Monday, May 23, 2016

Waking Up With the Answer!

You all know I’m revising Ghostly Interlude. I’ve BEEN revising for a long time now. What with my doctor visits and a possible surgery for me last summer and then Hubby’s cancer, it’s a wonder I’ve worked on it at all. But I’m determined to get this story done. I only had one problem…

What should book 3 in this series be about?

I mean… I have book 1 and book 2. I can’t have a series without at least a third. I just can’t.

I got lucky with an idea for book 2. Dean was a character in book 1. But I have no one in book 2 that I could use in book 3. It was a real stumper.

Sunday morning I woke up with the answer. And I could have slapped myself silly.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE it when that happens. Sure, I’ll have to go in and add a character in book 2, but man, I’ll gladly do that to get this story finished. And then hopefully I’ll be in full-blown mode to start book 3 (of which I kind of already have something started—I just had no idea it would ever be useful!).

Now, let’s see if this will motivate me to finish quicker. I could use a little quick by now.

Looks like the Penguins want to win this the hard way. Two losses in a row! Argh!!! Why do I watch this stuff? Oh yeah, I like the game. Still… Ugh.

So… What gives you heart palpitations?

Have a great Monday!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Bugs – They're What’s for Breakfast

Well, they're not for MY breakfast. No sir. But the birds around here really appreciate the fact we leave the porch light on all night.

As you can sort of see in the first picture, the June bugs are lying around in the early morning. I came back from the gym and found pieces of bugs (second picture).

And if I needed any proof the birds were responsible, I saw a bird snatch a bug up off the ground when I went out to get the paper.

I hate June bugs, and I hate that they converge around the porch light. But I don’t mind it quite so much if the birds are making sure those bugs don’t return. J

Well… I signed up for another reader/author event: Ohio Readers & Writers Expo ( July 23 in Akron, OH. I’m sharing a table with another author (Donna MacMeans), plus I’m driving up there with her. It’s nice that I won’t be alone, which really takes some of the pressure off me. Why that is, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel so alone.

I’ve gotten all the buy links for A Vampire Wedding now. You can click on the cover on the sidebar (which will take you to my website) or go to the book’s page on this blog. I’m very close to getting the print version completed. Just waiting on the cover. Then I’ll cross my fingers I can get enough books delivered before June 9th (which is when Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together (RAGT) starts). Nothing like cutting it close, huh?

So… Do you help feed the birds in your neighborhood? How?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No Wednesday Reads and I Cooked!

I’m reading a long book, so of course I’m now behind in my reading goal. Having a release kind of took some of my time, too. So did sending out my newsletter. And then there’s revising Ghostly Interlude (yep, still working on that). Sometimes reading does have to take a back seat, regardless of how much I’m enjoying the story.

And yeah, I’m enjoying it very much. Makes walking on the treadmill much less of a chore.

Hopefully I’ll have that book to report next week!

Yesterday I managed to remember to cook dinner. Almost messed up again, though.

I was smart (or so I thought). I set my alarm for 10am. Problem was, I wasn’t HOME when my alarm went off! Figured, huh?

But luckily I wasn’t far and I managed to get the chicken into the crock pot only 20 minutes late and dinner was yummy! Even Hubby was able to eat it all. That made me extra happy.

Penguins play again tonight. Monday’s game was stressful, but they won it in overtime. Whew! Hopefully they continue playing well, especially now that they’re in Tampa.

So… What are you reading now? I know I ask this a lot, but I figure you’re not still reading the same book. And if you are, how come? J

Happy Reading!

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Vampire Wedding is Available!

I approved the publication for A Vampire Wedding on Saturday. I would have done a pre-order if I could have done that with Barnes & Noble, but I couldn’t, so I just went with “publish now.” The purpose of a pre-order makes it so it looks like I sold a lot on release day, which I guess generates some kind of buzz somewhere. I can’t imagine I generate any kind of buzz. Yet. Someday I will, though. You just wait and see!

Once A Vampire Wedding shows up for sale in the important places (B&N, iBooks, Kobo—it’s already on Amazon HERE), I’ll send out a newsletter (and post the buy links on the page and along the sidebar).

Oh, and I plan on celebrating by giving away a bag of books to newsletter subscribers ONLY, so if you want a chance at that (and you live in the good old U.S. of A.), you better subscribe now (HERE), because I expect to be sending out the next newsletter SOON. Like, hopefully, tomorrow SOON.

Next up, getting the paperback ready in time for RAGT, which is less than 4 weeks away!!!! I hope I make it. I really want copies available for sale so it doesn’t look like I don't have something new. Because I do. I doooo!!!

Hubby and I made it to the Dragons game on Friday. Turned out to be a nice evening. And the Dragons won, which is pretty rare this year. They’re the only team that HASN’T won in the double-digits yet. Ugh. We were supposed to attend Saturday’s game, too, but the weather had gotten way too cold and windy (wind chill was 36 degrees). I’m okay with cold weather during football games; it’s kind of expected. But for baseball? No thanks. Plus, Hubby just wasn’t up to that. Heck, neither was I!

