Monday, August 31, 2015

Getting Ready for Dragon*Con

I can’t believe another Dragon*Con is almost here. This will be my sixth time attending and I’m starting to feel like a pro, now. Last year I got my picture taken with Karl Urban. This year I don’t plan on doing any kind of photo ops. They’re just too expensive and there really isn’t anyone there I want to spend that kind of money on.

Well, except maybe for John Barrowman. I’ve heard he’ll do almost anything you want in the picture (he’ll even surprise you). Still, it’s extravagant (gotta pay for the photo and then pay to get it signed) and I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

I leave on Wednesday, so I’ll still post my Wednesday Reads. I won’t post anything on Friday and Monday, though. I always say I’ll try, but I never do, so I’ll just say I won’t. That way I don’t have to hit myself for forgetting.

Last year I didn’t take many pictures at Dragon*Con. This year my hubby is going and he’s taking his camera. His main purpose is to take pictures. So if I slack off and don’t get many pictures again this year (which is a good possibility, knowing myself), I’ll just show you some of his. I’m sure they’ll be way better than anything I would take anyway.

I still have a lot of packing to do. Actually, I gotta figure out what it is I want to take. I probably should already know, but I’m the great procrastinator, remember? I always wait until the last minute.

So… Do you pack weeks in advance or wait until the day/night before you leave on an extended trip? I know one thing. I’ll only have three days after Dragon*Con to get ready for my cruise. Busy, busy, busy!

Happy Monday!


Friday, August 28, 2015

I Need a Title

I’m writing a novella featuring John and Sarah’s wedding (they’re the couple in Bite Me, I’m Yours). Actually, a lot of this story was written in my second book, Sarah’s Turn, but I ended up revising Bite Me so much, it made Sarah’s Turn obsolete. Still, it had this nice wedding scene (and another event) I wanted to keep.

Of course, now that I’m reading Sarah’s Turn, I see what utter crap it really is (okay, maybe not utter crap—just plain old crappy). My writing has improved tremendously since I wrote that story. I’d like to think I’m making Sarah’s Turn a whole bunch better (not just shorter).

However, I’m stuck with a title. I can’t use the title of Sarah’s Turn, because that event has already been revealed in Bite Me. I’m currently calling it Vampire Wedding, but it just doesn’t sound good enough. Someone suggested Dark Nuptials. I kind of like the Nuptials part, but it’s not really Dark. Although the wedding does take place in Vegas.

Perry is in this novella (I love writing him, he definitely keeps it from being dark), and there’s this bachelor party scene that includes an accidental ingestion of Viagra. I’m hoping I write it as funny as it is in my head.

I tell you, coming up with a short paranormal title for this novella is really frustrating me. Every time I think of an appropriate title, it sounds more contemporary than paranormal. If you have any suggestions, lay ’em on me. I could use all the help I can get.


Learned something recently about gift cards. We’ve had two incidences in two different restaurants, so I’m guessing it’s probably the same in all. So BEWARE:

If you run your gift card under $1.00, you’ll most likely lose whatever cents are left on it.

Even though we had the receipt showing we had 70 cents on the card, when the waitress ran it, the balance showed zero.

I know, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it was MY 70 cents! And they took it. It doesn’t seem right. Why would it drop? I can see it dropping if the card wasn’t used in a year or something, but this had only been a week. The thieves!

From now on we’ll make sure not to run our cards down to less than $1.00 (or at least give the money as part of a tip).

High School football starts here tonight. And yes, we’re going to the game even though our youngest graduated 12 years ago. Days are just flying by now. Flying by!!

