Monday, April 9, 2012


That’s most likely what I’ll be this week, not that I’ve been all that chatty lately!

I leave for Chicago (and the Romantic Times Convention) tomorrow evening. I checked the hotel website (not the best at giving information – I think they mean to be vague) and while they have Internet, it doesn’t say if it costs or not (so it probably does). Why does it seem like the big hotels don’t have free wi-fi SOMEWHERE in the hotel? All the little ones do! I don’t mind going into the lobby or open area, just somewhere I can quickly check my e-mail without paying by the minute.

Maybe there’s a McDonalds close by.

I’ll try and take lots of pictures while I’m there. I always have good intentions, then usually come away with very little!

While in Chicago, I’ll most likely miss the first two playoff games between the Penguins and Flyers. They play on Wednesday and Friday. This series looks to be a bloodbath! Fights, fights, and more fights! I’ll just have to settle with getting the scores on my cell phone (I finally got smart and signed up for that through ESPN).

I’m looking forward to my trip, just not the inconveniences of travel (lack of Internet, forgetting things, and then coming home to laundry!). But I have actually started packing (gasp) and will finish that up tonight (since I’m leaving straight after work tomorrow).

So…if you don’t hear from me until next week, at least I have a good reason!

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