Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Trip I Would Have Enjoyed

The U.S. Australian Football League (USAFL) conducted their tournament in Austin, TX this past weekend. My daughter went there to play with her team.

Apparently, you only need a team to play in the tournament. It's not based on wins or schedule, since my daughter's team only played one real game all season (against Toronto). And it's not a professional sport. No one gets paid to play. It's all about fun for them.

My husband and I had planned to go. We'd never been to Austin before and looked forward to the trip. But work requirements made making the trip impossible and we had to change our plans. I ended up using that vacation on other trips (i.e. my family reunion).

Then the work requirement got cancelled, but I didn't have any vacation left to take. So we couldn't go. And wouldn't you know it – my daughter's team won TWO games. Last year they won none. I so would have loved to watch them play.

Next year the tournament will be in Mason, Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati). A mere hour away. We'll definitely be there cheering her team to victory!

Anyway, I want to congratulate the Columbus Jillaroos for a great year and I look forward to watching them play next year.

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