Friday, March 9, 2012


You leave the house a few minutes later than usual.

You drive down the street and a car pulls out of their driveway. No worries. You’ll be nice and let them out.

He wants to turn left (you, of course, want to turn right). No worries. You can wait.

The school bus arrives at the corner and the guy can’t turn. When the bus leaves, a line of traffic is behind it. Meanwhile, you watch the minutes tick on by.

You finally get to turn right and stop at the light to turn left – behind someone who’s been waiting. The light turns green, but no expected arrow. You must wait for oncoming traffic before the guy in front and you can turn.

You eventually make the turn and proceed to hit every stinkin’ red light as you drive through your town. Well, except for one where you gun it as it changes to yellow (because you know that light takes too damn long to wait through).

You get into town and again hit the red lights. But you’re downtown and it’s almost expected.

A car drives up along your right (on a one-way street). You want to turn left at the next street. So does the other car. He cuts you off and you both turn. Then he stops to turn right into the parking lot on the corner. You step on the brake and bite back a curse.

You get to the parking garage and the little electronic doodad takes forever to recognize your badge.

You’re amazed your usual parking spot is still open. Ahh, but as you walk to your building, you hit every red light.

Wonder of all wonders, you make it to work on time. One minute early, even.

In the meantime, you’re amazed at how calm you’ve taken it all in. Because, frankly, you almost expect all that to happen when you leave for work later than usual.


Jennette Marie Powell said...

LOl! I had exactly the opposite this AM. I made a bunch of lights that almost always stop me, and I managed to get to work without getting stuck behind a single pokey driver! That never happens! I' m half afraid I'll get in a wreck on the way home. Hope your day's gotten better!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Well, I'm glad one of us made the lights this morning. I just knew it wouldn't be me, because I left late. Never fails!!