So… Do you use gift cards? Have you ever noticed balances of less than $1.00 drop off?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Reads

My reading has slowed down, but I’m still four books ahead in reaching my reading goal. And I have a cruise coming up really soon (more reading!!). Here’s what I read this week:

Aug 23: “The Bourbon Kings” by J.R. Ward, first book of the series, a contemporary soap opera (for want of a better genre) at 418 pages. Blurb from book: For generations, the Bradford family has worn the mantle of kings of the bourbon capital of the world. Their sustained wealth as afforded them prestige and privilege—as well as a hard-won division of class on their sprawling estate, Easterly. Upstairs, a dynasty that by all appearances plays by the rules of good fortune and good taste. Downstairs, the staff who work tirelessly to maintain the impeccable Bradford façade. And never the twain hall meet. For Lizzie King, Easterly’s head gardener, crossing that divide nearly ruined her life. Falling in love with Tulane, the prodigal son of the bourbon dynasty, was nothing that she intended or wanted—and their bitter breakup only served to prove her instinct were right. Now, after two years proof staying away, Tulane is finally coming home again, and he is bringing the past with him. No one will be left unmarked: not Tulane’s beautiful and ruthless wife; not his older brother, whose bitterness and bad blood know no bounds; and especially not the ironfisted Bradford patriarch, a man with few morals, fewer scruples, and many, many terrible secrets. As family tensions—professional and intimately private—ignite, Easterly and all its inhabitants are thrown into the rip of an irrevocable transformation, and only the cunning will survive. While reading this book, I discovered that NBC has decided to create a television series based on this book. I don’t know if I’ll watch it or not. You see… this book started out slow. Waaaaaay slow. Half-way through, though, it picked up speed and I became invested. Will I read the next one? Possibly. But I doubt I buy the hardback. I’ll probably wait until it’s in a cheaper paperback. This isn’t one of those series where I’ll anxiously anticipate the next installment. But if you enjoyed Dallas or Falcon Crest or Dynasty, you’ll probably enjoy this book.

I can’t believe September is almost here. Which means Dragon*Con is almost here! Whoo hoo! I don’t plan on getting my picture taken with a celebrity this year, but I sure plan on having fun. And this time my hubby will be attending. Hope he survives it (sometimes I wonder).

So… have you taken a vacation this year yet or are you waiting until the kids go back to school? The kids have started here already (so early in my opinion, back when I was a kid, we didn’t go back to school until after Labor Day). I’m looking forward to our vacation, but I bet there will still be kids on that cruise. Just not as many. J

Happy Reading!


Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm a Rising Star!

I was notified by Kensington that I was a Rising Star for paranormal romances on iBooks. I had no idea what this meant until a friend on Facebook posted THIS.

Well, hell. Ghostly Liaison is listed FIRST! Color me shocked.

I know that Bookbub ad helped tremendously. That, and the fact it’s drawing lots of positive reviews. And boy, does that make me happy!

Maybe I do know how to write! J

On Saturday, the hubby and I went up to Chicago. Not for any particular reason. Just for fun. We used our freebie hotel, stayed at a place near the Midway Airport, which had free parking and a free shuttle to the airport, and thus the subway/train station. We walked all over and had dinner at Giordano’s. No, we didn’t get deep dish pizza (one of these days we’ll have to, I think), but their sandwiches are pretty awesome, too. At least mine was.

But man, I sure got a good workout. I wanted to stay at the Navy Pier until the fireworks show (at 10:15), but I just ran out of juice. Thankfully there was a FREE shuttle to the subway (I love these free things), so I didn’t have to walk anymore. Well, I had to walk, just not as far. J

My body is still trying to recover. We’ll see if I’m up to going to the fitness center in the morning.

Oh, and then on Sunday, we jaunted up to Wisconsin and bought a LOT of Kringles!!!! Are we crazy? Sure! But our freezer is full of some yummy Danish. And who knows when we’ll make it back up that way.

So… how was your weekend? Do anything fun?

Have a great Monday!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Minion Funny

For some reason Friday posts have gotten hard. Probably because I haven’t done anything all that interesting during the week.

Unless you consider writing interesting. Then I did a LOT of interesting stuff this week!

But I'm not willing to share what I'm writing yet. So here’s something I found that kind of describes me. And I thought it was funny.


Does it describe you, too?

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Reads (and reads and reads...)

