What I've Read in 2016

I've set my goal to 93 books (one more than I read last year). Keeping my fingers crossed that I succeed.

On Oct 13, I changed my goal to 65. There was no way I was going to make it to 93. NO. WAY.
On Nov 21, I reached my adjusted goal. Now, let's see how many more I can get read. :)

1. "Fatal Secrets" by Allison Brennan (finished 1/5/16). 428 pages. A romantic suspense. 2nd book in the FBI Trilogy. Dean Hooper and Sonia Knight's story. A great romance and lots of suspense. What's not to love?
2. "Cutting Edge" by Allison Brennan (finished 1/10/16). 405 pages. A romantic suspense. 3rd book in the FBI Trilogy. Duke Rogan and Nora English's story. Suspense and romance... I'm such a junkie!
3. "Reflected in You" by Sylvia Day (finished 1/13/16). 338 pages. An erotica. 2nd book in the Crossfire series. These characters are seriously messed up, but I'm hooked to see how it will all work out. Ordered the next two in the series.
4. "Maximum Exposure" by Allison Brennan (finished 1/16/16). 83 pages. A mystery (novella). #0.5 in the Maxine Revere series. Good start to a series I plan on reading. Now. :)
5. "The Dirt on Ninth Grave" by Darynda Jones (finished 1/19/16). 326 pages. An urban fantasy. 9th book in the Charley Davidson series. Charley with amnesia? Loved it. Also loved seeing her fall in love with Reyes again. Wonderful!
6. "Carry Her Heart" by Holly Jacobs (finished 1/21/16). 209 pages. Women's fiction with romantic elements.
7. "In Good Company" by Jen Turano (finished 1/25/16). 347 pages. An historical romance. Enjoyable read.
8. "Her Enemy Highlander" by Nicole Locke (finished 1/27/16). 363 pages. An historical romance.
9. "A Moment to Dance" by Jennifer Faye (finished 1/29/16). 285 pages. A contemporary romance.
10. "The Airman's E-mail Order Bride" by Cora Seton (finished 1/31/16). 273 pages. A contemporary romance. Lighthearted and fun read.

11. "Hard to Let Go" by Laura Kaye (finished 2/3/16). 363 pages. A romantic suspense. Final book in the Hard Ink series. Beckett and Kat's story. Awesome finish to a wonderful series.
12. "Come When Called" by Piper Trace (finished 2/6/16). 410 pages. An erotica. This is actually seven smaller stories all put into one book.
13. "Witchlight" by Sonya Clark (finished 2/14/16). 240 pages. A paranormal romance. 2nd book in the Magic Born series. Vadim & Lizzie's story. Got a little bogged down in places, but I still enjoyed it.
14. "Ashley Bell" by Dean Koontz (finished 2/19/16). 560 pages. A paranormal thriller. Loved the twist in the middle. Kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next!
15. "Sweet Revenge" by Rebecca Zanetti (finished 2/24/16). 341 pages. A romantic suspense. 2nd book in the Sin Brothers series. Matt & Laney's story. Whoo hoo! Thoroughly entertaining. I waited too long to get back into this series.
16. "Blind Faith" by Rebecca Zanetti (finished 2/27/16). 368 pages. A romantic suspense. 3rd book in the Sin Brothers series. Nate & Audrey's story. Awesome. Hated to put it down.

