Friday, July 5, 2024

Finished Reading “Fangs Deep” and a Lot is Happening

It’s been awhile since my last post. And while I trudged through my reading (which I should have finished well before now), lots of stuff have been happening.

First, that BookBub listing. I think it was a bust. I haven’t even made back half the cost. Oh, I sold books (yay), but not the amount I thought would happen. Oh well…

Next, and the biggest: My hubby had a stent put in. On June 24, he went walking (like he usually does in the summer) for about 6 miles. It was a hot and humid day and he felt tightness in his chest and down his arm. I asked if he wanted me to take him to the emergency room. He said he sat and rested and felt fine. Didn’t think he needed to go. I shouldn’t have listened to him. On Wed, Jun 26, he went walking again. Couldn’t even make it 1/3 of a mile before the tightness returned. Drove home and said he was going to the emergency room. I told him I would drive him. Would you believe he said that I didn’t need to if I didn’t want to? Sheesh!

The base ER couldn’t help him since they didn’t have the equipment for cardiology patients, but the tests they ran indicated something was wrong and they weren’t letting him go. So he was transferred to Miami Valley South where they did a heart cath the following morning. His large artery (the artery they call the “widow maker”) was 80% blocked. They inserted a stent, but apparently he has more blockage. They put him on different medication for his cholesterol and hope it will fix the rest. So we’re basically on a “wait and see” regiment. Scary stuff! But at least he feels fine now and hasn’t had any symptoms since the stent. Of course, he hasn’t really walked all that far since then, either. I’m gonna get him out there tomorrow (when it won’t be as hot and humid as it has been).

At least I did get some GOOD news. I had my CT scan on the first. They called me on the second and told me that it appears the spot was just some kind of infection in my lung and not cancer since it’s getting better (smaller).  Whew!

Here’s what I read since my last update:

Book 19 (adding Ghostly Protector as read in Goodreads jumped my number up, which is fair. I did read it…numerous times!)

Dates read: June 24 – July 5, 2024
Title: Fangs Deep
Year of publication: 2023
Author: Molly Burkhart
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Pain in the Neck Trilogy #3
# of Pages: 255
Paper or plastic: Trade paperback
How obtained: Purchased from author at a convention
Blurb from book: When Linnie Rogers moves in with the vampires wooing her, she feels completely adrift from her old life. She wades into uncharted waters without map or compass, trusting that her new roommates will keep up their end of the bargain. Her growing feelings for them only make her less sure of herself and the situation.
    However, as the guys slowly woo her with good food, pajama movie nights, and cuddly snuggles, she warms to the idea of learning to love them. Even with the cat hiding in the bathroom any time a vampire is near, Linnie doesn’t fight her growing fondness. This is the rest of her life, after all, and the guys each make a compelling case for her affections with art, music, and a truly epic Dungeon’s & Dragons campaign.
    Just as she overcomes her past and gives into her desire, disaster strikes. Linnie is whisked away from her lovers and thrust into a dangerous tussle between evils for her life and the lives of her beloved vampires. It seems that no matter who wins, Linnie will lose.
    Can she fight the evil threatening to overwhelm everything she’s built for herself, or is she doomed to a life of blood servitude?
Recommend: Maybe
My thoughts:
This is the last book in the trilogy. It took a LOOOONNNNG time getting to anything exciting. There wasn’t really any conflict between the four of them (three vampires and her). Yes, the sexy scenes were sexy, but the rest was just…blah. This trilogy could have been cut and combined into one book that would have been more interesting to read. I slugged through this one, but then it wasn’t the kind of book I normally read. I saw “vampire” and was intrigued. I’m just sorry it let me down.

Yesterday I emptied two bookcases so they could be moved to another room. They were completely filled and I forgot I had some of those books. Now I want to re-read some of them. I might just start pulling one of them a month or so to read. Just have to figure out which one to start with. Decisions, decisions.

Happy Reading!