I have to say… I absolutely LOVED binge reading! Here’s what I read this week (and it’s a longer list than last week!):

Aug 12: “The Golden Lily” by Richelle Mead, second book in the Bloodlines series, a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy at 417 pages. Blurb from book: Sydney would love to go to college, but instead she’s been sent into hiding at a posh boarding school in Palm Springs, California—tasked with protecting Moroi princess Jill Dragomir from assassins who want to throw the Moroi court into civil war. Formerly in disgrace, Sydney is now praised for her loyalty and obedience, and held up as the model of an exemplary Alchemist. But the closer she grows to Jill, Eddie, and especially Adrian, the more she finds herself questioning her age-old Alchemist beliefs, her idea of family, and the sense of what it means to truly belong. Her world becomes even more complicated when magical experiments show Sydney may hold the key to prevent becoming Strigoi—the fiercest vampires, the one who don’t die. But it’s her fear of being just that—special, magical, powerful—that scares her more than anything. Equally daunting is her new romance with Brayden, a cute, brainy guy who seems to be her match in every way. Yet, as perfect as he seems, Sydney finds herself being drawn to someone else—someone forbidden to her. When a shocking secret threatens to tear the vampire world apart, Sydney’s loyalties are suddenly tested more than ever before. She wonders how she’s supposed to strike a balance between the principles and dogmas she’s been taught, and what her instincts are now telling her. Should she trust the Alchemist—or her heart? Still enjoying the series. Adrian cracks me up.

Aug 13: “The Indigo Spell” by Richelle Mead, third book in the Bloodlines series, a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy at 401 pages. Blurb from book: In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core, she struggles to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do. Then she finally tracks down the elusive, enigmatic Marcus Finch—a former Alchemist who the organization denies exists, and who lives in shadows, on the run. With Marcus’s help, Sydney realizes that the group she’s been loyal to her whole life has been hiding the truth from her. Is it possible that her golden lily tattoo might have more power over her than she thinks? As she struggles to come to terms with what that might mean, Sydney is compelled to use her growing magical powers to track down an evil magic user who is targeting power young witches. Using magic goes against everything she always thought she believed, but she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her special blood—or else she might be next. Forging her own way is harder than Sydney ever dreamed. Maybe by turning off her brain—and following her heart—she’ll be able to finally figure out where she belongs. Just when you think everything is going their way… What an ending. And THIS is why I didn’t read these when they first came out. I must know what’s going to happen next…and I can! Still don’t like those cliff hangers, though.

Aug 14: “The Fiery Heart” by Richelle Mead, fourth book in the Bloodlines series, a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy at 420 pages Blurb from book: In The Indigo Spell, Sydney was torn between the Alchemist way of life and what her heart and gut were telling her to do. And in one breathtaking moment that Richelle Mead fans will never forget, she made a decision that shocked even her… But the struggle isn’t over for Sydney. As she navigates the aftermath of her life-changing decision, she still finds herself pulled in too many directions at once. Her sister Zoe has arrived, and while Sydney longs to grow closer to her, there’s still so much she must keep secret. Working with Marcus has changed the way she views the Alchemists, and Sydney must tread a careful path as she harnesses her profound magical ability to undermine the way of life she was raised to defend. Consumed by passion and vengeance, Sydney struggles to keep her secret life under wraps as the threat of exposure—and re-education—looms larger than ever. This book has Adrian's point of view--YAY! And another stupid cliff hanger--BOO! But I am loving this series. I'm sooooo hooked. However, I'm sooooo glad I decided to wait until all the books were out and treat this series as one humongous book. I don't have to wait to find out what's going to happen next. I can’t believe there are two more books, though. How much more can happen???

