Monday, September 17, 2012

Half Time USA

This past Saturday the hubs and I went to Wayne High School band's fundraiser – Half Time USA. It's where they get some of the local school's bands to come show their stuff – to an audience that wouldn't normally see their band play.

That's because Wayne High School is a Division I school, and about the only time the football team plays a smaller division is when they're forced to. And then the conference is to blame for that occasion, usually. If the opposing team was a state champion, they might seek out the contest. It's all about the points (and don't get me into that).

So we attended a show of half time shows, and for the half time entertainment my kids performed with the Wayne Alumni Band.

See – I still try to attend their events. Of course, the only reason we were able to attend this year was because our other plans had cancelled, which we would not have made in the first place if said kids had managed to tell us EARLIER they were playing. At least it all turned out for the best!

If you're interested in viewing the pictures, keep on scrolling, I've got a lot of them!

Bradford High School, Bradford, OH (Division VI).

Piketon Jr./Sr. High School, Piketon, OH (Division IV)
Piketon loves to dance (heck most of the bands here did!)

Franklin High School, Franklin, OH (Division II)
Only band here to have a baton twirler.

Tecumseh High School, New Carlisle, OH (Division II)

Xenia High School, Xenia, OH (Division I – we actually play them during the season)

Huber Heights Youth Football Club Drill Team (girls from third to eighth grades) - half time entertainment
Drill Team up closer

Wayne Alumni Band - half time entertainment (front row: daughter is 2nd from left - tenor sax, son is 4th from right - trumpet)

Tri-County North High School, Lewisburg, OH (Division VI)

Kenton Ridge High School, Springfield, OH (Division III) - Could not believe how large this band was (140 members) for a Div III school! Very impressive.

Amelia High School, Batavia, OH (Division II)
Couldn't tell if they were making a cat or not!

Little Miami High School, Morrow, OH (Division II)

Wayne High School, Huber Heights, OH (Division I)
Here, the Warriorettes are doing their kick line. Always a crowd pleaser!

Here are all of the bands after everyone had performed. We were impressed they all stuck around (in the past, they hadn't!).
Thanks for sticking around. Hope you liked them.




LD Masterson said...

We used to go to Bands of America competitions back when our boys were in HS. I miss them.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Linda - You know, nothing's stopping you from going, is there?

I never cared much for the competitions, though. Never had them in California (I was in the band) and was totally confused as to why a marching band was playing concert pieces on a football field. Music was usually so low we could never understand what they were playing! Probably a regional thing, huh?

Jennette Marie Powell said...

The Half-time USA show sounds really cool! My daughter's high school's marching band is really good - she's in concert band, but they always do a show (coming up I think) that features all of the band's and it's really good.

The Spooky Whisk said...

Sounds like you had some fun and that is always good.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - I love listening to marching bands, it's why I joined the band in high school. Even now, when we go to the football games, I still won't leave during halftime.

Ivy - We did have fun. I'll have to remember that next year (it had been too long since we'd attended).