Short Stories

I like writing short stories. Some actually make it into anthologies!


"Savannah's Destiny" encompasses the Bitten by Love and Ghostly Encounters series. 

Darren, vampire and bartender at the Savannah Riverfront Hotel, has a ghost problem by the name of Austin that won’t go away. He’d love nothing more for the ghost to move on, but Austin is keeping mum. That is until his sister, Savannah, attends a book convention that is held in the same hotel. Darren believes she’s the ticket to get rid of the ghost as well as a reward for putting up with the spirit for so long.

Austin doesn’t want the blood sucker’s help, but he doesn’t want his sister hurt, either. Now that his body has been found by the police, he’s forced to cooperate, but does everything he can to keep the vampire from sinking his fangs in Savannah.

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Home for the Holidays

 My short story, "The Last Christmas Visit," is included in the anthology Home for the Holidays.

Vampire Katarina thought she was drawn to the mortal who refused her gift of immortality 45 years ago, but on her “Last Christmas Visit,” she discovers the truth.

It's actually the first story in the Bitten by Love series and features Katarina and Justin, whose story is somewhat concluded in Bite Me, I'm Yours, Book 2 of the series.

Home for the Holidays is no longer available for sale, although you might find a used copy on Amazon.


Love's a BeachI have two short stories in the anthology Love's a Beach: "The Ferris Wheel" (Will riding the Ferris wheel be worse than admitting her fear? Violet must decide when the love of her life invites her along.) and "The Wish" (Paige makes several wishes on her fortieth birthday and they all include the hunk from the office: Mike. But will she be adventurous to see if any of them can come true?). No paranormal activities included, just some fun romances.

Love's a Beach may still be available for sale in digital and print at Amazon and Smashwords.


John Pennington's life will never be the same as the seductive Danielle targets him for a not-so-happily ever after.

This short story is the origin story of the main character from Bite Me, I'm Yours (book two in the Bitten by Love series). It's not a romance and there is no happy ending (you'll have to get that from the book!), but (warning!) there is a sex scene.

It's short (around 13 pages) and it's FREE. You can download a mobi or epub copy from my website HERE. It's also available at Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords.

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