Monday, June 24, 2024

Finished Reading “Bite Me Twice” and a Book Bub feature

So… Ghostly Protector is now available for sale. Sales have been lack luster, but then I haven’t really advertised anywhere…yet. I got lucky and it was selected for a Book Bub New Releases for Less. The book will be in their July 2nd issue and will go out to 530,000 email addresses. Whoo hoo! Here’s hoping I didn’t waste my money.

Here’s what I read since my last update:

Book 17

Dates read: June 11-24, 2024
Title: Bite Me Twice
Year of publication: 2023
Author: Molly Burkhart
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Pain in the Neck Trilogy #2
# of Pages: 255
Paper or plastic: Trade paperback
How obtained: Purchased from author at a convention
Blurb from book: When Linnie Rogers agrees to move in with three vampires and be their safe food source during the scourge of the Wicked Thicks, she thinks she knows what she’s getting into. It’s an even trade—a pampered life for occasional sips of her untainted blood.
    She doesn’t expect her life to become more complicated instead of less so. She has to be even more careful to prevent COVID to keep up her end of the bargain. Her beloved cat absolutely loathes the vampires.
    But the developing feelings are the real complication—their feelings for her and hers for them. She’s not sure what scares her more: the shadowy mist monster waiting to pounce or a serious case of the likes for her soon-to-be-roommates.
    When a COVID scare at work forces her hand, Linnie must resign herself to either saying an immediate goodbye to her independent lifestyle or signing on with the conspiracy theorist leaving notes on her desk. Will she choose the vampires or place her bet on the Wicked Thicks?
Recommend: Maybe (we’ll see how I feel after reading book 3)
My thoughts:
Again, it says “to be continued” at the end. And I’m still waiting on the love story. I’m really thinking these three books could have easily been combined into one.

I’m still having issues with uploading Ghostly Protector to Ingram Spark (which was probably a good thing since I needed to upload to Amazon first to be able to use the same ISBN in both places), so the only place you can get a paperback is through Amazon (I do not have it in extended distribution with them). Eventually I’ll get it straightened out, but while I was ready to pull my hair our because I needed books for the book convention I’m going to in July (and well before I uploaded the book to Amazon), I remembered I could order them through Lulu press (without an ISBN). On June 13th I got my order delivered. Whew! I’m all set for Savannah now.

This publishing thing is not easy on the brain. I really need to create a checklist for next time.

Happy Reading!


Friday, June 21, 2024

It's Release Day for Ghostly Protector!

Ghostly Protector is live! It's been a long time coming, but the day is finally here. 

He finally found his long-lost love, but will he have to arrest her for murder?

Adam Fox is a detective with the Chicago Police Department. He’s solved every murder case assigned to him, with a little help from the newly departed. No one on the force knows he can communicate with ghosts and he wants to keep it that way. His latest case brings him face-to-face with his teenage love—and the murder victim’s roommate—Evie. He’s more than ready to close this case and rekindle what he lost, but for one minor technicality: the ghost doesn’t know how he died.

Evelyn Harper can’t believe her eyes when she opens her door to Adam. She never forgot their brief encounter and regretted they didn’t exchange last names and phone numbers before she was urgently pulled away. Now he’s in front of her, telling her that her roommate was murdered. If that wasn’t bad enough, signs indicate she’s the guilty party. How can she prove her innocence before she’s arrested for the crime?

Adam has dreamed about Evie ever since that summer night eleven years ago. He’s not willing to let her go again and will do all he can to prove she’s not guilty. But the ghost is also in love with her, mad that she’s implicated, and won’t move on until she’s safe. And when the ghost is mad, the building can shake. How can Adam clear Evie and help the ghost move on before disaster strikes?

The ebook is available at these fine establishments. Still working on getting print out there.


Barnes & Noble:





You have my permission to share this with everyone!


Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Finished Reading “Pain in the Neck” and Frustrations

It’s been a rough week. Well, two weeks. And it all started with thinking I would easily publish Ghostly Protector.

