Monday, February 6, 2017

What a Sucky Game

I know. A lot of you think the Super Bowl game was great because it went into overtime. I say it sucked. And I no longer will ever root for the Falcons because they blew it. Big time! Arrgh!

And what even sucked more than just the game were the lame commercials. I haven't been able to listen to Super Bowl commercials for a few years because we've gone to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game (and get free food in their VIP party). But we didn't enjoy it so much last year and since it was also my son's birthday, we decided to stay home so we could actually watch the commercials.

Should not have even bothered. The only one I liked was the Buick commercial with Cam Newton. Well...and maybe the one with Melissa McCarthy (although I'm not a fan of hers). But what was Melissa's ad selling? I don't remember. FAIL!

Hopefully your weekend was better than mine. Only bright spot was spending time with the family. Son liked his birthday present and we stuffed ourselves at BDs Mongolian Grill (his favorite restaurant). Dessert was a big chocolate chip cookie (again, his favorite). We even got Alexa to sing Happy Birthday to him (yes, we have the Echo--a gift from my parents).

Hubby update: No word on the pathology yet. All we know is that it was cancer. Whether or not he'll have to go through chemo or radiation has yet to be discussed. Waiting is the pits, let me tell you.

So... Did you have a favorite commercial? And if you didn't see any of them, trust me, you didn't miss much.

Happy Monday!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Prayers for your husband.
Yeah, lame game. The last quarter was exciting watching the Patriots come back, but seeing Atlanta roll over and die was no fun.
The commercials were the worst! The one with Terry Bradshaw for Tide was the only one that got my attention. Outside of the commercials for upcoming movies and television series. Already watched the extended trailer for Guardians 2 three times online.

JeffO said...

Here's hoping for treatable defeatable cancer.

Didn't watch the game. CHecked the score, saw it was 28-3 and wondered what people would say now about Brady-Belichick. Later, popped onto facebook and saw someone had posted something like, "Tom Brady is the GOAT. Great game." and said, "Holy sh*t, they won???"

Maria Zannini said...

Hope you hear something soon on hubby. The worst part is always the waiting.

re: commercials
I saw a few, and so far I have to agree. They were pretty dull.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - Didn't see the ad for Guardians yesterday, but yeah, I could watch that several times, too!

Jeff - I'm wishing I hadn't watched the game at all! Ugh.

Maria - Hubby gets his stitches removed tomorrow. Maybe we'll hear something then.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Didn't watch much of the game myself, but one of my coworkers did the same thing as you - stayed home for once, so she could hear the commercials - and had the same opinion of them as you!

Good thoughts and prayers for your hubby!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - I'm thinking next year I go back to B-dubs and the free food. Provided they still have the VIP party...and we're invited! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Sending good wishes to you and your hubby.

I didn't see any of the game or the adverts.