Monday, April 21, 2014

I Guest-Posted and E-Reader Dissatisfaction

Hey! I’m a nut! Okay, maybe you already know that, but this time I’m a nut over at Cd Brennan’s blog. Every Sunday she features a different author on her “Sundae With Nuts” and I happen to be the author featured yesterday. So if you’re curious (and you are, aren’t you?), click HERE and check out my answers to her questions. Am I nutty or what?

Yesterday was Easter (duh!). It was supposed to be a fairly relaxing day. I thought I would get some editing done and finish the anthology I was reading before the kids came over for dinner and games. Well I guess I can wish in one hand and get you-know-what in the other.

I pulled out my Nook and noticed the screen had faded. Now, I turn that sucker off after I use it, so I knew it wasn’t the battery. I turned it on and everything seemed fine until a message popped up saying it was reformatting (or something to that affect) and to NOT turn off the Nook. After waiting 10 minutes (the 10 minutes it would have taken me to finish the darn anthology!!!), the reformatting finished but reset EVERYTHING! It was like having a brand new Nook. All my freebie books were gone. All my shelves were gone. All my settings were GONE!

This is why I hate e-readers. I wouldn’t have had this problem with paper books. Well, I would if a tornado came through the house or an earthquake struck, but the odds of either of those happening are waaaay less than my Nook reformatting.

At least I had my freebie books on my computer, so they weren’t totally gone. But going through my books and figuring out which ones I’d already read….what a pain! I can’t remember that crap. That’s why I created the shelves!! That’s why I have separate shelves for my paper books. Ones that hold books to be read and several that hold the books I have read (and they’re in different rooms, too!).

Okay. Rant over (until the next time, that is--haha!).

Other than that unfortunate incident, my Easter was pretty good. I got a nice message from someone who won a copy of MSV. She’s very excited about reading it. Now I am, too! Amazing what can please me, huh?

Easter dinner was nice. I actually cooked! Shocking, I know.

Gotta work like crazy this week to get my pre-edits finished for Ghostly Liaison, so it’s probably a good thing my daughter hasn’t finished reading J.R. Ward’s book yet. I’m not ready to read it!!

So…did you spend the holiday with family? Do anything fun? We sat around and played board games. I actually won one game. Yay!

Have a great Monday!!



Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Friday...I Think

My days are all skewed. Today is a holiday for my husband, so he also took yesterday off. So yeah, today is Friday, but it feels like Sunday, only tomorrow isn’t Monday… No wonder I have a headache.

And yes, I do have a headache. Haven’t determined whether it’s from hormones, weather, or my sinuses. Maybe all three! Sometimes I really hate my body.

The husband and I went and saw “Draft Day” on Tuesday. If you like all things to do with football, you’ll like this. If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, you’ll REALLY like this. If you have no idea what football is…don’t waste your money (or time). You will NOT enjoy it. I like football enough and enjoyed the flick. Some movie-goers joked about us walking in wearing our Pittsburgh Steelers jackets, though. Oh well… It’s not the FIRST time!

Pittsburgh Penguins won their first game in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I’m hoping for a sweep. Yeah, they’re playing the Columbus Blue Jackets and if the Jackets were playing ANYONE else, I’d be rooting for them, too. But they’re not, so I’m not.

So…have you seen “Draft Day”? Are you watching the Stanley Cup playoffs? Or is it all baseball for you?

Happy Good Friday (and Happy Easter on Sunday!)



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Reads

It’s a good thing I’m waiting for the next J.R. Ward book. I really don’t have time to read (because of all that editing I’m doing). However, I still have moments when I want to pass the time (like walking on a treadmill or during lunch) and reading will only do. So I’m reading short stories. Anthologies work great when you don’t want to be tied down to a longer story. Glad I have a couple!

Here’s what I read during the week:

Apr 10: “Love’s a Beach,” an anthology by writers of the Ohio Valley Romance Writers of America. Blurb from Goodreads: From heartwarming to mysterious, comical to suspenseful, these romantic tales show that there really is someone for everyone. Featuring stories by Linda Chalk, Ann Gregory, Dakota James, Stacy McKitrick, Sandy Pennington, and Jennette Marie Powell as well as flash fiction and poetry, Love’s a Beach proves there’s something magical about finding love when the warm breezes blow, whether it happens today or a hundred years ago, from the Atlantic shore to the American West coast. Like with all anthologies, there’s a mixture of stories. Nice samples of fine writing. Of course, I’m partial to my two stories! Haha! I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.
So...did you get any snow on Tuesday? I woke up to covered lawns and cars. Not something you want to see in the middle of April! I sure hope that's the end of it.

Happy reading!



Monday, April 14, 2014

Four Questions About My Writing

As you can see, I survived the week. I’m so glad I don’t have another job. I think I would have had to take a vacation to recover, if I didn’t just up and die, that is. I guess there’s a reason we have the saying: When it rains, it pours. And while I’m still in the editing cave, at least it’s quieter. I can stand to have some more quiet.