17. "Total Surrender" by Rebecca Zanetti (finished 3/1/16). 353 pages. A romantic suspense. 4th and final book in the Sin Brothers series. Jory & Piper's story. Great ending to a great series.
18. "Finding Their Balance" by M.Q. Barber (finished 3/7/16). 322 pages. An erotica. 5th book in the Neighborly Affection series. So nice to be back in Alice, Henry, and Jay's world. Lots of steamy sex, too.
19. "Hard to be Good" by Laura Kaye (finished 3/8/16). 131 pages. A contemporary romance novella. #3.5 in the Hard Ink series. Jeremy and Charlie's story (m/m). Nice, short, sexy, story.
20. "Runaway Vampire" by Lynsay Sands (finished 3/13/16). 349 pages. A paranormal romance. 23rd book in the Argeneau Vampire series. Dante and Mary's story. Still loving this series.
21. "Entwined with You" by Sylvia Day (finished 3/19/16). 356 pages. An erotica. 3rd book in the Crossfire series. Loving the path to find out how this all ends. Only two more books to go.
22. "Captivated by You" by Sylvia Day (finished 3/20/16). 356 pages. An erotica. 4th book in the Crossfire series. So happy to see Gideon's point of view. He and Eva are still way messed up, though. Can't wait to see how it all ends.
23. "Wish in One Hand" by B.E. Sanderson (finished 3/24/16). 282 pages. An urban fantasy. 1st book in the Once Upon a Djinn series. Entertaining story.
24. "Time's Best Friend" by Jennette Marie Powell (finished 3/29/16). 343 pages. A romantic time-travel adventure. 3rd book in the Saturn Society series. I really enjoyed this, in fact I think it's the best in the series (so far).

25. "The Unleashed" by Brett Battles (finished 4/1/16). 289 pages. A suspense/thriller. 10th book in the Jonathan Quinn series. Really suspenseful (as is the whole series). Surprise ending (sniff, sniff). Already know what the next book will be about. Hope it comes out soon.
26. "Wallbanger" by Alice Clayton (finished 4/5/16). 365 pages. A humorous contemporary romance. Funny book. Texting scenes hilarious. Clive the cat was awesome. Glad I read it.
27. "Dragon's Redemption" by Eden Ashe (finished 4/12/16). 212 pages. A paranormal romance. 2nd book in the Dragon Lore series. Interesting story but it lacked something.
28. "One With You" by Sylvia Day (finished 4/14/16). 462 pages. An erotica (sort of). 5th and final book in Crossfire series. Eva and Gideon's story kept me riveted. I really enjoyed this crazy series.
29. "Midnight Rising" by Lara Adrian (finished 4/19/16). 356 pages. A paranormal romance. 4th book in the Midnight Breed series. Rio and Dylan's story. Vampires? Check. Romance? Double-check. Very enjoyable series.
30. "The Beast" by J.R. Ward (finished 4/24/16). 508 pages. A paranormal romance. 14th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Rhage and Mary's revisit. This book brought me joy and happiness. That is all. :)
31. "Veil of Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 4/28/16). 355 pages. A paranormal romance. 5th book in the Midnight Breed series. Nikolai and Renata's story. Loving the heck out of this series.

32. "The Saints of the Lost and Found" by T.M. Causey (finished 5/3/16). 297 pages. A paranormal mystery/suspense. A riveting suspense with lots of twists and turns. I really enjoyed the heck out of this one.
33. "Ashes of Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 5/9/16). 353 pages. A paranormal romance. 6th book in the Midnight Breed series. Andreas and Claire's story. Another goodie. Full of suspense.
34. "Dead Ice" by Laurell K. Hamilton (finished 5/23/16). 560 pages. An urban fantasy. 24th book in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. Lots of stuff (people, cases, family drama) packed into a basically 24-hour period. Sometimes a little wordy, but I expect that by now. I still enjoy the series.
35. "Shades of Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 5/31/16). 383 pages. A paranormal romance. 7th book in the Midnight Breed series. Kade and Alexandra's story. Loved reading about the Alaskan wilderness. Took me back in time. Oh, and I loved Kade & Alex, too! :)

36. "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson (finished 6/3/16). 170 pages. A horror novella. I've seen the movie, but didn't know it was based on a book (novella) until just recently. I like the book better.
37. "Taken By Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 6/16/16). 370 pages. A paranormal romance. 8th book in the Midnight Breed series. Brock and Jenna's story. Curious to see how the over-arching story will end. Great series!
38. "Accidentally in Love With the Biker" by Teri Anne Stanley (finished 6/23/16). 165 pages. A contemporary romance. Part of the A What Happens in Vegas Story series. Cute story. Hot biker, sexy scenes and humor to boot.

