Friday, October 18, 2013

San Antonio - "Hey isn't that the woman I almost killed?"

We arrived in San Antonio on Tuesday. It rained all day on our drive from Branson. It also rained all day on Wednesday, so we spent the day at the movie theatre. Watched “Gravity” and “Captain Phillips.” First one was good (we saw the non-3D version), but the second one was intense! My emotions were all over the place with that one. What a great movie.

Still, with the weather the way it was, I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever see the sun again (dramatic, aren’t I??). We got LUCKY. Thursday was GORGEOUS!

We were staying at a hotel only about a mile from The Alamo, but, not knowing the area, we drove (and paid for parking). While looking for a parking lot, my husband almost hit this woman (I told him to watch out, but he apparently hadn’t heard me). She screamed. He yelled he was sorry. She yelled, "What, are you crazy?" He yelled back that he was a crazy guy.

We parked and headed to The Alamo. The place has changed A LOT since 1982. I’m talking about inside the shrine. I just don’t remember it having so much stuff on display. In fact, I remember (and so does my husband) it being rather empty! Also, the Woolworth that used to be across the street is no longer there. Now, it’s Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Of course, it still seems strange how this landmark is in the middle of downtown San Antonio.

As we sat outside and contemplated our next move, my husband said “Hey, isn’t that the woman I almost killed?” She was standing not that far from us, taking a picture of The Alamo. He asked where we were going next. I said the Riverwalk. He got up and said, let’s go this way (in the direction away from the woman). My daughter and I laughed and called him a chicken.

At the Riverwalk, we decided to take one of the boat tours. When we finished our tour and decided what we wanted to do next, my husband pointed at a boat driving by “Hey, isn’t that the woman I almost killed?” Sure enough, it was. My daughter and I laughed, but we made sure she didn’t see us.

We walked the path and not ten minutes later my husband said, “Hey, isn’t that the woman I almost killed?” She was getting off her boat tour (at a different spot than where we took ours) and thankfully across the river. After my daughter and I finished laughing, I said, “If we see her at Hard Rock (which was our ultimate destination), I’m going to wonder what’s going on!” Then my daughter found the restrooms across the river and needed to use it. My husband said, “Sure, get us closer to her!” I said, “Let’s hope she remembers the car more than she remembers the driver.” Luckily, that was the last we saw of her. But what the heck! I mean, what are the odds we’d see that same woman over and over? Weird…

We found Hard Rock and I got my magnet. My daughter got her shot glass. We did not eat there, though. Instead, we wanted to eat at a place local to the area and found a BBQ place next door. We even got a table by the river. We all ordered the brisket sandwich. Man, that was one goooood sandwich. If you ever find yourself on the Riverwalk and want a good place to eat, I highly recommend The Country Line Riverwalk.

Today we head on up to Austin. Nothing else planned. But Saturday and Sunday is the USAFL Nationals (the purpose of our trip). My daughter plays two games on Saturday and at least two games on Sunday (she’s playing on the Sacramento team as a free-agent). We’re hoping the rain stays away. I didn’t bring any rain gear and we only have one umbrella!

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Happy Friday! And please send my daughter some good luck. She’d like to play more this year than she did in last year’s Nationals.



Maria Zannini said...

Good luck to your daughter--and your husband. :)

We've eaten at the County Line. It is good. I would never willingly eat at a Hardrock.

It's been a few years since I've been to San Antonio. I'd like to go back.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Too funny that you kept seeing her. Best of luck to your daughter and her team. =o)

Jennette Marie Powell said...

That is so funny that you kept seeing that same woman! And good luck to your daughter!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

That is so funny that you kept seeing that same woman! And good luck to your daughter!

Jen B said...

That is too funny about running into her over and over again. :)

Good luck to your daughter! I hope it is a great weekend!! :)

JeffO said...

Seems to me that if you're seeing that woman so many times, it's time to step up and introduce yourself!

Your daughter is playing Australian Rules Football twice a day for two straight days? Ouch!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - Hard Rock is okay. We really miss their brisket, though. That stuff was GOOD. Why they got rid of it, we'll never know.

B.E., Jennette, & Jen B - When I told my daughter the title of my post, she just started laughing again. And then I started laughing again.

Jeff - We say ouch, but she loves it! She's one tough cookie!

Michael Seese said...

Maybe he DID kill her, and she's now a ghost, haunting him for eternity....