Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best Laid Plans?

You can plan, but that doesn't mean things will go your way.

Our cruise doesn't take off until Monday, but we left today (driving) so we could get to New Orleans a day early and spend some time there to sight-see. If we had thought this through better, we probably wouldn't have bothered. See, today was the OSU game vs. "That Team Up North" (uhhh, Michigan). We wanted to watch that game! How could we be so stupid???

The game started at Noon. The plan? Drive to Louisville and stop at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. What's a four hour layover? We're spending the night in Birmingham, AL anyway. No biggie. We'd still make it there before bedtime.

We planned to leave home at 8:00 am expecting to arrive in Louisville by 11:00 am. Instead, we left around 8:30 am and arrived at 10:40 am. Hmmm…does our friend have a lead foot or was MapQuest totally wrong?

No matter. We wait for BW3 to open, get a seat, and wait for the game. It's on ABC at home. Figured it wouldn't be a problem. They said it wouldn't.

A lot of other OSU fans thought the same thing. By Noon, the place filled up with Buckeye fans. Looked to be a nice rowdy time!!

Only problem: BW3 couldn't get the game. ABC wasn't offering it in that area and it couldn't be found on-line, either. Direct TV SUCKS!!!

Talk about crappy! Oh well, we arrived in Birmingham four hours earlier then planned, and was able to get the game on our friend's XM radio (she's a peach).

Still, would have LOVED to watch OSU BEAT That Team Up North.

Score: OSU 26, Michigan 21. 12-0 season! Yeah, baby!!!



Michael Seese said...

Enjoy the cruise. (So...will you be able to blog from there?)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - No. It costs too much (for me, anyway) for an internet connection. Makes it the best kind of vacation, I guess. I'm FORCED to stay off! Ha Ha!