39. "Deeper Than Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 7/3/16). 387 pages. A paranormal romance. 9th book in the Midnight Breed series. Hunter and Corinne's story. Had a bit of an abrupt ending, but it's all set up for the next book, I'm sure. Still loving the series.
40. "The Curse of Tenth Grave" by Darynda Jones (finished 7/9/16). 342 pages. An urban fantasy. 10th book in the Charley Davidson series. I can't get enough of this series. If the next book was out, I'd be reading it next. I want MORE!
41. "Darker After Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 7/19/16). 360 pages. A paranormal romance. 10th book in the Midnight Breed series. Chase and Tavia's story. Feels like the end of the series, but it's not. Enjoyable read. Lots of romance and suspense along with vampires!
42. "A Taste of Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 7/20/16). 80 pages. A paranormal romance novella. #9.5 in the Midnight Breed series. Mal and Danika's story. Wish I read this before #10 (although I didn't need to), but didn't know about it until too late. Good, quick read, with plenty of suspense.
43. "Don't Tempt Me" by Lori Foster (finished 7/25/16). 330 pages. A contemporary romance. Two romances in one book (Honor & Jason; Lexie & Sullivan). Very enjoyable read. Sure made walking on the treadmill fun!
44. "Edge of Dawn" by Lara Adrian (finished 7/30/16). 368 pages. A paranormal romance. 11th book in the Midnight Breed series. Kellan and Mira's story. Zipped twenty years into the future. Lots of new twists and turns. I like it!

45. "End of Watch" by Stephen King (finished 8/14/16). 429 pages. A thriller. 3rd book in the Bill Hodges trilogy. Bittersweet, but a good story.
46. "Crave the Night" by Lara Adrian (finished 8/27/16). 354 pages. A paranormal romance. 12th book in the Midnight Breed series. Nathan and Jordana's story. Thoroughly entertained and still loving the series.
47. "Charming the Professor" by Donna MacMeans (finished 8/31/16). 196 pages. A time-travel romance. Book 1 in the Charm Gates Time-Travel series. Grant and Maddie's story. Time-travel or frozen? I'm still debating. Maybe the next book will explain more. Very enjoyable read and not easy to put down.

48. "An Accidental Gentleman" by M.Q. Barber (finished 9/3/16). 166 pages. An erotica romance. 2nd book in the Gentleman series. Brian and Kit's story. Not a lot of sex, but what is there is HOT! Thoroughly entertained me.
49 "The Siren's Dance" by Amber Belldene (finished 9/8/16). 208 pages. A paranormal romance. 2nd book in the Siren Romance series. Sergey and Anya's story. An unusual setting (Ukraine) and unusual ghost (vila) made for one enjoyable read. Oh, and there's some sexy parts, too!
50. "Bound to Darkness" by Lara Adrian (finished 9/15/16). 298 pages. A paranormal romance. 13th book in the Midnight Breed series. Rune and Carys's story. Lots of action and suspense. Love how this series hasn't become boring. Give me more!
51. "Bite Somebody" by Sara Dobie Bauer (finished 9/22/16). 253 pages. A paranormal romance. Written in 3rd person, but only Celia's POV. Then again, Ian isn't what I'd call "hero" material. Still, a cute and funny read.
52. "Hard Ever After" by Laura Kaye (finished 9/25/16). 126 pages. A contemporary romance. #4.6 in the Hard Ink series. Revisiting Nick and Becca (and the rest of the gang). Fun story. Loved getting back into this world.
53. "Immortal Nights" by Lynsay Sands (finished 9/29/16). 346 pages. A paranormal romance. #24 in the Argeneau Vampire series. Tomasso and Abigail's story. I get sucked into these stories right off the bat every time. So good. So funny. Just plain fun to read!