Aug 16: “Silver Shadows” by Richelle Mead, fifth book in the Bloodlines series, a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy at 380 pages. Blurb from book: In the Fiery Heart, Sydney risked everything to follow her guy, walking a dangerous line to keep her feelings hidden from the Alchemists. Now in the aftermath of an event that ripped their world apart, Sydney an Adrian struggle to pick up the pieces and find their way back to each other. But first, they have to survive. For Sydney, trapped and surrounded by adversaries, life becomes a daily struggle to hold on to her identity and the memories of those she loves. Meanwhile, Adrian clings to hope in the face of those who tell him Sydney is a lost cause, but the battle proves daunting as old demons and new temptations begin to seize hold of him…Their worst fears now a chilling reality, Sydney and Adrian face their darkest hour. I’m sure you’re not reading the blurbs, but I put them there anyway. And by the fifth book, I don’t want to spoil anything, either (in case you’re interested in reading this – and why wouldn’t you? This is a great series). However, this book WAS a bit slower than the others (at least in the beginning). I just wanted it to move on already! I wanted to kick Adrian’s ass!! Once he got his sh*t together, it started moving along quickly. All setting up for the big finale. No big cliffhanger in this one (at least not one making me scream Arrrgh!). Can’t wait to see how it all ends!

Aug 17: “The Ruby Circle” by Richelle Mead, sixth (and final) book in the Bloodlines series, a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy at 348 pages. Blurb from book: Their forbidden romance exposed, Sydney and Adrian find themselves facing the wrath of both the Alchemists and the Moroi in this electrifying conclusion. When the life of someone they both love is put on the line, Sydney risks everything to hunt down a deadly former nemesis. Meanwhile, she and Adrian become enmeshed in a puzzle that could hold the key to a shocking secret about spirit magic, a secret that could shake the entire Moroi world and alter their lives forever. Ahhh… this was such a good series. If I weren’t planning on binge reading, I would have seriously had trouble putting these books down. Glad I didn’t have that conflict! But now I’m sad it’s all over.

It really is kind of a let down once you finish reading a series. I miss those characters! They’re like friends. Ah, but now it’s time to get back to writing. Let’s see how fast I can get this novella written!

So… Have you ever read a book (or a series of books) where the characters felt real? Like they were your friends? Were you sad when it ended? Don’t you just love those kinds of books, though? I do!

Happy Reading!

Monday, August 17, 2015


There are times I love a good binge. Not with eating. That would be bad. Oh, I could totally do it (I have done it), but certainly wouldn’t feel well after. Good thing there are better (and healthier) ways to binge.

When I finished the revisions of Blind Temptation, I rewarded myself with watching the Twilight movies all in one day. That was fun. But it was my reward after revisions, not a first draft. So I wanted my reward for finishing the first draft of Ghostly Interlude to be a little more…extravagant. And what’s more extravagant than reading all six books of the Bloodlines series (by Richelle Mead)? This reward would definitely take more than one day.

But could I read the series in a week? Seems like I can! I should finish it up today. One week after I started. Best binge EVER! I haven’t felt this obsessed over characters in a long time. Of course, that probably has a lot to do with the books, too!

Downside with binge reading? Remembering to do OTHER stuff. You know, like write the Friday post to my blog. Oops! J

So… what was the last thing you binged on? Was it good or was it bad? So glad mine was good. Actually, it was awesome!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Reads and 100 LIKES!

This has been one awesome week so far. I finished the first draft of Ghostly Interlude AND I got my 100th like on Facebook! Yay! If you’d like to like my page, here is the URL:
Let’s see how long it takes to make it to 200!

Anyway, with my WIP finished, the reading binge has started. Here’s what I read this week (and it’s a long list!):

Aug 5: “Finders Keepers” by Stephen King, #2 in the Bill Hodges Trilogy, a suspense/thriller at 431 pages. Blurb from book: “Wake up, genius.” So begins King’s instantly riveting story about a vengeful reader. The genius is John Rothstein, an iconic author who created a famously beloved character, Jimmy Gold, but who hasn’t published a book for decades. Morris Bellamy is livid, not just beause Rothstein has stopped providing books, but because the nonconformist Jimmy Gold sold out for a career in advertising. Morris kills Rothstein and empties his safe of cash, yes, but the real treasure is a trove of notebooks containing at least one more Gold novel. Morris hides the money and the notebooks, and then he is locked away in a high-security prison for a different crime. Decades later, a young teen names Pete Saubers, whose father was injured in the Mr. Mercedes killings, finds the treasure, and now it is Pete and his family whom Bill Hodges, Holly Gibney, and Jerome Robinson must rescue from the ever-more deranged and vengeful Morris when he is released from prison after thirty-five years—and wants his money and his notebooks back. Wasn’t sure how this was the second book in the Bill Hodges trilogy, since Bill Hodges doesn’t even make an appearance until the middle of the book, but it all comes together after his appearance. Can a person really be that obsessed with books? I believed it! I had a hard time putting down this story. Only issue I had was the flip-flopping from past tense to present tense (don’t know if it was intentional, or what), but it was a very minor issue. Can’t wait to see what the finale is all about (although I can almost guess).