Easily. Hah!

First, it was the delay from my copy editor (who happens to be my daughter). I knew WHY she had delays, but that didn’t make me feel any better. I had deadlines. Well, one deadline: July 16. That’s the day I leave for a book convention, and I really want to take new books with me.

I ended up getting the edited copy while we were on our vacation to see National Parks. But I wasn’t going to publish it while I was on unsecure internets (hotels), so I waited until we returned to my mother’s place. I got what I needed to get done and gave it to my formatter (who happens to be Hubby).

I just needed the print version done so I could order books. And I needed him to format it so I could give the print cover template to my cover artist. His first attempt at formatting it (and to be fair, he was using a computer that he never formatted on before—all that equipment was back home) failed. Most of the italics didn’t come over. A second try did succeed, but man, the waiting was torture!

I went to Ingram Spark and created the template. Sent it to my cover artist. Sent a Facebook Message to her to check her email.

Did I tell you my cover artist lives near Dallas? A tornado had come through her area and took out the internet tower. She had no access to the internet or her email.

By this time, I almost expected this delay. I mean, if something could go wrong with this book, it was going to go wrong.

We got home on May 28 (after a frustrating flying experience). She got her internet back on May 31. However, her email (which I have used NUMEROUS TIMES) went into my spam folder. SPAM!! She’s in my freakin’ CONTACT LIST!! I didn’t see it until June 3 (after I saw her post something on Facebook).

But I got it. That was what mattered. I went back to Ingram Spark and entered the ISBN and imprint names (just like I did with the other 8 paperbacks I have). Well… apparently, they changed their system. I got error messages saying that the ISBN belongs to Mythical Press and that I couldn’t select Mythical Press as my imprint and had to choose another.

I am STILL trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to do with Ingram Spark. But… I remembered I could print books with Lulu Press. So I went over there and uploaded the book and cover.

And wouldn’t you believe it, they didn’t like my Ingram Spark dimensions! So I had to send another template to my cover artist and she was able to give me another cover. The books are ordered and on their way, but… Yeah, but. Who knows what will happen next? I won’t breathe easy until they're in my possession.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, I got the results of my last CT scan (taken May 31) on June 6.

Another spot. Another freakin’ spot! Will get another scan on July 1 to see what’s going on.

Oh, and on Saturday morning, I noticed the freezer door was open. I checked it. Everything in there was warm. Ugh!!! Hubby hadn't closed it completely when he got his ice cream bar on Friday night. There was sooooo much food in there. What a waste.

So yeah, I have frustrations out the yin-yang. I’m thinking my planets or stars are not aligned favorably. I sure hope they move soon!

Here’s what I read since my last update:

Book 16

Dates read: May 31 – June 10, 2024
Title: Pain in the Neck
Year of publication: 2023
Author: Molly Burkhart
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Pain in the Neck Trilogy #1
# of Pages: 164
Paper or plastic: Trade paperback
How obtained: Purchased from author at a convention
Blurb from book: Madeline Rogers is happiest when she’s invisible. She’s a quiet person with a quiet life—a job, her cat, and her books. Unfortunately, now that everyone’s back in the office after the worst of COVID has passed, someone is watching Linnie, turning her quiet life into a loud nightmare.
    The spiral gets steeper when she’s waylaid on the street by a force that can only be supernatural and is rescued by…her stalkers. In the age of COVID, never getting the disease makes her irresistible to a specific group of people: vampires. The illness kills them instantly, making most of humanity toxic.
    Both her attacker and her stalkers are vampires, the attacker older and more powerful by far. They all want her, and they’ll do anything to win her over as their safe food source for the foreseeable future. To keep her locked safely away from the plague of the twenty-first century.
    Linnie must walk a fine line between her independence and her safety as the vampires circle her, drawn ever closer by the purity of her blood. Will she choose a side, or is there a way for her to be completely free.
Recommend: Maybe (we’ll see how I feel after reading book 3)
My thoughts:
This claims to be a vampire love story. There’s no love story in book 1. But there is a “to be continued…” at the end. At least I bought all three books at the convention. Still… while it’s an interesting premise, this was a very slow start to the series and I’m wondering if it could have all been in one book. Guess I’ll find out soon.

