Oh, my gosh, the weather was fantastic here the last couple days. We did a program for kids on winter recess yesterday in a state park and it was pushing 60 and sunny! Downsides? It was a winter themed program, so, yeah. Downside #2 is ticks are out. But what a day.

Did they delay the start time of the game? I will hope it doesn't rain, but I'm expecting the ice won't be in very good shape. Enjoy the game!

Good thing your husband didn't shave his head in anticipation of hair loss--when will he start the chemo?

Covers look great, btw. Love the background, it really suits the cover well!

Maria Zannini said...

It took me a while to notice the dark cloudy sky. I thought it was glare from my overhead light. :) If you ever need your cover resized, let me know.

re: hubby
The hair fallout is minor compared to the other stuff. I hope it won't be too hard on him.

He won't be hungry, but you've got to keep him eating so he doesn't lose too much weight or strength. Concentrate on high protein, high fat food. Carbs are well known to speed up the growth of cancer cells so minimize them when possible.

When one of my dogs came down with cancer, I stopped feeding her dog food and cooked her whole foods high in protein and fat. She beat cancer like a trooper.

Google cancer diets for more suggestions.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - Yeah, Hubby joked that he thought he might save some money by not needing his hair cut for awhile. But I know he's secretly relieved.

Jeff - Right now chemo is due to start 3/13. We'll know more next week when he gets fitted for his mask (something they need to make so it holds him still during the process). As for the start time of the game, it's still scheduled for 8pm.

Maria - Hubby understands more than anything that he can't afford to lose any more weight (he lost 40 lbs last year). He pretty much went through hell last year with the feeding tube, something he does NOT want again, so that's a motivating factor.