Aug 6: “Her Shirtless Gentleman” by M.Q. Barber, a contemporary romance at 163 pages. Blurb from Goodreads: After her marriage ends in betrayal, Eleanora Howard finds herself struggling to navigate the dating scene as a thirty-one-year-old divorcee. But feeling undesirable, and living alone in the house she once shared with her ex, is hardly the recipe for finding new love—until she meets Rob. He’s just the kind of charming, old-fashioned guy she needs—but he’s also eager for intimacy… After serving in the Air Force and getting a well-paid civilian career, Rob Vanderhoff planned to settle down with the right woman and raise a family. But at thirty-six, he’s still single and searching—until he meets Eleanora. She’s everything he wants. All he has to do is draw her out of her shell. Soon he’s taking her on high school-style dates, fanning the flames of her desire—and helping Nora re-discover the sexy, adventurous woman they both know she really is… While there are some sexy scenes in this book (and Rob is one hot-hot guy!), this isn’t an erotica like M.Q. Barber’s other books. No BDSM in sight. But it is just the kind of romance I love to read (making me feel all gooey inside) and it went much too fast (I might just have to re-read it!). I love M.Q. Barber’s books and she’s an automatic buy for me.

Aug 7: “SEAL My Destiny” by Sharon Hamilton, #6 in the SEAL Brotherhood series, an erotic romance novella at 87 pages. Blurb from book: Navy SEAL Luke Paulsen, on the verge of PTSD stemming from the death of his fiancée and a brutal tour overseas, knows he is damaged goods and unsuitable for relationships. While paying respects to a fallen comrade, he is unprepared for the chemical attraction he feels for the carefree dark-haired beauty playing in the surf one evening. Julie Christensen befriends the troubled SEAL, motivated by her yearning to sooth the young man’s troubled soul. Fueled by intense mutual desire, they succumb to one night of mind-numbing passion. Afterwards, he is unable to shed the memory of his lost love and disappears. When they meet again at a wedding that will forever bring their two families together, their passion and longing for one another forces them to confront their pasts in order to find a future together. There are two versions of this story. The novella (which I read) and a larger novel. The novella was a quick & sexy read. Julie’s plot line isn’t resolved, though and that kind of bummed me.

Aug 11: “Bloodlines” by Richelle Mead, first book in the Bloodlines series, a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy at 421 pages. Blurb from book: When Sydney is torn from her bed in the middle of the night, at first she thinks she’s still being punished for her complicated alliance with dhampir Rose Hathaway. But what unfolds is far worse. Jill Dragomir—the sister of Moroi /Queen Lissa Dragomir—is in mortal danger, and the Moroi must send her into hiding. To avoid a civil war, Sydney is called upon to act as Jill’s guardian and protector, posing as her roommate in the unlikeliest of places: a human boarding school in Palm Springs, California. The last thing Sydney wants is to be accused of sympathizing with vampires. And now she has to live with one. The Moroi court believe Jill and Sydney will be safe at Amberwood Prep but threats, distractions, and forbidden romance lurk both outside—and within—the school grounds. Now that they’re in hiding, the drama is only just beginning. I loved the Vampire Academy series, so when this series began, I knew I would eventually read it. I also knew each book would end in some kind of cliffhanger, so I told my daughter I wouldn’t start the first book until the last one was released. Then, when she brought over the entire series (there are six books), I knew I couldn’t read them until I finished writing Ghostly Interlude. And boy, was I right in that regard. I’m back in this world, eagerly turning each page. I can’t wait to dig into the next book. YA is not my “thing,” but I do love this world. And now it’s told through Sydney (instead of Rose). I like Sydney. And Adrian. And yes, there was a little bitty cliffhanger (not too bad—yet). Can’t wait to see what happens next!

