Monday, February 4, 2013

Tripping Out

As you probably noticed (and I kind of hope you did, because that means you like me), I didn't post anything on Friday. I had something written and had planned on posting it Thursday night after my husband and I arrived in Kentucky.

Yep, I took another trip with him. We were supposed to go there the Thursday before, but forecast called for significant snow, so he cancelled the trip and rescheduled for the following Thursday. And it was a good thing he had. Schools were closed. The plant was closed. It was pretty miserable out there.

Since that weekend, the weather had gotten warm. Sixty-degree warm (yeah, I was loving that). My husband checked the weather for Thursday – several times, mind you (because let's face it – it's winter and anything can happen). Forecast called for flurries. Okay, he could deal with that. He asked if I still wanted to go. I did. So he picked me up on the way to his class (he still had to teach and it was on the way). It was snowing.

Okay, no biggie. We kind of expected as much.

At 7:45 pm he was ready to leave. It was still snowing in Dayton, but nothing in Mt. Sterling. Figured, once he got on the freeway, it would be better. It wasn't. What happened to the flurries? I-675 was practically a disaster (couldn't even see the divider lines). I-75 wasn't much better.

He couldn't cancel his trip. The plant had been begging him to come down (and with his teaching, he can only make it there on Fridays). So we continued onward (thank goodness I didn't have to drive).

We passed many accidents on the north bound side of the freeway, but managed to avoid them on our side (traffic stopped once, but figured someone – a truck – had trouble making it up the hill since we never saw any vehicles on the side of the road and the same thing happened on the north bound side as we were going down the hill).

The thing that really got us, though, was the traffic. This was a Thursday night. After 10 pm. In the snow. I don't usually see that much traffic on the weekend in summer. What the heck were they doing out? And the trucks! You'd think they'd slow down (one jack-knifed under an over-pass and blocked all lanes of traffic – thank goodness it seemed he was alone and hadn't hit anyone; thank goodness it was on the other side of the freeway). I'm surprised we made it in one piece.

Of course, we didn't arrive in Mt. Sterling until after 1:00 am (over 2 hours later than we planned). And we brought the snow with us – I don't think it stopped once during the whole trip. Needless to say, I didn't have a chance to post my blog, or check my mail, because we were back on the road by 6:30 am for another 90-minute drive (via two-lane, snow-covered mountain roads – flurries my a$$) to West Liberty, where the plant there doesn't have guest internet access.

And no, I DO NOT want to hear I wouldn't have that problem if I had a smart phone. DO NOT, I tell you! J

It sure was pretty down there, though. Cold (single digits anyone?), but pretty.

So, anything exciting happen in your neck of the woods?

And before I leave, I want to wish my son a HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow (not that he reads this, but just in case…).

Have a good day!



Maria Zannini said...

Even with a smart phone, you're kind of committed at that point. Glad you made it through all right.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I'm the last person to harass you over a smart phone. I just have a cheap TracFone - for emergencies only.

Sounds like a harrowing journey. I'm glad you both made it there and back safely. And that's the important thing - not whether you missed posting on Friday. =o)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - It was an adventure, that's for sure. Good thing we're used to those!

B.E. - I would have been more harrowing if I was driving. As a passenger, I can close my eyes and live in peaceful bliss (or at least live in my current WIP!).

Michael Seese said...

Exciting? No. The kids lived through another weekend, which is my definition of a good weekend.

Oh, and I think there was a football game or something yesterday...

Laura Stephenson said...

Sounds exciting (not in a good way). Hope you get some down time to breathe and re-cooperate now.

Smartphones are too expensive and addicting. Stay strong and say no! :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Michael - Kids surviving is definitely a good sign! Mine are still surviving (as my son just turned ***shudder*** 31! Yikes! When did I get that old?). As for the game, only watched it because my husband played in the pool. He won $120, so I'm not minding so much that the Ravens won (although I HATE that team!!!).

Stacy McKitrick said...

Laura - As long as I don't have a paying job that keeps me away from my e-mail, I won't have any problem sticking to my guns and keeping my ancient phone. Well, that and making sure said ancient phone doesn't break. There's always that, I suppose. Keeping my finger crossed (and my phone safe).

LD Masterson said...

It's okay, Stacy. You're allowed to miss a post everyone so often. After all, snow is an act of God and we can't argue with Him.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Linda - It may be an act of God, but that doesn't mean I can't argue with him about it! :)