Friday, February 27, 2015

There Was This Time, At Band Camp…

I mentioned in a comment on Maria Zannini’s blog this week (HERE) that I had kept journals growing up, but had no idea where they were. She suggested I look for them, and implied I might learn something. Well, I found them. And well… they really stink.

I was really, REALLY in love with someone and he’s pretty much all I wrote about. Still, I thought it would be interesting to find something when I was in the band (because I really wanted to use that title, even thought I did NOT attend band camp—we just practiced at school during the summer).

Anyway, here’s a snippet from August 12, 1974 @ 10:34 pm (yes, I time dated every entry) and I haven’t corrected a thing:

Tonight Mom & I went to see “For Pete’s Sake” and “Sleeper.” “Sleeper” was weird, but okay. “For Pete’s Sake” was funny & better.

Saturday (the 10th) I got my Senior yearbook picture taken. I hope they turn out all right. I’ll know when I get them in the mail. Whenever THAT may be. I’m still waiting for my paycheck from the job I had in JUNE!!!!! Talk about SLOW! I wish they’d hurry up! Daddy said he could call the Labor Board, but I doubt if that would do any good. You know how school’s are!! (Joke??)

August 28th is the day I go to the school to practice in band. Which reminds me. I better get to the PRACTICING!

Do you think my voice has changed at all since I was 17? I can see that I was a procrastinator then as I still am (practicing was never my thing anyway and I doubt I practiced after I wrote that bit, either. FYI: I played the clarinet). I loved how I capitalized and underlined for emphasis (I still do the caps thing).
Those movies I saw with my mom? I remember Sleeper a whole bunch more than For Pete’s Sake. And yes, we saw them back-to-back. That was when you got to see TWO movies for one price. Hard to believe, huh?

Oh, and that paycheck I was waiting for? Well, it was waiting for ME at the school. I thought they were supposed to mail it. Turned out I was supposed to pick it up. Apparently my hearing wasn't any better then, either. Haha!

It was kind of neat going through the journals. I didn’t write every day (the next entry after this was dated September 4th), which is why I preferred using spiral notebooks instead of actual diaries. Writing everyday was hard! (Hmmm… just like posting everyday is hard—see some things DON’T change).

So… Do you think I should post a snippet each Friday? Would that be fun to read? Because I do struggle with my Friday postings (and I’m willing to make fun of myself).

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Reads and I'm a Guest Poster!

I’m being featured on Gemma Brocato’s blog today. If you would like to see a snippet of my current WIP, please stop on by and say hi. J When I get the direct link to the post, I’ll add it HERE

So nice to get writing and reading accomplished (well, except for yesterday--see below). Here’s what I read this week:

shadowed by rebecca zanetti
Feb 23: “Shadowed” by Rebecca Zanetti, #6 of the Dark Protector Series, a paranormal romance at 270 pages long. Blurb from book: Danger signs rise off Jase Kayrs like steam—the scars, the secrets, the strength. He’s got a mission, and he’s not interested in much outside of it. Except Brenna Dunne. Brenna was an ass-kicking, name-taking witch—before the poison that’s killing her sapped her powers too. She knows there’s more to Jase than a handsome face and an ugly history. But there’s no time to find out what. Taking him as her mate might save her life. But once she unleashes the force of his desire, there will be no turning back… I am enjoying this series, and looking forward to seeing how it all ends.

tamed by rebecca zanetti
Feb 24: “Tamed” by Rebecca Zanetti, a novella in the Dark Protector Series (#6.5), a paranormal romance at 100 pages long. Blurb from Goodreads: Caleb Donovan was never meant to be a prophet. At heart he's a conqueror, his appetites far more carnal than spiritual. He's not inclined to repress his passions and surrender to fate. After all, that's what cost him Lily—three centuries ago. She married another, because it was ordained. Now that he's in the same benighted calling—and forced into proximity with her—all the old desires are roaring back to life. . . After widowhood and centuries of celibacy, Lily is eager to explore the wild side of life, except now she's vulnerable to another forced relationship, with an enemy. But this time she's determined to choose her own path. And if hot, furious Caleb comes charging to the rescue, it might just change both their destinies. . . Love is about to start conquering. . .  Sometimes novellas between series books are fluff, but this one isn’t. Granted, nothing happened to move the overall story forward, but it was a good setup for the finale. And I’ll be reading that one next.

While I have been getting a bit of writing done, yesterday was the pits. My whole schedule was off (due to a doctor appointment and a trip to the commissary), that I didn’t get anything written. Plus this cold is really bugging me. I’m hoping I’m over the heavy-duty stuff, though. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

So… Have any of you watched the new Odd Couple? What did you think? I’m thinking television executives can’t think of anything new to create. Still, it had its funny moments and I expect I’ll see a few more episodes before I make a final yay or nay.