My husband thinks I should only read one Bloodlines book then get back to work writing the novella I want to write. I think I deserve at least a week’s break. And since I’m in charge of ME, I win!

Doesn’t mean I won’t start on the novella. But why tell him? J

So… Do you give yourself rewards for finishing a project? What kind does it usually entail? Food? Event? Books?

Happy Reading!


Monday, August 10, 2015

I Finished!

I did it! I did it! I. DID. IT!!!

Yes, I finished the first draft of Ghostly Interlude. I still have a scene to fix (mainly the love scene—haha!), but the ending is written. The first draft is written! I’m so freakin’ happy I can hardly contain myself.

Last night the hubby and I went to see Cheap Trick and Peter Frampton in concert. Wow. That was one long concert. Started at 7pm (promptly, too!) with Cheap Trick. They played for almost 90 minutes. A short intermission to change the stage and then Peter Frampton came out and finished up around 10:30pm.

Probably just as well we didn’t walk. We would have gotten home really late. But the threat of rain kept us in our car. Of course, the rain never came. Turned out to be a lovely night.

I was impressed with the Rose Music Center. It opened new this year and I don’t believe there’s a bad seat in the house. I’ll definitely return to see another concert. I really like how it’s close to home!

Well, I don’t have much else in me to blog about. Feels like all I did this weekend was eat and write. Okay, and went to a concert. Still a very productive weekend. Writing-wise!

So… What are you jumping for joy about? There’s gotta be SOMETHING!

Have a great day!


Friday, August 7, 2015

The Ending is in Sight!!

That’s right! Yesterday I woke up with the ending of my book playing around in my head.

Yes! Hallelujah!

Before I headed to the fitness center, I made sure to write it all down (because that brain of mine can be a cruel organ, you know?).

I tell you, though, I was beginning to worry. Okay, maybe not beginning. I was way past beginning. I was worrying! Of course, I do this every time. I’ve always come through in the past, so I don’t know why I didn’t think I wouldn’t this time. But then, I think that all the time, too.

Don’t try to understand that, you’ll just give yourself a headache! J

I see me writing THE END very soon. And I just can’t tell you how WONDERFUL that day will be. This is the longest I’ve ever written a first draft. The LONGEST! Made me wonder if I’d lost the touch. So glad I didn’t. It just got sidetracked there for awhile.


I had a blast at Kings Island on Wednesday. Weather was great. Company was great. Crowds were low (they usually are on Wednesdays). Couldn’t ask for a better day.

Hubby didn’t want to ride all the roller coasters I wanted to, but he didn’t have a problem waiting, either, so I took advantage of his hospitality and finally rode one I’ve been wanting to ride since the ride opened: Firehawk. On this roller coaster you ride lying on your back for part and then hang staring at the ground for the other part. Oh, and this ride loops and twists. I think this was the first roller coaster I was actually afraid. I mean, there’s not THAT much holding me in the seat, and then to have ALL my weight (which I’m not a tiny person) on that restraint gave me a bit of a pause. Still, I survived and now I no longer have to wonder about that ride. I also don’t plan on riding it again.

Okay, maybe if I lost 50 pounds, I will. Haha! J

This Sunday the hubby and I will be going to our first, and most likely our only, concert of the year. I’ll let you know on Monday how Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick are. I hope they’re entertaining. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. Sometimes it’s amazing. The last time I was amazed was when we went to see Peter Noonan (of Herman Hermits). That man was crazy (in a fun, demented way).

So… What was the last concert you went to that left you amazed?

