What I've Read in 2019

I did well last year. Had a goal of 50 books and read 57. But now I'm back to walking on the treadmill and taking the time to read MORE, so I've upped my goal to a whopping 90 books this year! Wish me luck!!

1. "Day Shift" by Charlaine Harris (2015). 362 pages. Finished 1/2/19. Urban Fantasy. Midnight, Texas #2. Not as much fun as the Sookie Stackhouse books (although some characters from that series do pop up in this book), but it was enjoyable.
2. "Night Shift" by Charlaine Harris (2016). 385 pages. Finished 1/7/19. Urban Fantasy. Midnight, Texas #3. Sorry to see this is the end of the trilogy. I would have liked to have read more.
3. "Driving Heat" by Richard Castle (2015). 329 pages. Finished 1/15/19. Crime drama. Nikki Heat #7. Entertaining read of characters I like, but the head hopping was a little annoying.
4. "High Heat" by Richard Castle (2016). 296 pages. Finished 1/20/19. Crime drama. Nikki Heat #8. Better than the last book, but left me hanging. Ugh.

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