Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I've Read

This past week I read my first novel on a Nook. I am still not a convert. Sometimes I like to go back and confirm something I read earlier. I can usually spot it with how deep into the book I found it. Can't do that on a reader. I also can't thumb to the end to see how many pages are not part of the story. Heck, I just can't "thumb" through the pages!!

But it does have it's good points. Like eating and reading. Or not paying as much for a book on an author you're not sure about (or a book you're not sure about). I haven't done that yet, but I could easily see me doing it. Other than that, I'll stick with the paper books (and will probably pay more for them, too). Heck, it's not like I don't have a whole case (or two) filled with books waiting to be read (and another case or three of those books I have read and could re-read). Anyway, here are the books I finished reading since last Wednesday:

Jan 9: "Rapture" by J.R. Ward. This is the fourth book in the Fallen Angels series, a paranormal romance. I had no problem spending the money to get the hardback, even though the first three books ONLY came in paperback (now that's frustrating if you want all the books in the series to look the same and you don't want to wait for the paperback version to come out). Blurb: Mels Carmichael, reporter for the Caldwell Courier Journal, gets the shock of her life when a man stumbles in front of her car outside the local cemetery. After the accident, his amnesia is just the kind of mystery she likes to solve, but she soon discovers they're in over their heads with his past. Over their heads with passion too… As shadows walk the line between reality and another realm, and her lover's memory begins to come back, the two of them learn that nothing is truly dead and buried. Especially when you're trapped in a no-holds-barred war between angels and demons. With a soul on the line, and Mel's heart at risk, what in Heaven – or in Hell – will it take to save them both? So, apparently the blurb doesn't tell you who the "hero" is, so I guess I won't either. But he's not unfamiliar to those who have read the previous books. I was sucked in immediately and had NO problem walking on the treadmill for an hour reading this thing! I love her books and this series is getting better with each one (at least I think so). I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads.

Jan 14: "Blood Vine" by Amber Belldene. This is a paranormal romance (with vampires) and apparently the first in a series. This is the first novel I've read on Nook, so here's the blurb from Goodreads (since I don't have a back cover to copy from – another issue I have with e-books): In Blood Vine, bites are an inconvenient bliss, exiled vampires are wasting away, and the fate of their kind depends on the perfect PR campaign. When public relations pro Zoey Porter arrives at an enchanting California winery, she discovers her sexy new client is the almost one-night stand she can’t forget. After her husband’s suicide, Zoey has vowed never to risk her heart again. But can she walk away from the intriguing winemaker a second time? Driven from Croatia by his ancient foes, vampire Andre Maras has finally made a blood-like wine to cure his fellow refugees. Now he needs Zoey’s PR expertise to reach them. After his wife’s death, Andre has a vow of his own—never to risk another painful blood bond. And one taste of the tempting Zoey would bind him to her eternally. His secrets stall her PR plans. Her jealousy is stoked by the blissed-out beauties leaving his bedroom. At every turn, he utterly fails to resist her. When she discovers he is a vampire, will she be lost to the golden-eyed Hunters, or lose herself to the emptiness in her heart, before she can help him save his kind? Sexy vampires and an intriguing story. The romance was great, too. This is Amber's first book, and I kind of, sort of, know her (never met her personally, but she helped critique my short story and I consider her a friend). I did purchase this book, though, and I look forward to the next one in the series. I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads.

 So, yes, I have issues with e-books. Who doesn't? Really, I'm asking.
Happy reading!!


Jennette Marie Powell said...

I can't believe you missed what is IMO the #1 advantage of ebooks: instant gratification! Want a specific book at 3am? No problem!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - I guess that would be true if I wanted to start a book at 3am. But if I'm up that early (or late?), it's because I have to write. Not because I have to read. And so far, I haven't had the need to write quite THAT early!! ha ha!

So far, though, the two books I've purchased for my Nook were NOT read the day I bought them. But I now know I don't need to buy them right away. I stick them in my wish list and when I get the urge to read them, then I will buy them. I really don't think that's advantageous to the writer at all, though, do you?

LD Masterson said...

I think you already know my feelings on the e-reader. I much prefer printed books and only use my Nook to read books that aren't available in print.

Re. hardback/paperback collection issue - I have all the JD Robb "In Death" series. I discovered the series late so they were all available in paperback until I caught up with the new releases. I bought a couple in hardback but that did spoil the visual effect of the collection. So now when I know there's a new one coming out, I get on the library hold list ahead of time so I can read a reserved copy soon after it's released. I may even go back and check it out a second time but I wait until the paperback comes out to buy my own copy.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Linda - That would work! With the Anita Blake series (Laurell K. Hamilton), my daughter just waits until the paperback comes out. And then, of course I wait for her, because I don't even own the books. But I suppose I could cheat and get the library copy! And I probably would if I didn't have so many other books I want to read (books I've purchased). I never had this problem before I started writing!!