Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Reads and Videos of Footy!

Hey! I finally figured out how to post the videos I took of the footy games. But before I get to them, here’s what I read during the last week:

Oct 23: “Animal Attraction” by Lori Foster, Maisey Yates, Heidi Betts, and Jules Bennett. This is a romance anthology. Blurb on back: Four of today’s most popular romance authors introduce four sizzling new tales of finding love unexpectedly--with a little help from man’s best friend. Normally, when I get an anthology, I’m happy to find one or two I really like. Well, color me surprised! I loved ALL of these stories! Guess I’m just a sucker for love and animals. I gave this 5 stars on Goodreads.

A short list this week, but then I’m reading a honkin’ big book now (and loving every minute of it, too). If it weren’t for my writing, I would have finished it long before now, that’s for sure!

Anyways, on with my videos. I’ve never used my camera in this capacity before, so don’t judge, please. At least you don’t have to suffer long (if you wish to suffer at all, that is). Both videos are under a minute.

This first one features the Sacramento Lady Suns (in yellow/orange - my daughter is back by the goals, wearing black shorts, if you can see her at all!).

This next one features the Columbus Jackaroos (in white shirts), winners of Division II. I think you'll notice a difference of play.


If anything, you can get a feel for what the game is about. And that clock doesn’t stop for anything (except for a major injury).
Still keeping up with those links from Lyrical Press's blog, Celebrate Paranormal Month. Don't want you to think I forgot (just in case, you know?).
Oct 29:

So, does your city have a footy team? If you don’t know, you can find out here:
Happy reading!



Donna Hole said...

Lots going on here Stacy :)

I enjoyed the pictures of San Antonio too. I haven't been there since 1981, so its good to remember.

Have a good week.


JeffO said...

The closest we've got is an ultimate frisbee club!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Donna - I DO have a lot going on. Some weeks I struggle for a post! Watch November be like that!! :)

Jeff - I think we have a Frisbee club here, too. I know there's a course at the park across from the high school. I've never tried it, though.

LD Masterson said...

Ooo, I like the cover on Animal Attraction. Might have been better without the title sign. :-)

So basically footy is like full contract soccer with hands?

The Spooky Whisk said...

Congrats on getting your
video to load. Looks good
to me. Have a spooky
weekend and boogie boogie.

Stacy McKitrick said...

LD - Yeah, that cover DID catch my eye! And you're description of footy is pretty good. I even think there are traits similar to basketball, too! It's crazy!!

Ivy - Glad you liked them. You do know it's only Wednesday, right? Are you already losing track of the days?? :)

The Spooky Whisk said...

Do you know? I really am losing track of the days. It's terrible.