Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I Read Since Last Wednesday

I was asked to write a blog on Dragon*Con (for another blog, of course). That's never happened to me before. I was asked to be on a panel talking about romance books at the library. That's never happened to me before, either. I'm getting a lot of firsts as a writer (and I'll be sure to let you know more info as I get it). Now, if I can only get that agent! Ha ha! I'm still working on that (and getting nicer rejects, too – and yeah, there is such a thing).

Anyway, as my life is changing (won't say for the better, but won't say for the worst, either), I'm still reading and this is what I finished reading in the past week. Almost had a third one to add, but didn't quite make it (JR Ward's book is hard to put down, though!).

Jan 4: "Crystalfire" by Kate Douglas. This paranormal romance is the fourth in the Demonslayers series. I think this one ends it, too. At least it appears to. Yay! I like series, but I like the ones that have an ending best! Blurb: The Demon King still lives, stronger than ever, devouring souls in search of immortality. Against him stands the scholar Taron, a newly-minted warrior of Lemuria, and Willow, a woman of unearthly loveliness, born of mist… Taron must pass through the waterfall of molten gold that shields the secret portal to his beloved land. His brilliant mind and the speaking sward called CrystalFire are his weapons against evil. But nothing can protect him from the power of love. Willow, whom he once knew as a sprite who could dance in his hand, has been changed by a master stroke of magic into the form of a beautiful, highly sensual woman., desiring a thousand pleasures that she insists he alone can give her. Innocent and eager, Willow arouses his deepest needs and sexual hunger-and his love. He will risk all to save her, even if it means a battle to the death with the ultimate foe… I liked this series from the beginning (I believe I got the first book free at a convention) and every couple from each book stay in the next (can get a bit confusing with the sheer number of characters and sword names), but it's nice to see them all, though! I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads.

Jan 6: "What Chris Wants" by Lori Foster. This novella is part of the "Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor" series. It helps to have read the others, which isn't a chore, let me tell you. I loved this series. Blurb: When the going gets tough, the tough turn to Chris Chapey. As the right-hand man to a group of take-no-prisoners mercenaries, Chris can organize a top-secret rescue mission with his eyes closed. But when it comes to his personal life, Chris is the one who needs a little help. His problem: Matt Houser. Chris can't deny his attraction to Matt, but Matt has no idea what Chris's job really entails and how much it means to him. Matt challenges Chris to change his life – and make a place for him in it. Can Chris risk telling him the truth? A nice little story, which I enjoyed (even having read it on my Nook). It was nice to revisit these characters again (and almost make me want to re-read the series!). I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads (mainly for the shortness of it!!).
Got Season 3 of Torchwood watched last night. Man, no one's safe on that show, are they? My daughter will be bringing over Season 4 next. And tonight we watch some more Supernatural (I forget which season we're on). Looking forward to that.
Have a good day!!



The Happy Whisk said...

All those firsts are pretty darn exciting. Very cool stuff.

Congrats and boogie boogie.

LD Masterson said...

Hey, figure all firsts are good ones...until they prove otherwise. :-)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks, Ivy. But I'm more freaked than excited. We'll see how I do!

Linda - You got THAT right!

The Happy Whisk said...

Hope the feelings of freaked go away and that you get excited.

Here ... have a garlic cheese blob. I know it's a horrible name but they are tasty.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - Thanks, don't mind if I do! But yeah, you really should come up with a better name. Maybe Garlic Cheese Delights. :) Mmmmm.