Friday, April 24, 2015

A Retreating I Will Go

First off, I think those drugs the doc gave me for my allergies are working. At least I’m sleeping better (I’ll blame that on the Zyrtec). Oh yeah, I’m coughing less, too. Not finished coughing, mind you, just coughing less. Well… he did say it might take a few days for the drugs to kick in.

Today I leave for a writers retreat. I’ll be staying in a cabin with 12 other women in Hocking Hills. I anticipate lots of time to write (or in my case, re-write) and chat with fellow writers. I’ll come home on Sunday and then head on out for a Dragons game (our first for the season). I just hope it’s not cold. The temps have been kind of screwy (but it’s April, what did I expect??). Did you see it snowed at some baseball games the other day? I don’t want THAT to happen to me. I won’t stay for the game, that’s for sure. I may love baseball, but not that much.

The re-drafting is going well. I keep getting stuck at parts that need a major overhaul, but that’s only because it usually requires a lot of thinking and sometimes I’m slow at thinking. I’m trying to continue to treat this as a first draft, so I try not to worry about the telling. I’ll beef that up once I finish the darn thing. I am seeing the end in sight. That’s good, right?

Not sure if I’ll have phone service where I’m going. I think I’ll need that to turn on my hot spot so I can get to the Internet with my laptop (I’m still hosting the Sizzle and Sass Page through Saturday, so I kind of need to be available). Don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t get the hot spot to work. Guess no one will hear from me, then!

So…Got any big plans this weekend? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Penguins. Almost kind of glad I won’t be able to watch the game. I’d rather be happy seeing them win on my phone than seeing the Rangers celebrate on TV. No, I do NOT want to see that.

Have a good one!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Reads and I Nearly Killed My Computer

Yesterday’s doctor visit went well. Came home with more drugs: Zyrtec and Flonase. At least I only have to take them once a day and I can do it at bedtime, so any drowsy side effects will occur when I sleep. I hope.

Here’s what I read this week:

tempting evil by allison brennan
Apr 16: “Tempting Evil” by Allison Brennan, the second book in the Prison Break trilogy, a romantic suspense at 407 pages long. Blurb from book: Joanna Sutton can cope with the fierce winter storm bearing down on the small rural community of Centennial Valley, Montana; the popular romance writer has survived much worse in life. Haunted by the loss of her husband and child, Jo has found refuge at her family’s secluded lodge, but her haven soon becomes a hell. During the ferocious blizzard, a local Boy Scout troop is stranded in the wilderness, compelling Jo to spearhead a desperate rescue mission, aided by a newly arrived stranger with an unknown agenda. Meanwhile, Sheriff Tyler McBride hears that two escaped convicts are fast approaching Big Sky Country. Hoping to warn Jo, he faxes over the men’s mug shots. But they never reach their intended recipient. Then Tyler makes a shocking discovery: Two people are dead, and a killer is among the group, along with the woman Tyler loves, searching for his lost son. More than one innocent life is at stake. For the sake of those Jo cares about most, and for her own survival, she’ll need all the cunning, courage, and passion she can muster to survive the mounting terror. Man, there is a LOT in this book. That’s not a bad thing (for me), but if you have problems keeping stories straight, it can be a bit overwhelming. The villains (yes, there’s more than one) in this book escaped from the same prison the villain from the last book (and the next one) did, so I can see NOW why it’s a Prison Break Trilogy (duh!). So you’ll see the same FBI agents pop up in all three. Overall, I enjoyed the story and the action kept me turning the pages.


I think if I owned a gun, I would have shot my computer. Oh, not my new laptop, but the desktop in the living room. But I don’t, so I didn’t. Why? Because as JeffO said in Monday’s comments about my numerous doctor appointments: I pulled a thread and ended up with a pile of yarn!

I’m beginning to think I’m cursed.

All I wanted to do was update my iPod Shuffle. Instead I ended up having to reset the device (because iTunes couldn’t recognize it), update iTunes when I couldn’t get the reset to work (that stupid notice wouldn’t go away—just how many freakin’ updates can they do in a year?), which required me to restart the computer. Then when I finally get the reset to take, I STUPIDLY selected the wrong playlist to copy to my Shuffle (would there be a stop or cancel button anywhere? Nooooo). Anyway, four hours after I started, I finally got my tiny little job accomplished. Can you see now why I wanted to shoot the computer? Wouldn’t you?

So… What do you do when life frustrates you? Drink? Punch a wall? Shoot a computer? I drank. Coffee! (Yeah, I hadn’t had my cup when all that happened—whatever was I thinking???).

Happy reading!


Monday, April 20, 2015

It Started with ONE Appointment in February

I hadn’t been to the base hospital in ages (except for pap smears and mammograms, and that happens usually once a year if I remember). Then I hurt my leg while walking on the treadmill awhile back. It didn’t get any better with rest and I wanted to exercise, so I made an appointment with the doctor, which turned into three physical therapy appointments.