Happy reading!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow, Books, Sick, and the Oscars

Snow can really ruin plans, ya know? We received 5” of the stuff Saturday—3-1/2” of it had fallen overnight, the rest continued through most of the day. We were supposed to go to our friend’s place to celebrate my sweetie’s birthday, but she lives in Columbus—70 miles away—and the snow was headed her way.

Now, I don’t mind driving in the snow. I just don’t like driving in the snow when there are other drivers on the road. And I remembered one Christmas when it had snowed and we drove out to her place, there were accidents all over the place. I didn’t want to risk it, so I cancelled (broke my heart to do it, though—it’s been hard hooking up with her lately).

So, with our plans out into the snow (so to speak), we had to figure out what we were going to do for dinner. I suggested ordering out for pizza (we hadn’t done that in ages). The kids still came over and we played games for a few hours. Ended up having a great time.

Take that, snow!

When my daughter arrived, though, she came bearing gifts—for me! She handed me a stack of six books: Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series. I had refused to read the books as they came out, because she ended each book in the Vampire Academy series in a cliffhanger (according to my daughter, she did with this series, too), and I think you all know how much I hate those, so when I heard there would only be six books in the series, I told my daughter not to give them to me until she’d read them all (she apparently loves to be tortured). She finished the last one this past weekend. Now I have six books added to my pile to read and wonder when I’ll ever get to them.

Sounds like I need another vacation or cruise or something. J

Seems I’m not immune to getting a cold this year after all (I had really hoped, though). Getting sick is the pitts. The pitts, I tell you!

So… Did you watch the Oscars last night? I’m such a sucker for those award shows, but sometimes I discover movies I’d never heard of before. Like “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” I’m thinking I want to go see that one now.

Have a good day!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Cold Weather Rant

I’m pretty sure I mentioned being one of 10 sponsors for a Kindle we're giving away. If I haven’t, bad me! Anyway, check it out. The winner is drawn on the 22nd, so you still have time to enter. It’s on Facebook and you can enter HERE.

The weather has been a bit on the chilly side here, lately. Woke up to negative temps yesterday which caused a lot of schools to close. I get why city schools close, but colleges? It’s not like the students are walking to school or outside waiting for a bus. Plus, I consider college students ADULTS. Hello! You won’t be excused from work for negative temps. Oh, unless you’re a teacher at the college. Then I guess you do.

Sometimes I think the people around here are wimps. It’s Ohio. It’s gonna get cold in the winter. Gripe all you want, but deal with it.

Okay, rant over. Whew. Hadn’t had one of those in awhile.

Tomorrow is my sweetie’s birthday. We’re going to our friend’s house to celebrate. Then on Sunday we’ll use the coupon he received for a free dinner at BD’s Mongolian Grill (he loves that place).

So… What are your plans for the weekend? Anything good?

Have a Happy Friday!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Reads

It’s amazing what a little reading motivation can do for my writing. I tell myself I’m only allowed to read after I’ve written 1000 words. And guess what? It’s working! So, so happy. Because now I don’t feel so guilty reading. Especially when I’m reading a really GOOD book.

And I actually finished one this week (barely):

affliction by laurell k hamilton
Feb 17: “Affliction” by Laurell K. Hamilton, the 22nd book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, an urban fantasy, 603 pages long. Blurb from book:  Micah’s estranged father lies dying, rotting away inside from some strange ailment that has his doctors whispering about “zombie disease.” Anita Blake makes her living off of zombies, but these aren’t the kind she knows so well. These creatures hunt in daylight, and are as fast and strong as vampires. If they bite you, you become just like them. And round and round it goes… Where will it stop? Even Anita Blake doesn’t know. You’d think by the 22nd book in a series that it would get boring. Be the same old, same old. But not this one. Man, I had a hard time putting it down. Yeah, the book has graphic sex, BUT those scenes came well after page 248 (a shocker!) and not near as much as in past books. This one was all about fighting zombies and the action was nearly non-stop. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m going to be on a vampire-reading binge for awhile. Gonna finish up one series and get caught up some others. It’s nice I have them planned out ahead of time. I don’t have to ask, “What shall I read next?” I already know!

So… Who here is using winter as an excuse to stay indoors? **raises hand** I know I don’t have it as bad as Boston (thank GOD), but I wouldn’t mind a little bit of Santa Barbara weather right about now.

Happy reading!