Monday, October 3, 2011

Some of it was Good, Some of it was Bad

That about sums up my weekend!

The Good: Wrote nearly 2000 words on Sunday, surpassing my weekly word goal. And the next scene is gelling in my head just fine. All's good on the writing front!

The Bad: I realized we need to replace our freezer. The door doesn't always shut completely, even when you think you shut it. When I opened it Saturday, the interior was covered in ice and the frozen pizzas were thawed (but the meat was still frozen, thank God!). If my side-by-side refrigerator could hold the pizzas, we wouldn't need the freezer (we don't fill it like we used to), so I'm considering a refrigerator that has the freezer on the bottom. The old refrigerator will go where the freezer is now and the freezer will go bye-bye. Now we just have to wait for a sale.

The Good: Our Wayne Warriors (high school football) won on Friday night in front of a small, cold crowd. That's what usually happens on an away game and it's raining. But we were there (up until the 3rd quarter when it was apparent we would win) getting wet and shivering. Yes, we're nuts!

The Bad: The Buckeyes (NCAA), Steelers (NFL), and Rams (NFL) stink! It was pitiful to watch their games. But I will continue to watch because that's the kind of fan I am.

The Good: The Detroit Lions beat the Dallas Cowboys. Not that I'm a fan of either, but I really hate the Cowboys and I'd like to see the Lions go undefeated. At least until they play one of my teams (and I don't think they are, but I've been known to be wrong before).

The Bad: We had to finally turn on the furnace (summer is over – boo hoo), but at least I wasn't the one who caved. That's not to say I wouldn't have done it, just that he got there first!

So… How was your weekend?


LD Masterson said...

Good: My baby turned 37. Bad: My baby turned 37.

Good: the Lions came from way behind to win and remain unbeaten (we actually are Lions fans) and the UC Bearcats won as well. Bad: The Indian Hill Braves fifth grade squad lost.

Stacy McKitrick said...

It's never a good thing when you kids gets older. My oldest will be 30 in 4 months. Somehow that makes me feel REALLY old!

I'm not a Lions fan (I don't hate them, either - which is important), but I think I will root for them this year. I hope they make it fun.

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Stacy. It's been too long. I'm sorry about your freezer. I'm also sorry about my frigging Cowboys, who choked... I have issues. Can you tell? My Chicago Cubs suck. My Dallas Cowboys suck. I've got nothing! I guess that leaves more time for blogging, right? Take care, my friend.


Stacy McKitrick said...

Hi Jimmy!
I guess finishing your book also gives you more time for blogging, huh? Thanks for visiting!!

Jeanne said...

Summer may have been over last weekend, but it's coming back this weekend.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Summer will be back for one last hurrah. Then the bottom will drop. I'm sure of it.
Thanks for visiting, Jeanne!

Todd R. Moody said...

Sounds like you are getting some writing in at least! I'm Colts fan so I don't want to hear how bad your team is doing! =P