Hope you’re not melting this week. We’re supposed to get up into the 90s by the end of this week, but I know a lot of people will have it worse than we do. Welcome to summer, right?

Happy Reading!


Thursday, May 30, 2024

Finished Reading “Charmed by the Past” and I’m Back Home

I am so glad to be back home. Twenty-four days away was just a bit much. And then the flight home was…torture!

Went to bed Monday night thinking our flight would leave at 12:30pm on Tuesday. A text went off on my phone around midnight informing us that our departure had changed to 1:06pm. There were storms in Dallas which were causing problems (mainly, the plane from Dallas couldn’t leave on time to Santa Barbara). The change was a little problematic, as it really cut short our layover in Dallas. Then I get another text at 6am saying the flight was changed to 2:15. Now we were missing our connecting flight.

I called American Airlines and was able to get a flight out of Santa Barbara at 9:56am (so much for thinking I had a leisurely morning!), but we wouldn’t be going to Dayton. We would be arriving in Cincinnati at 10:30pm via Phoenix with a 4-hour layover. That was doable. I changed our flight (at least there was not a cost to us).

We got to Phoenix. That flight to Cincinnati was also being delayed. First it was leaving at 3:30. Then 4:30. Then 6:30. I told Hubby that I felt like I was at the supermarket when I was asked whether I wanted to fly to Cincinnati or Columbus and of course I picked the wrong line! So we went and stood in line at customer service to see if we could get on that Columbus flight.

We could! Whew! And still no cost to us. Yay!

So instead of arriving in Cincinnati at 2am (if that flight even went), we arrived in Columbus at 10:17pm. Much better. And our luggage followed us there, too. Miracle!!

Here’s what I read since my last update:

Book 15

Dates read: May 24 – 30, 2024
Title: Charmed by the Past
Year of publication: 2021
Author: Aimee Robinson
Genre: Time travel romance
Series: Spirits Through Time #1
# of Pages: 255
Paper or plastic: Nook
How obtained: Freebie from B&N
Blurb from Goodreads: She’s researching her family’s genealogy, but she never expected to become history herself.
Sarah Johansson is planning a family reunion when a photo of a little-known relative sparks her curiosity. A closer look at the post-World War I image causes her to tumble back in time to 1919 and into the hospital room of a brooding, wounded infantry corporal.
    Jacob Bellamy is done with war and everything it involves. After risking his life in the trenches, he hopes to finally find peace by retiring to his family’s farm. But when the war’s toll strikes too close to home and lands him in a hospital bed, the last thing he’s prepared for is the beautiful, mysterious woman who barges into his room and demands help—or the long-dead feelings she stirs inside him.
    As Sarah tries to unravel clues about her family’s history, her attraction toward the sexy Army veteran only grows. But her time in the past is growing short, and when an old wartime enemy of Jacob’s sets his sights on the blond beauty, Jacob will stop at nothing to keep her safe...even if it means losing her for good.
Recommend: Maybe
My thoughts:
I had issues with this story. Only one scene from the ghost. Why have it if his appearance is not explained at all? And there were other issues with having someone from today being transported back 103 years. I just don’t know if I want to read the next book in this series (which I also got free), especially when I see WHO it’s about. He’s the villain in this book and I think he should remain that way. What he did could not be redeemed. But… if you like time travel romances, you might not have the same issues I did. And I did like Sarah and Jacob.

I was reading a book of short stories, all about different kinds of vampires, but as I was slogging through that, I realized I needed something fun to read, so I switched. Yeah, I read that much quicker. Don’t know if I’ll go back to the short stories. I’m not a huge fan of my new Nook anyway.

Happy Reading!