Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Continue or Wait?

I have a dilemma regarding my first book, THE UNCOMMON ONE. While it’s currently with an agent (who requested the full back on Dec 27), I’m wondering if I should continue to query the book. I don’t want to give up on it. Not yet. But I don’t want to burn all my bridges, either.

The rejects are making me doubt myself. If I keep getting rejects, is it because the story isn’t unique or is it because I haven’t found the right agent/editor? If it’s the first and I query everyone, then I’ve lost my chance. If it’s the second, I don’t want to change the book if nothing’s wrong with it. It’s these kinds of decisions that drive me nuts.

So… I entered it into another contest. The finalists will be notified on April 11th. I think I will wait until I hear back from that and see what kind of comments I get.

If I final, then forget it – I’ll go back to querying! If I don’t, then I will rethink the story. I won’t give up on this book (and the sequel). I love it too much to do that.

You got anything driving you nuts? Please share so I don’t feel alone!


Matthew Rush said...

This is a tough call. Because if you get detailed rejection notes from the current agent, that could help you improve the story, if needed, but then if she makes an offer, you'll be a bit behind in giving other agents a chance to read.

Jennette said...

I can so relate to this one! I have an ms in this situation now. What I've done - now and with past projects - is pick a number of agents I'll query, plus pitch to editors when the chance arises. Definitely work on something else while querying. When those options are exhausted, I set the ms aside. I figure I can always try again with the next ms. Often, editors & agents will ask if you have anything else, then you whip out the one that didn't sell before. Of course, I have to sell one first for this to happen. Good luck in the contest!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Matthew - I did get some comments along with a statement that it just wasn't for them. Unfortunately, most of my rejections have been via the form letter.

Jennette - I also think that maybe the book I'm working on now is "the one" and will help my first two see the light. I like the idea of having something else completed when asked. So I keep writing.

Thanks for commenting!

Todd R. Moody said...

I have one agent targeted right now. With the way the publishing world is on it's head right now I'm not sure what the answer is. I am seriously considering self-publishing if I don't get someone hooked in fairly short order. I plan on writing a lot more books, but I understand the feeling you have for your novels. I will be heartbroken if mine isn't considered "good enough."

Erin Kane Spock said...

Keep querying. You don't know if it's your story they're rejecting or your query or if they're just not accepting new clients or what.
Have faith in your story, keep writing, don't go back and work it over again until you are given clear direction.
There's my 2 cents -- then again, I'm in the same boat.
It was helpful to put my first ms in a contest. I wasn't a finalist, but seeing the score cards let me know that some readers did think it was a good book and even though some did not. But hey, reading is subjective.

Author Kinley Baker said...

The more people you pitch the manuscript to, the more likely someone will like it. There were times when I was pitching my book that an Editor didn't end up buying it, but their feedback was so encouraging, it kept me going. Sometimes it's just nice to know that someone gets it. The feedback from the contest is a great idea, too.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks for all your comments. It's certainly given me something to think about (and go more crazy - ha ha ha ha ha!).

The Viking Princess said...

I hope you hear good news from your agent about your book.
The only thing really driving me crazy right now is my 16 year old daughter.