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Reads and Having Fun Today

I’m getting caught up in my reading AND getting closer to finishing my WIP. See, I can do both! Haha! Anyway, here’s what I read this week:

Jul 29: “Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell” by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham, #2 in the series, a mystery at 330 pages long. Blurb from book: The Neptune Grand has always been the seasie town’s ritziest hotel, despite the shady dealings and high-profile scandalsthat follow its elite guests. When a woman claims that she was brutally assaulted in one of its rooms, then smuggled out and left for dead by a staff member, the owners know that they have a potential powder keg on their hands. They turn to Veronica to disprove the woman’s story. But the case is a convoluted mess. The accused employee is no longer in the country; the security footage shows the woman entering the hotel, but there is not evidence that she ever left; and the victim is someone from Veronica’s past whohas no good reason to trust her. As Veronica works to fill in the missing pieces, the one thing that becomes clear is that a dangerous predator is still on the loose…and that he’s one step away from striking again. This is a fun series mainly because I loved (LOVED) the television series. It’s so fun to get back into these characters. Yeah, they’re all ten years older, but they’re the same, too. I love reading these and look forward to more (I hope there are more!).

Aug 1: “A Buckhorn Summer”/”Back to Buckhorn” by Lori Foster, two contemporary romance novellas in one book at 235 pages long. Blurb for “A Buckhorn Summer” from book: Lisa Sommerville’s wild one-night stand was completely out of character for the workaholic businesswoman. So when she arrives in Buckhorn, Kentucky to spend a summer rethinking her career, she’s stunned to find that Gray Neely has stepped out of her steamy memories and taken up residence in her hometown. What’s more, the laid-back ex-cop wants to pick up where they left off. Lisa has been on Gray’s mind every day since that mind-blowing encounter. He was reeling from a tragedy in the line of duty, and their connection was instant and intense. Still is. But sleepy Buckhorn is a million miles from her corporate world. And he has one sweet, hot summer to prove they have a future there, together. Blurb for “Back to Buckhorn” from Goodreads: For odd-girl-out Zoey Hodge, the best thing about Buckhorn, Kentucky, was leaving it behind. And now she’s back—at least until she can nurse her mother back to health and hightail it out of there anew. But there’s one person she doesn’t mind seeing again. Garrett Hudson was one of the few who was always kind to her. Now he’s a firefighter—still one of the good guys, but with a sexy alpha charm that’s tempting her inner bad girl. In school, Zoey was smart, witty and unafraid to be herself. Garrett fell hard back then, and he’s falling even faster now. As far as he’s concerned, there are all kinds of reasons Zoey should stick around. Her pet grooming business. Her mom. And the chance for him to prove that he can be her real-life hero in every way that matters… Short, sexy romances with some hot, hot fellas! How can you NOT fall in love with them? It's hard, let me tell you. I really like Lori Foster and I bought this benefit book at the Reader Author Get Together where all the proceeds were donated to the Animal Adoption Foundation of Hamilton, Ohio. Double win—for me and the animals! J

I won’t be getting much reading OR writing done today. The hubby and I are going to go have some fun at Kings Island. He got free tickets and the weather looks to be fantastic!

I also see some blueberry ice cream in my future! Mmmmm.

So… Have you ever been to Kings Island? My first trip there was in 1984, before we ever thought about living in the area. I’ve always loved amusement parks (and roller coasters).

Happy Reading!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Castle Made Me Do It

I had been watching an older episode of “Castle” and this movie was mentioned several times within the episode. A movie that was considered a classic sci-fi flick. That movie was “Forbidden Planet.” Okay, that intrigued me. Especially when I discovered it was a REAL movie.


So I bought the DVD.

Guess what I watched last night? We didn’t think there would be many special features, either. Boy, were we wrong. We’re still not finished watching them.

But man, what a great movie.

I loved seeing the influences to “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.” Probably “Lost in Space,” too. I’m sure Robby the Robot was an influence for the Robot on that show (I loved that robot!).

I’m glad I bought the movie. And to think I owe it all to “Castle.”

I hope to finish watching those special features tonight.

Can’t totally blame the movie for this short post, but I will. J

So… Have you ever seen this movie? What did you think of it?