Saturday, September 17, 2011


I feel productive today, yet the house still looks a mess.

I put all my loose piles of books into a box – these are the ones to be read, because those I HAVE read are in a bookcase. Four boxes of books isn't really all that much better, but at least the books are easier to move around now! And no, I don't plan on getting an e-reader anytime soon. I kind of like SEEING what I have yet to read, even if it does create a mess.

I cleared the stack of magazines and papers and organized them a little better. Also threw out a lot of notes I had for various books (notes I had already put onto a word document – I really need to do better at throwing those away once I've transcribed them). I'll have to determine later if I want to trash the magazines or store them elsewhere. Of course, if I store them elsewhere, the odds of me ever reading them again are slim. Hmmm, trashing is looking like a good option.

We bought a new printer. Which is mine! Mine, mine, mine!! This is what prompted my cleaning fit – I have to put it somewhere! Our main printer (which is still perfectly good and isn't going anywhere) had an older driver (probably for XP). When my husband upgraded the main computer to Windows 7, he had to get a new driver for the printer. Well, my laptop has Vista (and no, I'm not upgrading – not fond of Windows 7 and I definitely will put off using any new MS Word until it reverts back to the old ways or I'm screwed and forced to – I pray my laptop works forever). He couldn't find a driver for Vista; therefore, I can't print from my laptop. It's kind of frustrating, really. Any e-mails or documents I need to print, I have to transfer them to the main computer (yes, we're networked) and then I have to go over there and print them. Not a fun task (yes, I'm laaaazy).

I'm surprised I had the energy (or motivation) to do what I did today (besides the normal laundry). Last night I drank WAAAY too much and woke up with a headache (or would that be a hangover??). I can't remember the last time I did that – I think I was single! So, that would be over 30 years. Me thinks I should wait another 30 before I do that again.

Next, I need to become productive in my writing. I hope that happens tonight. Wish me luck!

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