Now on with my post. I’ve been tagged in a Blog Hop by Jennette Marie Powell. I know her through my Cincinnati RWA Chapter and I’ve read all her books and loved them. If you like aliens or time travel romances, check her out.

I have four questions to answer regarding my writing. Hopefully you’re interested to read further! Let’s see how I do.

1. WHAT AM I WORKING ON? Well…I’ll skip those I’m editing for my publisher and talk about the ones that aren’t sold (yet!). I’ve finished the first draft of my next vampire romance, BLIND TEMPTATION, which I’m in the middle of revising. It’s about a vampire who is forced to attend driver’s ed (or lose her position on the Committee). Her love interest is her teacher, who is blind. Yeah, I know. A blind driver’s ed teacher? Believe it or not, I think I make it work! The vampire was turned at the age of 17 and the teacher is 39. Yep, age difference here (physically--emotionally, she’s centuries older!), and she’s kind of glad he can’t see her (thus, the title). I can’t wait to get back to it so I can then submit this one.

I’m also writing the first draft of my next ghost romance, GHOSTLY INTERLUDE, which is about a woman who is being possessed. Her love interest is the private investigator she hires (who was featured in GHOSTLY LIAISON). She doesn’t know she’s being possessed; she thinks someone is drugging her (this is why she hires the PI). He thinks she might have a split personality. I’ve barely gotten started on it, so I don’t know much more than that, but look forward to getting back to the story (because, you know, everything stops when you’re working for your publisher!). I do have this writers’ retreat coming up soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to add LOTS of words to this one!

2. HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS OF ITS GENRE? I really hate this question. I mean, how does anyone’s work differ? It’s my work, so it’s different. Anyway…regarding the romance genre, my characters usually start out liking each other. I’m not fond of those stories where they start out disliking (or hating) one another. I’m all about the love. While the characters do have enough emotional conflict of their own, I basically have them work together to fight an outside conflict before they can reach their happy ever after. As for the paranormal part? Well, I strive for realism. Is that different? I don’t know. I haven’t read every paranormal romance book out there. Give me time!

3. WHY DO I WRITE WHAT I DO? I love paranormal/supernatural stories. Heck, I lived on horror books for years before I wrote. But I always felt they missed something. Turned out to be romance! While I don’t write horror, I get a little gritty with my characters. They certainly get beat up a lot! Who knew I’d have such fun torturing them!

4. HOW DOES MY WRITING PROCESS WORK? Hmmm… I write. Not enough? Well…for BLIND TEMPATION I came up with the idea of having a blind character (like Auggie on Covert Affairs). Then I came up with a vampire forced to take driver’s ed. I started writing from that. As for GHOSTLY INTERLUDE… I was given a prompt on another blog and came up with a beginning to a story. Didn’t know which story. Vampire or ghost? Well, turned out to be ghost and I already had the perfect man for my damsel in distress. I started writing from that.

And what am I writing when I’m writing? Sometimes it’s just dialogue. I have my characters talk. You’d be surprised at how much I learn just from that. Of course, it makes for a very thin first draft (or a lengthy outline), but once the story is in place, I go back and “beef” it up by adding descriptions and emotional content. So far the process is working. I haven’t NOT finished a book yet. Can I pat myself on the back for that?

This is the part where I’m supposed to tag up to three other authors. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any takers, so this arm of the blog hop will die with me.

So…did you read to the end? Did you find this interesting? Are you anxiously awaiting me to finish these stories so you can go out and buy them? Huh? Huh? You can be honest! J

Have a great Monday!!



Friday, April 11, 2014

Throwback Whatever? Siblings Day? Picture!

I think I'll be glad when this week is over. Oh wait, I'm almost there. Whew!

Apparently Thursdays on Facebook is Throwback day. Which is fine with me, it gave me a purpose to my posting. Anyway, I found a picture of my sister and me taken waaaaay back when. Then I found out it was Sibling Day (really, who comes up with these things??). Man, I was good and didn't even know it! Haha.

Anyway, here's the picture I posted on Facebook yesterday.

Like I said on Facebook, I have no idea why I'm choking my sister. It's Easter, so maybe she stole my Easter eggs! We seem to be having a good time in any case. As for when this photo was taken... Well, if I look like I'm 4 going on 5, then it's 1962. If it looks like I'm 5 going on 6, then it's 1963. We moved from Santa Monica to Wilmington when I was 5 (I just don't remember what month, only that it was in the middle of my kindergarten year) and this picture was taken in Santa Monica (I believe that's our apartment behind us).

And for a bit of trivia fun, my grandfather built and owned that apartment building. Yeah, cheap rent for my folks!

That's all I got for today. Hope your weekend turns out great. The weather here should be wonderful, so I got that going. Hopefully things will be back to normal by Monday. Hopefully!