A week or so after I saw the doctor, my cold returned worse than ever, so I went back to the doctor. On this trip, he noticed my heart murmur (it’s a mitrovalve prolapse that I’ve had probably since birth, but was discovered when I was nine, when I went through a barrage of tests). He wanted to do some tests—just to make sure. Okay, why not? It had been since the nineties (I think) since I’ve had them.

So I went in for an EKG and then later for an Echocardiogram. Cardiologist called a week or two later and made an appointment to see me. That appointment is this Thursday. I’m not worried about this. I’ve gone through this before (and if it were serious, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to join the Army). It’s a teaching hospital, too, so I think I’ve become this great test subject!

My cough has YET to go away (it’s been two months since my initial cold). My husband is bug, bug, BUGGING me to go see the doctor. Okay!! (I just want to shut him up.) So I made an appointment for this Tuesday. I’m thinking allergies, but who knows anymore.

In the meantime, I still need to make an appointment with a gynecologist (my night sweats are driving me insane).

Last year I went to the hospital maybe twice, this year six and counting (three more for sure). Good thing I don’t have an outside job. I’d be out of sick leave by now! J

In other news… I’m so HAPPY the Penguins won game 2 against the Rangers. Game 3 is tonight. Go Pens!!!

So… What have you done that you thought would be one and done and it turned into multiple events? Or am I the only one who’s lucky that way?

Have a great Monday!


Friday, April 17, 2015

More Diary Fun

Nothing new to report (well, except to grumble that the Penguins lost the first game of Round 1—grrr). That tends to happen when I’m busy writing, or in my case re-writing. Whatever it’s called, it’s working and I’m a happy camper (except where the Penguins are concerned—grrr). But… that doesn’t help my blog any. So, here’s some more diary fun (I love that I have this to fall back on).

Wednesday, December 12, 1973

Well, long time no write! Who’s ever reading this must be terribly bored (especially with all the misspellings). Some time I would love to right pages of stuff like on “The Waltons.” For you young people-It’s a television show which is my favorite right now (along with a lot of other shows). Today was a minimum day and I saw Rick (which I didn’t think would happen). He came into the band room to see the time (which he could have done outside. Maybe he wanted to see me. FAT CHANCE!). I will not have a diary after this maybe a book. P.S. I love you Rick!

Some comments:

1) I was 16 when I wrote this.

2) The “long time no write” remark was made because the last time I had written in that diary was October 28. In fact, this diary has a LOT of blank pages!

3) I like how I mentioned the misspellings and then misspelled “write” after I had spelled it correctly earlier!

4) My memory is faulty and I don’t remember what minimum days were (either shortened classes or some classes were eliminated), BUT… I do remember Rick coming into the band room (because I had a HUGE crush on that guy, as you can tell from the P.S.).

5) I think it’s funny that I wrote I will have a book next, when I couldn’t even write in the small yellow diary every day. But I did use spiral notebooks starting in 1974, and I was able to write more, just not more often (I still had problems with that).

Maybe next time I’ll post one of those longer ones. I’ll have to find one that’s interesting.

So… Starting Saturday I’ll be hosting the Sizzle and Sass Facebook page. My week always seems to catch me off guard. What catches you off guard? The weekend? Monday? Hmmm…

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Reads

I’m reading lengthy stuff AND that whole re-drafting is going well, so my quantity has decreased. Good thing I’m still 3 books ahead of my goal (yay!). Here’s what I read this week:

killing fear by allison brennan
Apr 11: “Killing Fear” by Allison Brennan, the first book in the Prison Break trilogy, a romantic suspense at 421 pages long. Blurb from book: Theodore Glenn loves to inflict pain…both on his victims and on those who later find the mutilated corpses. At his trial seven years ago, Glenn vowed vengeance on Detective Will Hooper, the cop who nabbed him, and beautiful Robin McKenna, the stripper whose testimony put him behind bars. When a catastrophic disaster sets Glenn free, he blazes a freshly bloodied path across San Diego County. But the death he craves most is Robin McKenna’s. Putting aside their past troubled relationship, Will rushes to protect Robin, now a savvy businesswoman operating an upscale club. As the killings mount and Glenn proves a master manipulator, Robin and will become snared in a twisted web of horror. But the shocking truth is even worse: the evil they are to face is even deadlier than they fear. This book has lots of suspense, a sensual romance and one wicked villain. I also enjoyed seeing characters from her other books. Can’t believe I hadn’t read this trilogy before. I’m finding I enjoy everything from Allison Brennan so I plan on reading everything she has to offer. I’ll start with what I have on-hand (which are the other two books in this trilogy).

Sales for Blind Temptation are going slow (just like all my other books—surprise!). Might help if I advertised, but I haven’t found anything worthwhile that will take a book without reviews. I only gave the book to a few people to read for review and I’m still waiting for them to finish reading it. If you’re interested in reviewing the book, I’ll gladly give you a copy (and my eternal thanks). Just let me know what version you’d prefer: mobi or epub.

So… Any movies you’re looking forward to seeing this year? I’ll be watching the new Avengers movie shortly after the release date. Oh yeah!

Happy reading!