Monday, April 12, 2010

A Good Weekend

It was a good weekend.

That surprised me. I got myself all stressed out for nothing.

True, Saturday was busy. But it was productive, too. I met two wonderful people, people I hope become my critique partners. I even learned some more writing fundamentals, or at least, it was drilled into my head again. Maybe I’ll retain that information now!

And from that little class, my writing flowed. Well, my editing did, anyway. I went back to Chapter 1 and added the insight of my characters (along with their motivation). I hope to find out sometime this week if I finally “got” it.

I went from being stressed to feeling great. It didn’t hurt that I took SOME of the pressure off myself by only concentrating on the first three chapters. Then I’ll work on my synopsis and pitch. I think I’ll make it by the RT Convention. I’m feeling more confident, anyway.

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