Monday, October 10, 2011


Why do you blog?

When I started blogging almost 2 years ago (gosh – where does the time fly?), I did it to see if I could, and maybe use it like a diary or something like that. I had no real plan and I was SHOCKED (and did a happy dance) when I got my first follower. I also did it as a way to keep track of the blogs I like to read. That list to the right is probably more for my benefit than anyone else's, but be my guest and check out any one of them. If you follow me, I follow you (provided you have a blog and I can find you). And if I follow you, your blog gets listed, plain & simple (although that may change if I get hundreds of followers…yeah, like that will happen).

I also blog to keep track of what I read (of which I discovered I could do on Goodreads, but it's not the same), where I travel, or movies I attend (ooo-maybe I should put a list of that to the right – something to think about). A posting about what I had read in 2010 got a lot of hits. It also brought back a lot of memories (ah, back to being a diary). So, maybe the same will happen this time, too. We'll see.

How do you blog?

I've read blogs/articles/whatnot about what a blog should be for a writer. A lot of writers blog about writing. I do sometimes, too, but not a "how to" kind of blog. More like a "this is what I do" kind of blog. Again, this is like a diary for me. It helps me keep my timeline straight (which was never a problem for me when we moved constantly, but now that we've been in the same place for twenty years, it's gotten to be more difficult to remember when things happened!).

I can't blog every day. I wish I could. When I was a teenager, I kept a diary by my bed. The kind that had dates, with a key, even. The entries were sporadic and at the end of the last entry, I'd have to write "skip to [date]" to get to the next one. I realized those kind of diaries just didn't work for me, so I bought a spiral notebook. So much better. I could write when I wanted and if months went by, it would just show up as the next entry.

Kind of like this blog (although I try not to let months go by, and certainly not more than a week without warning). It's not always the time that keeps me from writing the next entry. It's what to blog about that stumps me. However, I find myself paying more attention to what goes on around me. And hopefully I'll remember the fun & interesting stuff to blog about.

So tell me why & how you blog? How do you come up with topics? Do you have a method?


Anne Gallagher said...

No method really. Although I do focus a lot more these days. Mon I blog about love and relationships. Wed, I blog about writing, or things that relate to writing. And Friday I blog about what's on my mind, whether writing or personal.

You've got to make your blog uniquely you. Don't sweat the other stuff.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Anne, You may not have a method, but you have a plan. I envy people who can remember to post what on certain days. I'm lucky to remember to respond to comments!
Thanks for stopping by.

Melissa Sugar said...

The point of your blog works for you and that is all that matters. I am a new(er) blogger. I blog for a few reasons.
(1) to meet people like me so I am not all alone in my journey
(2) to write when I don't feel like working on my NIP
(3) to connect with others who blog & offer good advice about writing, how to query etc.
(4) because I like to write

It is nice to meet you

Stacy McKitrick said...

Hi Melissa & thanks for the follow (I have reciprocated). I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did! I always do a little happy dance when I see my number of followers go up.

I never even knew what blogs were until I joined RWA (and the Cincinnati chapter I belong with). And it took me a year to finally get the courage to start my own. I'm glad I did. I do feel like I've "met" some great people this way, and meeting them in person isn't near as awkward.