54. "The Vampire's Mail Order Bride" by Kristen Painter (finished 10/3/16). 212 pages. A paranormal romance. #1 in the Nocturne Falls series. Hugh and Delaney's story. Very fun read. I have a feeling I'm following a new-to-me author!
55. "All I Need" by Eden Ashe (finished 10/3/16). 48 pages. An erotica/paranormal/romance. A fun and sexy read, but much too short. I would have liked more. More detail regarding the character's motivations. More time with the characters, period.
56. "Relax, I'm a Ninja" by Natalie Whipple (finished 10/6/16). 338 pages. A paranormal YA novel. First in the Ninja series. It's a YA, but not angsty. A good mystery and lots of action. Fun to read!
57. "Trust Me, I'm a Ninja" by Natalie Whipple (finished 10/13/16). 351 pages. A paranormal YA novel. Second in the Ninja series. Such an entertaining series. Digging into book 3 next.
58. "Back Off, I'm a Ninja" by Natalie Whipple (finished 10/14/16). 321 pages. A paranormal YA novel. Third (and final) book in the Ninja series. Lots of action and a fitting end. Good series.
59. "A Spirited Love" by Gemma Brocato (finished 10/17/16). 93 pages. A contemporary romance novella. #4.2 in the Five Senses series. Re-visiting Jack and Jem. Cute story. Meant for readers of the series.
60. "Race the Darkness" by Abbie Roads (finished 10/22/16). 332 pages. A romantic suspense. First book in the Fatal Dreams series. Xander and Isleen's story. Wasn't expecting the paranormal aspect (or "woo-woo") and LOVED it! Fun reading.
61. "Defy the Darkness" by Lara Adrian (finished 10/25/16). 286 pages. A paranormal romance. 14th book in the Midnight Breed series. Zael and Brynne's story. I'm still engrossed in this series. A wonderful romance.

62. "You Belong to Me" by Karen Rose (finished 11/2/16). 494 pages. A romantic suspense. #1 in the Baltimore series. J.D. and Lucy's story. Wow. What a ride. Found a new author to follow.
63. "Pairing Off" by Elizabeth Harmon (finished 11/7/16). 380 pages. A contemporary romance. Anton and Carrie's story. Ice skating, Russia, love, it was an enjoyable read.
64. "Closer Than You Think" by Karen Rose (finished 11/10/16). 678 pages. A romantic suspense. #1 in the Cincinnati series. Deacon and Faith's story. Lots of twists and turns. I couldn't figure out who did it until the very end. Good read!
65. "The Lost Girls" by Allison Brennan (finished 11/21/16). 439 pages. A suspenseful crime drama. #11 in the Lucy Kincaid series. I love Lucy and Sean and can't wait to read the next book. This series hasn't gotten old one bit.
66. "The Chemist" by Stephenie Meyer (finished 11/25/16). 518 pages. A thriller with romantic elements. The characters stayed with me long after I had to put the book down. Very entertaining read.
67. "Switching Hour" by Robyn Peterman (finished 11/29/16). 116 pages. A paranormal comedy novella. Didn't much care for the main character.

68. "Risking the Vine" by Gemma Brocato (finished 12/6/16). 240 pages. A contemporary romance. First book in the series. Luke and Jacqui's story. Nice romance with some sexy scenes.
69. "Stowaway" by Becky Barker (finished 12/11/16). 609 digital pages. A romantic suspense. Light on the suspense, but the romance made up for that. Enjoyable read.
70. "Dragon Actually" by G.A. Aiken (finished 12/12/16). 445 digital pages. A fantasy romance. A sexy romance in a world that wasn't too hard for me to follow.
71. "The Siren's Dream" by Amber Belldene (finished 12/17/16). 224 digital pages. A paranormal romance. #3 in the Siren series. Nikolai & Katya's story. Nice wrap-up of the trilogy.
72. "Blood Vow" by J.R. Ward (finished 12/31/16). 459 pages. A paranormal romance. #2 in the Black Dagger Legacy series. Axe & Elise's story (and continuing Rhage & Mary's). Made me laugh. Made me cry. An emotional roller coaster. Great read (and a wonderful way to end the year)!

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