Tonight is game two of the NHL Eastern Division finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Tampa Bay Lightning. I wasn’t able to watch all of game one on Friday (only the last period), and I guess it was just as well (the Penguins stunk!). I expect a better game tonight! Let’s go Pens!!

So… Have you ever made plans, wrote said plans DOWN (on paper, even), and then completely forget? I did that yesterday. Planned on fixing dinner in the crockpot. Put note on kitchen counter, with some of the ingredients, to remind me. Did I remember? Hell, no. That would require going INTO the kitchen. D’oh!

Have a great Monday! I’m eating pizza tonight. I’ll cook tomorrow. I hope. J


Friday, May 13, 2016

There Was This Grand Plan – Part II

Last Friday I posted the first of the two character interviews I created for my newsletter. If you missed it, you can read it HERE. Today I’m posting the other one. This interview, originally shared in last August’s newsletter, features Jack from My Sunny Vampire and takes place before his book, so no spoilers! Now, while Perry has shown up in Bite Me, I’m Yours and Blind Temptation, he is not a character in My Sunny Vampire. However, he is mentioned as that vampire (not by name, though) who could dig into minds. So if you didn’t know that, now you do!

Getting to Know Your Committee Members by Perry Davenport.

Perry: Hello, fellow vamps, this is Perry Davenport here to interview Committee Member Jack VanAllen. He has been on the Committee since 1878, making him the second-longest member after our fearless Head, Barnet Groves.

Jack: Shouldn’t that be second-longest serving member? I think Abe is the longest by six inches.

Perry: What are you, the grammar police?

Jack: Just pointing out the obvious.

Perry: Yeah, sure. So tell us, Jack. It’s a known fact you prefer positive blood to negative blood, but what we don’t know is how you can tell the difference. What makes negative blood so distasteful to you?

Jack: I thought you were going to ask me real questions during this interview.

Perry: That is a real question. One I got from a listener, even.

Jack: Fine. I don’t know why, but negative blood makes my stomach upset.

Perry: So, it’s psychosomatic?

Jack: It’s not psychosomatic. And if you wish to continue with this interview, I suggest you ask a different question.

Perry: Okay. Don’t be so touchy. Here’s a fun question for you. Boxers, briefs, or commando?

Jack: What male vampire wears undergarments? You?

Perry: Oh, well, no. Not me. Point taken. Next question. What’s your dream vacation?

Jack: Why would I want to take a vacation? I like my job.

Perry: But wouldn’t you like to just get away for a week?

Jack: And do what?

Perry: Okay, so you’re a workaholic. What do you do during your free time?

Jack: Sometimes I swim. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I work on my car.

Perry: (snapping fingers) Yes, your car. You own a 1965 Mustang, right?

Jack: Actually, it’s a 1964-1/2. First generation. Bought it brand new.

Perry: I bet that thing is worth a pretty penny.

Jack: I wouldn’t know. I don’t plan on selling it.

Perry: No, of course not. What other cars have you owned?

Jack: None. I like that one.

Perry: Not even before the Mustang? Maybe a Model T?

Jack: I walked faster than the Model T.

Perry: Well, yeah, didn’t we all? Okay, here’s a more serious question. The Committee hasn’t set a precedence, but what do you think of a vamp controlling a mortal for personal gain?

Jack: I know some vampires resort to that tactic, but I’d like to think they do it out of need and not fun. Still, while we are forced to control a mortal for feeding, we do not have to resort to that for fun. That is what our allure is for.

Perry: But isn’t that the same as controlling?

Jack: Not at all. It is just an attraction. The mortal can still say no. We vampires can be more persuasive in other ways, just as mortals are to one another. Do you control a mortal when you’re not feeding from them?

Perry: No. I mean, what’s the fun in that? I like a little interaction.

Jack: Exactly.

Perry: Will the Committee ever set a rule to prevent it?

Jack: As long as it’s not an issue, I doubt it. Mainly because there are times when the vampire is in need. And if we start making rules for every little thing, we might end up with another vampire war on our hands. And a war in this technological world would surely out us all. All the more reason to keep the calm.

Perry: Keep Calm and Avoid Publicity!

Jack: What?

Perry: Never mind. Thanks for joining us today, Jack. It was a real pleasure.


Tonight Hubby and I might actually be able to attend our first Dragons game of the season (since the other first game was rained out). No rain is in sight tonight. At least, not until after midnight. Our second game is tomorrow and while there isn’t rain forecasted, it’s supposed to be colder. As my husband asked, “Don’t the weather Gods know it’s May?” Apparently not. I foresee going from chilly weather straight into 90 degree temps. There will be no beautiful days in between. I just know it!

So… It’s Friday the thirteenth today (my daughter’s favorite day). Are you superstitious? Sometimes I think superstition is just another form of OCD. What do you think?

Have a great weekend (and don’t walk under that ladder!).