Friday, August 24, 2012

LOOK! A Snippet from Book #5

Jennette Marie Powell (  bestowed the LOOK! meme to me (I know, and after that post I did last week, too! Ha ha!). That means I look for the word "look" in my current WIP and post it, along with a paragraph or two. Sure, I used more than a paragraph here, but if I didn't then you might be REALLY confused. And who says I can't? This is my blog, so I'll post as much as I want. Besides, we're only talking 304 words (by the way, I have 96 variations of "look" in 123 pages, but it IS the first draft).

Anyhoo… Calix is an alien. Annie and Mac (siblings) have found him, but in this scene, they do not know he's an alien. Calix had just fallen on top of Annie.



            Mac's outburst must have stirred Calix. He rolled off her and grabbed his head with one hand while he held onto the laptop with the other. "I am sorry. Did I hurt you?"

            That first breath burned, but she managed to get enough air to croak, "I'm fine." Slowly, she sat up. "You're not, though. Are you?"

            He rubbed his temple, where the bandage covered his wound. "What happened?"

            "You fainted."

            Mac coughed. "Guys don't faint. He passed out."

            "Whatever." Like that was a huge difference.

            He guided Calix up by the upper arm. Calix's eyes widened, but he didn't bolt like he had earlier.

            "Dude, you might want to get up slower next time. What with that head wound and all."

            Once Calix stood, he shrugged free. "I suppose so."

            He stared down at Annie and she smiled and waved as she went to stand, which she found difficult to do with her boot on. He put the laptop on the coffee table and then reached for her. He probably meant to help her up, which she thought was wonderful given how he seemed to hate people touching, but those big hands of his grabbed her under the arms, his thumbs right over her nipples.

            Holy shit on a shingle. And I had to go and wear a bra.

            "'Dude, what are you doing? That's my sister you're molesting."

            No, not molesting. Far from it. Even with the t-shirt and bra blocking skin contact, her nipples hardened and sex clenched. She was almost standing when Calix's eyes widened.

            "I…uh." He stared at his hands as they covered her breasts, which were kind of squished together. Made them look pretty perky. They certainly felt sexy. He promptly released her.

            She fell to the floor, landing on her bruised butt. Okay, now that hurt.


Thanks, Jennette for the tag. Now here's where I'm supposed to tag more people, but since I hate that part, I'm going to pass. Jennette wanted to see what I was working on, so here it is!

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Happy Friday everyone!



Jennette Marie Powell said...

I love alien stories! This little bit was a fun one to read. 90 "looks" in 124 pages isn't as bad as my 24 in 23 pages, but that's what revision's for. Thanks for sharing - and playing along!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks, Jennette. I kind of liked this scene, too and was glad it had a "look" in it!

LD Masterson said...

Fun snippet. Happy Friday to you, too.

Missed Periods said...

What a bonus that the word "look" was associated with perky breasts!