Monday, November 5, 2012


I need to brainstorm and thought you might be able to help. I'd like to write a short story (between 800-1000 words, yeah, REALLY short) for the Beatnik Café my writers group is holding next month. The theme is "Up on the House Top." I'm assuming that means Christmas.
It has to be clean since kids might be there. One guy in our group said "no centerfolds," so of course I want to use that (insert evil laugh here), but then I thought up something that was kind of dirty (but funny). I should also not dish Santa (just in case – don't want to ruin any kid's Christmas).

Now all I can think about is sexy romance or evil horror!

Sometimes one little word can get me going. My husband told me to write about a Ferris wheel and I was able to do that for the last Beatnik Café I attended (but then, we weren't given any theme). Then my husband said I should write about an alien, and I got a whole book written about that. So why can't I think of a clean short story with a centerfold?

Why does clean seem so BORING? Or is that just me? Do you have any suggestions for me? Any way I can use centerfolds and still keep it clean (and maybe funny)? Your opinions matter to me!

This is strictly for fun and not to be published (except maybe on this blog, if you're interested or I'm so inclined). My goal is to have something to read that night and to show people – hey, look, I can write (and it's not boring)!

I'm ready to brainstorm – as soon as I return from the gym, that is!


In other news… I heard back from the job I interviewed with AND the editor I submitted Book #3 to. Yep, both rejects. These things happen. I'll continue to send out resumes and I sent out Book #3 to another publisher. One of these days something good will happen. If I had my druthers (and I do), I'd rather be published than employed!



Maria Zannini said...

A centerfold doesn't have to be a person. I've seen centerfolds of dogs, cats, cars, and machines.

Ref: job/book
Aw, I'm sorry it didn't pan out. This economy really sucks.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I did think about a centerfold for cars - or maybe a race car driver with his car (see, can't seem to stay away from any hunky kind of man!).

The economy may suck, but I blame myself for the job situation. If I had just stayed put in 2009 (or even in the job before the one I lost), I'd still be working. I wouldn't be happy, but I'd be getting paid. Just means I gotta work harder at getting paid for doing what I love - writing!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Vampire elves? :)

And bummer about the job! I'll keep my ears and eyes open dor you!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Vampire elves...I'm intrigued! Maybe they could be looking at centerfolds - for future meals!! Ha ha!

Erin Kane Spock said...

I immediately see the struggle of hanging Christmas lights. He just wants to put them over the garage door. She has prepared a schematic. That's my initial response. Have fun.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Erin - Ooh, that sounds good. I might go with something like that. Thanks!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

When I think of "up on the housetop" all I can think about is Christmas Vacation and them trying to light their house with Christmas lights. LOL
I know. I'm no help.

Sorry about the book and interview. Hang in there.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennifer - It's been tooooo long since I saw that movie (and I only saw it the one time), but it may be the way I go. Maybe. :)